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    Slow progress recently made new railings for the layout
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    Here are 4 pictures of the BELL Container ships which would not be too large as a model.
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    Just to show I've not given up, a bit more on the cardboard try out, it's being a useful exercise to show me how NOT to assemble the metal one at least! I'm looking at the lathe too which will need a bit of improvised jury rig (a home made leadscrew bodge) to get the saddle going, the agent for Europe uk whatever area seems a, erm, difficult to person deal with unfortunately, i only need a few tiny parts for fecks sake, I emailed USA where they're made with no luck as yet either.. Not the end of the world, but annoying if you just want a few small bits worth $10 tops!
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    I plan to attend with my Diesel Depot making it's exhibition debut with IE locomotives!
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    I prefer the station foot bridge that was there before the aliens arrived with their plastic version..😉
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    I love the blue & cream on the RPSI Cravens set, but wasn't a fan of the blue with yellow stripe they carried previously. The dark green of the MK2 set looks great too
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    Today's inspection tour revealed little worthy of note. A spare track connector is available, if you've lost one. 4005 swept through. It's still litter-free/windswept. A a couple of fairly vertical track shots. They must have a really good track rubber. This bridge, a couple of miles away to the southwest, is in really good condition, considering it was presumably built in the late 1840s. Little evidence of any recent masonry repairs being necessary.
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    Hello Happy Members ! Many thanks for adding me as a new member of this great forum. I'm planning to build a little switching layout in multiple scales (00, H0, 0n30 and Gn15). Dimensions: 1.20m x 0.25m (or 4' x 10"). I found the track plan in this video: My layout will be a little bit shorter than this one. So here is my track plan: Sorry for my poor English...😟
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    Popeye.....this be a nice one!😉
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    PP Here is a very helpful web site for the lathe with many links to articles on mods and parts- it may help;- http://www.cartertools.com/ Eoin
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    Yes, bachmann class 20 is in both my hunslets
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    Plus a sniffer dog...and me rosary....
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    That's just the basic trestle there. You'll also need a steel toed shoes, harness, high visibility vest, ground anchors for the trestle for use on grass, spirit level, hilti-gun/masonry bolts, anemometer, uplink to Met Eireann, lightning rod and insulators, reflective cones, warning signs for passengers and the public, use certification, permit, wheelbarrow, and a back support for yourself should get your started. If you're serious you'll ensure you have spares for everything. PS Don't forget to pack your camera😁
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    Started some ballast this afternoon, amazing how it changes the look.
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    Obviously, you'll need to have some space for a cassette or some way to load new rolling stock on the left. How is coupling/uncoupling being achieved? The camera seems to wander off while the great shunting hand from the sky seems to sneak in off camera. Magnets under the track might be useful? ... and I think the milk went sour during that coal delivery😁
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    A couple of pictures of Big Boy.
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    Jaysus, I can just see meself falling off one of those..😁
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    The old bridge a lot better for taking photies of the trains too..!.😉
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    It certainly did fit in better, but access to the island platform for the doddery was a little problematical at times. Wit a Cork-bound Mk 4 set stopped there, you couldn't cross the track, except via the footbridge, if you could manage the stairs.
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    Looks like something that was paired with or adapted from a steam wagon or WW1 era truck.
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    Hi @ganderino, here is the link to the RPSI shop. Aaaaargh, there's a spy in the midst! Yes, Tenerife, Canary Islands - not quite as exotic or distant as: ...but still far enough when you get a craving for Superquinn sausages, Tayto, King, Club Orange, red lemonade or cream soda... Not exactly islands with a rich railway heritage, but we have trams (Alstom Citadis 302's), a handful of abandoned mine railways, had trams from about 1880 until about 1950, had a light dock railway, and there are talks ongoing about constructing a 1435mm gauge railway with two lines. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on the other hand, almost had a real railway built back in the seventies. They, too, are considering building a railway, but are talking about using 1668mm gauge. Anyhow, back on topic, my second set of RPSI Craven's arrived yesterday! Absolutely delighted!!!
