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    Glory days of manually handled goods traffic 1957 two axle goods traffic handling .
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    As far as I know a couple of the ploughs carrying the IR logo could still be seen well into the IE era. So your looking at late 80's until maybe 2005/06.
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    Greetings fellows. I have an Irish layout underway, so expect more posts from me. Now then, I have a smashing rake of MM Cravens. However, particulalry on the Snack Car the wheels can best be described as 'not round' and the coach does a merry jiggle as it lollops along the line. Not a good look! Can anyone suggest decent replacement wheels that will actually fit? I used up my month's quota of swearing on modding the coupler pockets* to take the KD #20s... * not on the Snack Car, thanks heavens... MM fixed that little issue
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    Signals installed and working on barrow street
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    Got some work done on the covered wagon. Quite a lot of work went into this one, as all parts needed to be added to the base wagon shown above. Still waiting for a delivery of corrugated iron for the roof to complete, but all other physical work is complete. All uprights and cross members are 1 x 1mm brass. Corner posts are tri folded 0.3mm brass cut & groved on the mill. Hinges and corner straps are 0,5mm brass riveted to suit. It has come together rather well and just needs a roof and a good cleanup for painting. Some shots of the wagon with others which give an indication of how short it is. Wagons behind 495 which also has had some work done today - see Class 495 post in Irish models for more details. More later. Ken
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    Thanks for posting. Those films are great: saw a fascinating one showing the intensive regime required every few weeks on steam locos. Romantic it was not.
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    Hi Doctor Gerbil-Fritters. The problem with wobbling Cravens in the past was not wheels but the way the bogie connected with the body. This caused a serious wobbling occilation when running. The newest release of the Snack Bar had this problem as well as the RPSI Cravens all made by the same factory. I replaced the wheels on one of my wobbling RPSI BLue’n’cream livery Craven but it made no difference. Murphy models released a fix through retailers which was a sprung brass shim that fitted between the bogie and the coach body underfloor. Marks Models have a stock of these shims. I made my own spacer washers out of very thin plastic card (ie like thin washers). The original production batches of MM Cravens did not have this problem. It should be an easy and inexpensive fix. FYI, I popped the bogies off my wobbling RPSI Coaches and rolled them along straight track sections but the wheels ran true without wobbling the bogie. If wheels needed for any project I’d recommend Alan Gibson wheels Nice photos BTW. I really like my MM Craven set. Noel ps. Looking forward to more posts as your layout develops.
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    I picked up this collection from Patrick A lot of stuff in it but there were 20 of the older Lima Irish outline coaches in their correct boxes, from good condition to excellent Before I put them on Adverts or the Bay I am wondering if anyone here is interested Pics of coaches on page 10 of the Lima thread, but they are not the coaches for sale, just reference 305306 Mk 2's 305346 Green Mk 1's 305347 Black 7 Tan Mk 1's 3 x Sealink Mk 1's in incorrect box's (Provisionally sold) ☹️ Prices in the €30 - €45 range depending on condition etc Some Mk 2a & D's as well but I haven't sorted them out yet PM for pics of individual coaches if you are interested or I should have them at Bray next Sunday XXX
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    Started to slow task of cutting out roof lights with my scroll saw, front roof complete and have to cut rear roof section. I'm considering the Slaters Embossed plasticard because I can conceal the corners with Wills Quoins. It also makes it easier to use brick arches also by Wills. The modelling clay is probably a great idea but not in 4mm. Had to move one of the roof purlins and reposition the roof covering to bring the lower sky lights further up the roof slope. I added pitched gables to the rear wall where the roof of the UTA garage was situated. This will become a low-relief wall to hide my controller and switches. The project is starting to really form the basis for a great model.
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    The 9 Lines CDR wagon kits are available from the manufacturer in OO9 or 12mm gauge (Irish 3') http://www.nine-lines.co.uk/PRICE.htm. The kits are simple to assemble. Not so sure about the 3D printed Phoenix. Australia is an expensive place to buy models much cheaper to buy from nearly anywhere else, even allowing for import charges and taxes..
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    The final details have been added and Diesel Depot is now complete and ready for exhibiting! I will post pictures of the layout in CIE, IR and IE mode over time.
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    Yellow stuff isn’t my thing at all, but I have to say I remain absolutely gobsmacked at the exceptional quality of everything that emanates from Chateau IRM. An excellent and timely addition to the modern scene!
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    About 3 weeks away, folks. They’re almost done! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!
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    and this is how the real thing looked......
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    Not of the final layout Paddy, I did start drawing a basic one in SCARM and put that on the board, but then kept changing, testing and adding track until I arrived at the design here. The picture below is taken from the opposite corner view and shows how the track has an outside run down behind the incline into the corner and curves around coming back out under the elevated run - this is where it exits the tunnel now.
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    Hi Patrick.....yes, Ciaran here...the letters are just my initials...not a code. I guess part of the reluctance for people to put personal details etc. on forums and in their profiles is forums are a constant target for information mining/hacking for personal details of the users/members. As regards the layout, when I first decided to put one together I wanted to run trains in some sort of continuous way while also looking at developing some operational capacity with sidings and yards - from a position of knowing absolutely nothing on the subject. So this is what I arrived at after a lot of reading and compromising. What I still struggle with is the lack of realism in many aspects - which I know is something that can be achieved to a greater degree with something like an end to end layout as opposed to what I have here, but in wanting to run trains continuously I realised its not possible in an area that size to have a prototypical layout. I also only had a collection of older Hornby and Bachmann items from the steam era, nothing diesel, but since discovering this forum, Murphy Models that's all changing now.....so I have a layout that started with a look for the steam era, now has a mix with later diesel. So still undecided what to do there and how to square that circle. At the moment its going to stay a mix. I did want an incline in it for interest so that was also something that dominated the design as well - for better or worse. I have decided to press ahead and continue with the design as it is and have done some scenery work in the past few weeks (this is a third hobby for me so it has to share time!). Some pics attached. I want to create a scene where I have trains running in behind scenery to try and get away from the look of a loop around the very edge of the baseboard, so I will probably end up with some additional work to the design to achieve this later on. There are also plans to extend in a modular form (whats there currently is in three sections screwed together). So will see how it goes - I have some water/river scenery work to do along with more hills/trees and...ah...a lot of ballasting. When I complete the scenery along the incline that's shown in the pictures below I will actually switch tasks and complete the point motor switching works as I have a lot of servos to install on the underside of the layout.
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