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    Fantastic looking bogie wagon, well done yet again gentlemen, really looking forward to these wagons Here is a photo of a recently refurbished 42' bogie wagon 30183...
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    Next up is the iconic Tara mines bogie wagon, After developing a brake problem which caused wheel flats the Tara wagon was worked at slow speed to the wheel lathe shop for attention ....
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    As mentioned in the layout section for Wicklow South, I intend to use the two footbridges to enclose the scene. The main footbridge over the platforms and a smaller one spanning the single line further south from the station. DSER constructed very similar footbridges along their network and for quite a few they were integrated with the signal box - meant only one stairs rather than two, so a certain element of fiscal efficiency. Prototype take recently. Rather that make the sides by soldering individual pieces together, I decided to draw up a plan for the base side in CAD & use the mill to cut out. It also made it easier to drill the uprights for the horizontal rods which will be much more accurate using CNC than by hand. The sides were cleaned up and t-section added top and bottom which soldered joints on the inside. Front side was kept clean with some rivets added. The uprights were a little fiddlier as threading through 6 no. 0.5mm brass rods took a some time being sure not to deform the uprights. It was worth the effort, as when uprights were soldered into position top & bottom, we ended up with this, which is starting to look good. Alas, I stopped too short with the rods as I was thinking the last section tucks into the signal box - it doesn't, so I'll have to amend that bit before ti gets to the model. More as time permits. Ken
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    With the ever increasing locomotive fleet and the forthcoming models of the 121 and 001 class locomotives the new wheel lathe was installed over the weekend at the MPD on Tara junction, Here we see locomotive 0117072 become the first locomotive to use the facility, The CME observes proceedings as they prepare to move 072 onto the lathe, Here are a few photos of the operation.
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    Hopefully but a good bit away,still to much to do. warb
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    Transport box made for overall roof for pearse station on barrow street
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    Hi everyone, Thanks for the feedback! Here it is with some of the forthcoming containers to give you a flavour of what to expect! We should have a sample of the CIE 20ft container in the coming weeks to see what it looks like too! Cheers! Fran
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    Two are used for transporting the Donelli relaying gantries-and are fitted for both air and vacuum duel brake working-now there is a challenge for you Richie...hint hint..no pressure....😋
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    I hope hope Mrs Brady has plenty of Fabreeze in the cupboard. Rich,
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    124 & 134 to start with methinks
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    The Flying Scotsman crew inspecting the cab of their new command before it goes onto the footplate. Eoin
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    That's what they mean by "rock and roll" - ballasting and then checking for wheel clearances...
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    When the Rolling Stones christened their album "Sticky Fingers" I don't think they were talking about gluing sleepers down...... It might not be very rock 'n' roll but I've finished the sleepers (and cleaned the glue off my fingers....) It should be ready for some rail once the holes for the droppers and point control are drilled.
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    Personally I've probably got more than enough in the 10 that I currently have, which is a split between the IR/IE liveries. Though it never stops me from keeping my eye out for them still. Interestingly, I did notice a couple of comments with regards to the livery that wasn't included in the original run. That being the IR logo without the white band. Here's one of my Dad's 141's which I carried out a little work on. The Catchers should have been removed for it to be prototypically correct, but you get the idea. Have to admit there's something I quite like about it.
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    Flying Scotsman lining is complete, I'm glad that's done..... I set to do the boiler band lining thinking this would be the hardest, but no- it was the easiest? The spraying stand gives a great handle to hold the boiler without touching the paintwork. Complete, the satin varnish finish will bring the shine down. Brass couplers just about to be chemical blackened, and the window glazing cut to size- spectacles at top left, cab side below, with internal frame feature stuck on- top n bottom, and the round one is the port-hole type window on the rear tender to light the inside of the crew corridor, it's a brass frame. Detail parts been fitted- buffer shanks, blackened coupler & vacuum pipe to the fotplate front , a little bit of black touch-up to be done on the buffer beam edge. Makers plates and smoke box door handle stuck on, I used Humbrol Clear for the plates and epoxy on most other bits. Footplate has the brass oiler gear and nameplates stuck on with epoxy. A few more detail parts to be done and then ready for a clean down and few coats of satin varnish. Eoin
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    Hi everyone, Well after months of research, CAD, checking, corrections, amendments to corrections and tooling, the first sample of our massive 'project 42' has arrived, sporting a first sample view of our weed spray tanks! The fully diecast underframe provides a lovely weight with excellent detail and fidelity in plastic and wire fittings. It also comes on our excellent Y33 bogies as first seen on the Tara Mines wagons, so rotating axle hubs are included! We have some corrections to make, but overall it looks excellent! Here are some images to whet the appetite! (Please note that this is a pre-production sample, and details like the headboards will not be on the weedspray wagons. It is just to demonstrate parts, fit and finish!)
