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    Thanks for the card IRM, which I received this morning. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, here is a nice print of Omagh South Cabin by David Briggs. Merry Christmas all.
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    Dear Santa Not too bothered if they don't turn up for Christmas but I would love some MM121's, some IRM A's Them Ballast Ploughs, then some liners and the Ferts when they come out AND ask that warb fella to get the lead out and finish Barrow St, can't wait till its on the circuit
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    Many thanks for the cards boys, Festive Greetings and all the best for 2019. Here's a slide just acquired. Ernie
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    Thanks for the card guys. You wouldn't get that from Bachmann or Hornby. Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you continued success for 2019.
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    And to you too Eamonn. Have a special and peaceful Christmas with your loved ones. Next year must try and a get a snowy back scene
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    Happy Christmas to all members of this forum. Thanks lads for the Christmas card. And thanks for all your hard work over this year, you need a rest Well done on all your projects so far and all the best for 2019.
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    It’s the season of goodwill to all men, women and our fluid friends, so let’s keep that in mind please! Happy Chrimbo to one and all and thanks for your support to IRM over the past year! Cheers! Fran
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    My wife was rather surprised to receive a Christmas card from four male admirers in Dublin until I pointed out it was only because our email address was in her name rather than mine. Thanks nonetheless for the very kind gesture to all their supporters over the past year. Stephen
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    And Festive greetings to all at the IRM Towers complex. Hopefully a few days rest will be good before the trails and tribulations of Chinese new year... Robert
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    Thanks everyone, just something small to show our appreciation for all your support and custom over the past year! Have a great Christmas and a very happy new year! Cheers! Fran
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    Retro 073 is seen being refuelled at the MPD by the refueller with the shed foreman supervising proceedings.
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    I must say lads that it was a lovely gesture on behalf of the boyos at IRM Towers to send Xmas cards to their customers. Two cards came to my gaff and you should have seen the look on my wife's face when I asked who her card was from! Trying not to give the game away... 'tis only work stuff , nothing important 'she replied and scuttled away to get the tea. It's a bit tricky now when she knows that I know she knows that I know - Thanks Stephen, Pat, Fran, and Richie for turning my wife into a compulsive liar!
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    Ho Ho Ho Now for the bad news barrow street has now gone to another place regards warb
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    Spent much of the last week faffing about. It all stemmed from the last sentence of my previous post - joining footplate to frames, where it quickly became clear I'd made a right old Horlicks of the bodywork. In the end, I had to dismantle much of it because the body simply wasn't sitting squarely and with the frames being quite flimsy, they distorted when the two were bolted together. Add in the fact that the buffer beam was 2mm higher one side that the other and it really wasn't good... So, first of all strengthened the frames by adding in 4mm brass rods at each end, then added a front to the ash pan. Course, the brass rods lined up exactly with the captive nuts on the footplate, so the former had to be drilled out to take the 6BA fixing nuts. Next had to unsolder the cab/boiler/smokebox and start again - which of course meant the footplate was extremely flimsy, as I'd cut out all the strengthening pieces! All in all, a bit of a b****r and as you can imagine, that wasn't all that was said. Anyway, it did [eventually] get done, but then had to be followed by a substantial clean up as excess solder had got all over the footplate and firebox. Since then, I've managed to add the details to the smokebox doors, though the latter's diameter was about 2mm too small in diameter, so had to make a new one by scribing round the original on some brass sheet and then cutting & filing to shape. The kit only provides etches of the strapping, so the other details had to be source/fabricated myself. The two knobs/handles in the centre are heads from dress making pins, while the top and bottom handles are coach ones. The actual hinges were made up from brass bar and wire - the RSU coming in very handy here. Today, added the splashers inside the cab, plus the etched details provided for the backhead. Fair bit missing though, including gauge glasses, piping, gauges and the like, so will have to see what the spares box contains. Also had a look at the boiler mountings. The dome looks ok, but the chimney that was in the box [turned mild steel] is way too tall, so have shorted it at the base, meaning the latter now needs building up as it is now too narrow. Not sure whether I'll need to get a new one & am regretting not doing so at the Reading Trade Show. The safety valves were made up from two different spares - a whitemetal base and cast brass valves. All these items can be seen sitting, unfixed on the boiler in a couple of the pictures. Given that Christmas TV is [as usual] looking pretty uninspiring, I may well take the opportunity to fill in all the holes from my enforced rebuilding - there are quite a few [!], so some filing and sanding is now needed.
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    That's some wish list Dave. I just hope for all our sakes you've been a very good boy this year
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    And a happy Christmas to you and yours Noel.
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    Many happy returns (better fix that roof quick, the snow is getting in)!
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    Thanks for the card guys. Happy Christmas to you all and yours. Looking forward to all the goodies in the new year.
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    Bit strange celebrating Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere though we are promised rain and thunder storms over the Christmas Hopefully might get to play trains once I have assembled daughters Lego and 🍻
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    Thanks for the card lads it was a nice thought and Happy xmas to you all in IRM and all on the site ,look forward to meeting more new people and getting some nice goodies that will be coming out next year Enda
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    Agreed thanks you fur the cards. But on the same note my other half got her card sent to her Parcel Motel address. Now granted it was most automated address list. It cost her 3.95 on the account and held up valuable limited space considering the time of year. Just something to note. But cheers lads and hats off to 2018 and bring on 2019.
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    Yes, thanks for the card lads, and many happy returns!
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    Agreed! Happy Christmas to all here!
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