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    More scenics After a bit of a gap over Christmas & the New Year, action has recently focussed again on the baseboards. Number three, nearest the fiddle yard, was reasonably complete, while the middle, number two board had not really been started. First up then was to try and finish off BB3. This meant waiting until after the Chatham club's annual competition, as I wanted to enter the loco shed, to which I also added the coal stage/water tower. And it was worth it too, as the models not only won the 'Buildings' shield, they won the overall shield too, which you can see from the photo is a rather splendid thing. Anyway, competition over, I could now go ahead and fix the sub board with the shed to the main layout board, while the coal stage soon kick started work on BB2. Work was the usual tedious, but ultimately satisfying mix of scenics: Filling in gaps and creating ground cover with my usual mix of filler, PVA and acrylic paint. Several layers, each one a bit thinner, aiming for a light gravel surface in the yard areas and rough ground for the scenic bits Once dry, the next layer is a mix of slightly watered down PVA into which Woodlands medium 'crumb' is scattered. This gives a nice uneven surface of the sort you might see in rough ground or moorland. While this is still wet, the next step was to hit it with the static grass machine, loaded with a mix of 4-6mm fibres of different greens, keeping well away from the bright ones. This was then allowed to dry, after which further treatment was added ranging from extra layers of fibre [stuck with spray mount this time], through fine, dark green scatter sprinkled on to PVA brushed lightly [& sparingly] on the tips of the grass, plus clumps of Postiche, sprayed and sprinkled with fine scatter, to represent brambles. The final layer has used Woodlands flower scatter, mixed with fine crumb, to represent weeds and flowers. This really brings the greenery to life and is quite subtle - so much so that it shows up less in the photographs than it does on the model. I've included a few close ups to try and show what I mean. So, BB3 really is [mostly] complete, albeit still needing a couple of figures and a vehicle of some sort outside the distillery. It is currently minus its sky scene & in fact I'm not planning to add these until all three boards are finished. The more observant among you will have noticed that the white cottage from Arigna Town is missing. I'd intended to use this as a feature at the join of BBs 1 & 2, but it just didn't' seem to fit in, so instead some basic rough ground is there instead. To this will be added a patch of hawthorn, as per the back scene, to help hide joins and blend things together. I've also hit on the idea of putting a small area of hard standing next to the goods shed, with the suggestion of a harbour wall and pier on the the back scene. Belmullet seems to have two harbours, linked by a short canal across the neck of the peninsula. The harbour on the north east side is deemed to be served by the branch, while the other is close enough to the station for produce to be carted twist ship and train. That's the theory anyway!
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    I did watch the grass for quite a while, and it did seem to be fairly static. For people in the middle of the Big Island, it may be less traumatic than a visit to Warley.
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    Ah what’s in a number, I just got MM class 071 WEATHERED 085 for €153.45 so I’m a happy camper...... BTB
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    There were some nice fiddle yards. A couple of bits I missed earlier. Having mentioned the lack of lighting on some layouts earlier, there was one which, although nicely lit for the viewers and the (front mounted) operator, was a bit of a bind for everybody else... There were "real trains" outside, too. And a cordless, rechargeable lawnmower.
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    In line with recent rail procurement purchasing history, these sheep are all descended from the famous Dolly. They are GM sheep.
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    Their harder to put logos on, their a moving! Eoin
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    The February date for the Fair, note due to hall availability the Fair is on the Saturday;-
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    Thanks for the offer, but I managed to get in touch with the IRRS to obtain the 5 journals I wanted. Typically, after I obtained the selection of Feb 1985-Oct 2003; a full collection of 1970-1990 appeared for sale! Though rather dearer. Thankfully after these 5, that should be it really, the only other ones I'd ever likely want are those from 1972-73 detailing the Mk2d introduction to service, but I think I'll concentrate on the Mk3s for the time being still! The wealth of information I've read so far, and much not pertaining to Mk3s at all, has been interesting, illuminating and has answered many questions, the remainder should be answered when I obtain the other journals.
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    But still plenty of z--------wits on the A50 going home on Saturday. When I was there on Sat there were were quite a few Hands of God appearing I hope running was better by Sunday.
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    @Broithe A great collection of layouts, your spoilt for viewing choice. Eoin
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    Oh, and I picked up one of these, as well.
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    While sorting through my slide collection I came across a photo I took of the prototype covered gypsum wagon 26674 at North Wall on Monday 25th November 2002, it did 1 trip to Kingscourt on a trial, the entire fleet was to end up this way, but it never happen, issues with the ILDA dispute and then the traffic ceased in October 2001.
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    As an aside, KMCE, I love your trackwork and ground cover - so very realistic. I notice that, bizarrely, the whole train has had LINING added! (Vital in times of war!)
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    I would agree, brianmcs, that we need a transport museum like Cultra, but within an hour's drive of Dublin or less. Some larger items of 12" = 1ft scale could be centre stage; all preservation groups have sidings full of stuff that will NEVER run again. I am sure that many of these bodies could provide stuff on permanent loan. One of the aspects of such a development might, indeed, contain a reconstructed "castle" (or, indeed, replica Fry) layout. Then the "castle" models could get an outing again!
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. PM could do another run of BGMs and they would still sell like hot cakes. There's so many modelers getting into the Irish scene since they officially sold out, many of them interesting in the IR and IE eras.
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    Bit more scenic work done now. Bit of set dressing and backscenes starting to go in. I’m not really a painter so less is definitely more!
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    Another update on two buildings of rostrevor court for barrow street which have been a pain to do. Main buildings complete now for paths and exterior landscaping to do.
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    The attached may be of interest, from another of the (extremely) occasional posts of stuff in the “catacombs” in the study..... I well recall the ”Lady Patricia”, the ”Lady Gwendoline”, the ”Grania” and the “Miranda Guinness”, the latter not yet built when this booklet was produced about 1959/60.
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