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    Inchacore Works 1994-5? BREL International Coaches on temporary B4 bogies awaiting conversion into the Cu na Mara set for the Galway Line. A section of the carriage shops(Lifting Shop?) was destroyed in a fire in the early 1990s and re-built into a Crystal Palace style structure. MK3 Push pull driving car mock up between coaches and freight bogies. The photo of the flat wagon with the trailer is interesting. The trailer looks odd to modern eyes with what appear to be solid tyres and the axle under the center line of the body. GSR road vehicles appear to have been reasonably up to date with pneumatic tyres and high ground clearance for Irish roads by the 1930s. The railways experimented with road-rail vehicles & roll on roll off swap bodies in the 1930s. The NCC experimented in the 1930s with a roll-on-roll-off system for transferring containers between road and rail rather than a crane, the County Donegal introduced a small number of "Tranship Wagons" with swap bodies in the early 1900s where a narrow gauge wagon body could be transferred onto a broad gauge underframe using a system of rollers. The Tranship wagons appear to have been mainly used for bulk traffic such as stone and coal, containers were later used for through traffic under customs bond through Northern Ireland between Donegal and other the rest of the Republic. There is a photo of a passenger train in early CIE/Late GSR days arriving or departing from Limerick Junction with a road-rail tanker (similar to those used in the UK https://www.igg.org.uk/rail/11-kitba/rrtank.htm) on a Carriage Truck coupled between the loco & the 1st of the coaches. Carriage Trucks were basically low sided flat cars designed to carry road vehicles that could run at passenger train speed, most stations had a dock for loading/unloading road vehicles off flat wagons and carriage trucks, new cars, tractors and agricultural machinery were delivered by rail to local stations up to the mid 1970s.
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    You have to order them off the RPSI website. Stephen
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    Hey, do you have a link to buy these as i wouldnt mind a set myself, thanks
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    Shame about not being the Galapagos, a chance missed to try out the Kevlar gloves
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    How about Tasmania?
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    Copydex , if it doesn’t work out then you can remove it without damage to baseboard.
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    Hotter. much Hotter!!
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    Only one that comes to mind here is Tory, unless you are coming the cute hoor that you rebels are and its something like The Lake Isle of Innishfree or The Arran Islands........
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    Bit closer WB, its an Island alright and begins with T.
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    Very nice DJ, you’re not based in the Galápagos Islands by any chance, are you?
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    Surely you'd be better off outside Marks collecting a few bob towards the loco and if you really make a nuisance of yourself they might pay you to "P*** off", loco in hand?
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    There are now some 85 video's in the Irish video album all from 2000-2006 I also have a fair number of scans to upload when I get the time (just finished identifying 4500 UK steam/early diesel era negs) I quite like this one: Courtmacsherry, 90 + 100 10July 1955 img490 Ernie
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    If you know the IRM model well, you will know that we are fans on of of the aforementioned locos, and it would be very much in our thoughts eventually, when other locos are produced. It's a case of 'patience, my sweet' if you wish to wait for a top class RTR shunter, but it is on the medium term radar. Cheers! Fran
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    Hunslet primed and head lights temp fitted, temp wired selecting the correct resistor, positioned and tested for light bleed, working perfect happy days
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    Further progress on the hunslett today, new brass hand and step rails fitted to door sides and cab fronts. I removed the remaining side grills and fitted brass etches, they provide a better finish. Marker lights also bored out, some test running beside my other hunslett, a few pictures and a short video Project_hunslett_2.mp4
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    I've finally got permission to use this collection! I don't have many images of Irish weed killing trains and this ones a bit different. Ernie
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    Joe, do you have a link for SSM? My search was unsuccessful. Another early quit yesterday meant that I got all the wiring finished and had a quick test run - 077 did the honours while 088 lounged in the newly extended headshunt. The Peco code 75 buffers look ok, and they do the job, as I misjudged the braking distance on 077 and crashed into the buffers. I have the RealDrive system and it really does require you to 'drive' and not just turn the power on and off. I need to complete the track around the bend and into the fiddle yard to allow full operations, but that will be a project for another day. I probably should make a start on some scenery... ID Backscenes mountain for a start... I did a terrible photoshop mock up to gauge the effect. This was on an earlier iteration of the trackplan.
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    It's always possible that it could be the result of unofficial action, there are no screws in the cover and it looks as though it wouldn't be too hard to lift up. It's certainly less of an issue than the time somebody lifted the bricks up with the whole yellow line warning on and got them all mixed up...
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    It amazes me they go to the trouble to fabricate steel to protect people from falling roof tiles rather than fix the roof! Iv'e seen this on a number of buildings around Offaly. They still won't stop roof tiles in high wind from hitting someone.
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    Raymond, All these plans for the great relocation sound very exciting. I wish you well with the great move and wait with interest to view your efforts. One problem that may arise, it usually does; the greater the space, the more we wish to put in it. What are the chances of your purchasing the property next door to you home, the one adjacent to your Garage? Best of luck, David.
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    Picked up this British 1930s era layout on ebay a few months ago. Added a few buildings and Irish trains and I'm now looking forward to making it more Irish. Need to paint the phone box yellow and green for starters... It has two tracks and is DC. Enloy having a beer and watching the trains go by. Very relaxing.
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