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    Some more brass from the MRSI Brendan had a couple of hours to kill......... And then there were 2!
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    Hi All, I am a novice to modelling anything, I have a large stash of 00 gauge bits. However I have always had an interest in narrow gauge railways particularly the Tralee and Dingle. I also volunteer on the Stradbally Woodland and Cavan & Leitrim Railways, along with being a co-ordinator for the Avonside "Nancy" Restoration Project. I recently purchased a minitrains boehler 0-4-0WT and sent it away to be customised by James Hilton (available on Google) into one of the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0WT locos, the results are astonishing! I'm tempted to go and form a small BNM outline layout with a few turf wagons. Any suggestions would be welcome. I have just sent away two partially built Chivers Tralee and Dingle Hunlset loco's to be modified and detailed for me, will update you when they return.
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    Next up we have Bantry cattle dock. As you can see it is slightly rundown but still operational. All we had to go on for this model was a small photo in Colm Creedon's book vol 3 The lone cow was left over from the last train. Apparently he only had a pig class ticket.!
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    Something a bit unusual for my workbench - a BR Class 24 for light weathering. Might need a touch more.
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    Stunning Brendan never does anything by 1/2s Eoin
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    Hi All, Particularly aimed at Narrow Gauge enthusiasts, the Cavan and Leitrim appeared at the Alan Keef Open day on 22nd September to display our own Avonside 0-6-0T Nancy. She has been at Keefs since 1999, 20 years later and £165,000 she will be steamed by year end and will return home early next year. We have fully funded her restoration but there are some additional costs such as a chimney and other parts, including transport to Ireland. (link to funding page on paypal below) Some pics below: the whistle comes from a Lough Swilly big giant 4-8-4T loco, when steamed we will hear a lough swilly engine for the first time in generations!
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    Love it man, partial to some OO9 stuff myself
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    Have to agree with Broithe. You can certainly have prototypical distances between your widest model and line side structures provided the is no curve within one model length of the start/end of any line side structure. If there is, then the model will be angled towards that structure on the approach to it and you going to need larger clearances. If you have a very large layout with prototypical curves (doubt few or anyone has this luxury on a model layout) you'll be fine. If not you'll want to run your 201 locomotives and MK3/4 stock round slowly to ensure you have sufficient clearances and then then allow a bit if there is any wobble due to speed/imperfect track. The same can be said for the loading gauge remaining within tunnel entrances etc
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    As it says, due allowances must be made on curves - and these allowances will need to be rather greater in a model situation, with rather tighter curves.
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    Not sure if this is helpful maybe appendix 3 which you could convert to imperial feet and then scale to 4mm About 304.8 mm to a foot http://www.irishrail.ie/media/ie_2018_network_statement_(final_version).pdf This seems to be the standard going forward not sure if it is historically prototypical
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    Perhaps he got a bum steer? Love the old Irish script writing on the sign!
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    As seen in Wellingtonbridge, I presume the Accurascale offering is close enough or the same as what is seen in Ireland.
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    Excellent news! As used on the Branch Line at Ballybrophy.
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    Its a Cowan Sheldon 15 ton crane, scratch built from original plans
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    All of them entered traffic without it. They started adding them after first repaint in mid to late 1960s. The 181s entered traffic WITH the roundel. Therefore any 141 that ever went along the Derry Road did not have a roundel, and as stated elsewhere, no 181 ever went there as they delivered after the line closed.
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    One of the Glocks picked up in Garda raids today. Other people with railway layouts may now expect increased attention...
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    If the IWTs go to 24 wagons, and all are 201-hauled, what will the 071s do?
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    Evening folks, Last weekend I visited Berlin, Warsaw and Prague with a group of friends for a weekend away. Of course there was plenty of time for pictures and we traveled from Berlin to Warsaw by the Warsaw Express and then onto Prague by the overnight Choplin sleeper train. Pictures from Warsaw include a visit to the railway museum in the city. Click https://goo.gl/H7WFp8 to view all the images. A few photos from this week have been uploaded to the October gallery featuring a birds eye view of 207 passing Clongriffin, 088 hauling failed 232 from Cork to Inchicore and 073 shunting a PWD train at Portlaoise. Click https://goo.gl/oCByZo to view.
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    Well done Leslie, a fantastic kit and will be very welcome.
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    The GSWR 10 ton is long overdue!
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    Its a fantastic looking model will have to get at least, one
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    Some if not all the141's arrived and went into service without the CIE broken wheel logo. The Murphy Models 141 is the only black and tan baby GM without it and may be the most appropriate version for a 1963- 64 era layout.
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    Oh dear. I'm going to sound a smartass again. The 37 members of the 141 class arrived in a two week period from 22nd November 1962 and started trials almost immediately, with service entry as early as 10th December 1962. So the locos could have been seen on specials on the Derry Road in 1963 or 1964.
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    Don't wish to be smart, but only the 141's were around in 1963. 181's only arrived after the Derry Road closed.
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    With all the money you are saving by not going to Enniskillen tomorrow you might be interested in a black body for your new 141 Can supply a complete pack to change the livery to "CIE BLACK"
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    Starting on the decals from SSM. Bachmann offering in the back, repaint in the front.
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    Repairs to Bantry platform!!
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    Not Glengarriff, not much progress there at the moment because the heat in the loft is somewhat oppressive. Roll on the school holidays as in Haltwhistle they normally start the Halti Monsoon season which lasts for precisely the same time as the holidays! However today I was watching some of my old video's now on DVD when I came across a short extract of a layout my son and I started some 20 years ago based on a narrow gauge Sligo & Donegal junction railway in On30 scale I hadn't realised we had progressed so far with the layout until now. Here are some stills, I don't possess the technology or more likely the skills to upload the video! ERnie
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