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    I was shooting the breeze with some lads at the Bray gig yesterday Would there be any interest in a new run of 141/181's? New running numbers and the 4 liveries How many would need to be made and how many would sell Also bearing in mind the forthcoming 121's and A Class's Answers on a postcard......
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    Same here - possibly worthwhile doing as a double pack..?
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    I've done it again, just soiled myself.That is just an absolute beauty.
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    It just gets better and better with each update Noel.The attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.
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    Still on the IWTs. Generally 2 42fts with 16 47fts in a rake of wagons. Still part of the former weedsprasy formation now used only as brake force in the Sperry train.
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    Hello John, I work quite a bit in brass & bought the RP Toolz Photo Etch Bending Tool - see link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RP-Toolz-18cm-long-Photo-etch-bender-tool-RPT18/192932372777?hash=item2cebaa6129:g:HUcAAOSwNndctxPi For working with etch kits they really are essential - it is possible to do with a vice and steel rules etc, but that can get tedious and not always so accurate. They are pricey but do provide the crisp edges you are looking for, and make the difference in kit building. Hope that helps. Ken
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    With thanks to GSI345 for commissioning another fantastic CIE model, Here we see the two new arrivals being welcomed by the depot supervisor and staff of the Tara junction bus garage, After being given a once over by the fitters they were soon put to use by the fleet controller....
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    Transport box suggests movement. Could we see Barrow St. displayed somewhere in the not too distant future??? Ken
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    The water tanks swap-bodies were converted from CIE owned tank wagons built in the late 50s/early 60s, the wagons are standard 20' skeletal container wagons introduced in 1970. The tank wagons had a bullied triangulated underframe (similar to corrugated open wagons & H vans built during the 1950s/60s). CIE converted the tank wagons to swap-bodies by removing the running gear and extending the underframe to 20' and fitting container cup locks. Photos and information on the tank wagons in their original form is scarse, some were built for stores oil and industrial alcohol traffic from the Chemi Teo plants in Cooley & Donegal Irish Railways Today (1967) H Richards & B Pender has details of the numbers but no photos of the tank wagons in their original condition. The 4w vans are conversions of Bulleif 4wTPO.
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    So back to the 121's men I have been asked to tell no one so I am asking you guys to do the same 121 & 135 grey livery and 124, 129, 134 in IE are due in Oct. 125 & 131 CIE Black and 126 & 132 CIE S/train should arrive in time for Christmas With 127, 130 & 133 IR following in the New Year. Dont think he is doing the usual 504 run of each so numbers will be tight No price yet but not a lot of change from €200 I believe
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    Is the crane an IRM project?
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    Plan is... 1. Liner 2. Ferts 3. Guinness 4. Spoil 5. Weedsprayer
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    Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind words! It's been a lot of hard work but great to see the project making significant progress finally. Personally I am blown away by the quality of it, @Glenderg has exceeded even his own high standards on these, and that is saying something. I think they will be our best yet, and the factory has done a superb job on the finesse of the tooling from what we have seen so far. We are currently appraising this sample and will have some corrections for the factory in due course. We are still looking into it and havent made a call yet. It is such a unique beast that it is proving the challenge to make it viable, but we have not given up on it just yet and are working on some ideas. We will make an announcement either way in due course. We do plan to include them you will be delighted to hear! It is peco code 75 weathered and ballasted by the experts at model rail baseboards. We will have more on our layout in the coming weeks, so watch this space! Us too! We should have a sample of the ferts in the coming weeks, once we get it we will show you and open the pre-order books on them as they will be second in line after the liners! Cheers! Fran
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    I'd be up for a few in IE livery. Still one of my favourite models and has been setting the standard for 11-12 years. Rich,
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    The baseboard signs getting their magnets installed to mount them onto the front edge of the board, sticking to the screw heads in the framing.... .... and the second outing of a bald board at the Train & Model Fair today. This shows the ScrewFix trestle supports, which will eventually have a curtain screen. The trestles are at their lowest setting here, but they can be extended to bring the board up to chest height- ideal for a framed cameo type display at the front of the board! Eoin
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