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    Happy Christmas to all on here. Montage below of a selection of 2018 projects on Kingsbridge. May 2019 be a memorable and notable year for all enthusiasts. Lots of exciting model railway things supposed to happen next year It doesn't get better than this. No buses for ages and all of a sudden IRM, AS, MM and OO Works all come along at the same time. If I dreamt this in a sort of Christmas Carol dream back in 1974 I'd have thought scrooge was being mean playing unbelievable mind games, yet here we are, only an RTR B113 is the missing link. We are awash with Irish modelling goodies. For me hopefully 2019 will be the year of Gort and the year the towns' traffic lights will be upgraded from Black&White to three aspect colour with flashing amber.
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    Retro 073 is seen being refuelled at the MPD by the refueller with the shed foreman supervising proceedings.
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    The bogie sides were completed today, some difficulty with the mould so I'll have to revisit that! though I got 4 sets of sides out and I can now proceed with the laminate coach;- Painting and filling the side patterns, The mould, you can see where I cut vents out to the side of the mould, I also drilled hole through the mould to get the suspension shock brackets to work- these are a bit thin and I think they have to be beefed up next time around, Castings with brass shock and torsion bar installed A bit of a rub down with the fibre pen is required, The 8' 0" bogie units and roof vents eventually arrived, so their next Eoin
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    They were extremely fortunate that the perpetrators were not shot dead by anti-terror police snippers. Post 9/11 anybody interfering with the safety of civil aviation irrespective of the reason or justification is not likely to end well.
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    3D prints tend to have either a texture like rough cast plastering or a layer cake effect as the plastic is deposited in layers. In a way Shapeways WSF would be an excellent material for the traditional Irish cottage, farmhouse, bungalow or semi-detached or terraced house with a lime wash or cement plaster finish.
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    Speculation is that they wanted to close the airport as a protest against too many flights.
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    Shooting a tiny flying object using a firearm of some kind is extremely dangerous in a built up area. A round can travel miles and can still come down at enough velocity to cause horrific injury on some unsuspecting innocent. PS:I hope they catch the idiots who were operating the gatwick drones and Justice sees them serve time.
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    Well fair play to Roderick and Rebecca of 00works....my J15 replacement arrived - and what a stunner!😍 Happy Days!!
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    I intend on getting a 3D printer next year, however the 3D skills are not up to anything complex at the moment. Almost anything is possible but there are also plenty of limitations with 3D printing and the models would still require a level of finishing after printing.
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    Hi all, For wooden bodied stock, the shapeways materials don't do too bad a job, in my view - with careful finishing the grained effect is ideal for wooden stock. This GNRi W1 is entirely 3d printed by shapeways (apart from wheels, couplings and buffer heads!) - the material formerly known as white strong and flexible does a great job for the 6 wheel flexichass. Cheers for now. Richard.
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    NIR takeover bid. 8113 arrives with an RPSI special as 112 waits to depart with the Tara’s.
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    I could PM you a bib This 0-6-0 proves a very reliable and smooth runner with excellent power pickup running slowly over insulfrog Peco points without any hesitation nor jerking. I suspected 0-6-0 would be a safer bet for a good running steam model. Very happy and fortunate to have one of these. @jhb171achill this has to be boxed up wrapped and put under the tree before I’m allowed do any work on it. doh.
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    An increased eight wagon rake of Tara mines wagons arrives at the Lakeview freight yard behind loco 072. After its time on the Mk4 set Belmond liveried locomotive 216 was allocated to work the RPSI Cravens transfer from Inchicore to Connolly last weekend and is seen here passing through Tara junction with the empty train.
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    Latest building under construction is the large goods shed-still some way to go on this. Thought I would post a couple of photos of a weathered mineral wagon. The method used is based on ideas by Gordon Gravett and Martyn Welch
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    A "Lap of Honour" in the MRSI last night Ran like a dream 20181207_200702.mp4
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