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    ...and finally the laminate coach lightly weathered;- A light spray coating of track dust to the running gear and the coach ends, a few small rust patches here n there, a brown & black wash was dripped down the sides and then cleaned up and the roof was kind of dry brushed with a grey wash and and a rust wash and then cleaned off, axle boxes were painted with metal cote black and polished when dry, same to the buffers, suspension springs given a rust wash..... This project is now complete. Thanks for watching, helping, and posting your great comments during this build. Eoin
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    Another update on two buildings of rostrevor court for barrow street which have been a pain to do. Main buildings complete now for paths and exterior landscaping to do.
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    Ferts on the Way! Our highly anticipated fertiliser wagons are almost here and will be dispatched from mid February. We managed to get these beauties out of China before their new year celebrations and look forward to their arrival. We recently took these production samples to South Dublin Model Railway Club and posed them on their 'Kildare' layout, where they look right at home! All current pre-orders will be fulfilled first, and once they are clear the limited remaining stock will be open to customers to buy. They wont hang around, so keep an eye on this thread, our website and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our home page to make sure you are prepared! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/
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    Saved from the bid While dumpind some bits today I found this ad Came from an early Railway Modeller And as the gods would have it something very interesting (to me) on the reverse Love the lunch hour 1.30 pm - 3pm, hope Bosko takes note Fran. This is an ad for the Wrenn 152 set ( 1:52?) At the time Wrenn amalgamated with Tri Ang they were producing these sets Unfortunatly Tri Ang had just bought Scalex who made a tin plate racing car set. They decided to replace the tin with plastic and so part of the deal with Wrenn was that they ceased production of the 152 set, which was a far superior set at that time If you look at the ad you will see a deflector section, which allowed overtaking while racing They were made in both DC & AC Some 152 pics before Wrennexit! Oops, forgot these
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    Thanks gents. Glad Ben Bulben was still recognisable! I personally don’t like the arrangement of the scales - would prefer to space them out against a blank wall- but it’s just how they were at Dromahair. We have a letter from an SLNC guard describing how he used to weigh my grandfather’s freshly caught salmon from the River Bonet there (the fish were loaded on the railcar at Lisgorman) for onward transmission to Hanlons the Dublin fish merchant. So out of family loyalty I had to keep it authentic even though I’m not modelling Dromahair itself! And you are right JHB - the bicycle was ubiquitous in a way that we tend to forget now. Mine is modelled on what I remember bachelor farmers riding around North Leitrim in the 70s - bikes that in all probability had been shipped in on the SLNC decades before! Image from Dromahair heritage website.
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    Bit more scenic work done now. Bit of set dressing and backscenes starting to go in. I’m not really a painter so less is definitely more!
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    Must challenge you on not being a painter! The scenes created in those cameos show more than a bit of artistic ability. Didn't know it was called Ben Bulben, but certainly recognised the dramatic landscape from my one and only trip to Sligo. Lovely stuff.
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    Thanks Murrayec, Green or purple wires sound the easiest way . I will give that a try later. Thanks, Controller.
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    That looks truly superb. Love the mural of Ben Bulben behind it. It really captures the essence of remote termini like that. The weed-strewn track just brings me back to the remoter branch-line visits in the earlier 1960s, which I just about recall, and the weighbridge and bicycle are just the bees knees. Note taken to shtick a bicycle on my own thing when it's ready. Railway staff didn't generally own cars back then, so they came to work o a bike or on foot. The porter delivered parcels off trains by bike. jhb171Senior recalled arriving in some place in the Backwaters & Boondocks of the Shticks in the 1930s, and watching the driver unload his OWN bike from the guard's van so that he could cycle home!
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    Lovely!...the weighing machine reminds me of an o gauge hornby/meccano accessory they did in tinplate that actually worked, ie the dial went round when you pressed the footplate! The layout's looking fantastic now..
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    Probably less resistance to German products in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe at that time...
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    This would imply CKD for the vans as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Volkswagen_in_Ireland
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    Roofs complete and ready for glazing to rostrevor court on barrow street
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