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    Some good news people: Model of the Decade, no less
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    I started to add colours to the Walker last week. After a good clean down with W5 the bogies were masked up as the wheels are now fixed in and I did not want to paint them, the axles, and the drive gears in the motor bogie. All parts were stuck on sticks to hold in the hand while painting. First a very thin coat of etch primer. Slightly over did it on the body but it was very hard to spray into the detail without this happening- could still faintly see the brass underneath! First undercoat after leaving the etch primer sit for 2 days. Then a little bit of filling on the body and ready for a second undercoat. Second coat done and now for some colour. 2 coats of satin black to the chassis, bogies and coupling rods. Tomorrow the body will be green..... Eoin
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    Hi All, Moved house so the railway was put away for along time. Glad to be getting back to it. I'm moving it into the loft in the new house. Baseboards coming soon. Hope everyone is well during these very strange times.
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    Cork Waterford goods crosses beet empty at Grange.
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    The new east pier is now home to the world Famous Saint James Gate Guiness brewery so the area will be host to plenty of visitors for a creamy pint of the black stuff and tourists can easily access it via the new Docklands station 🚂 or by ferry in the harbour ⛴ or even open top tour buses 🚍 More detail to add over time..
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    A short video clip of C 201 class 225 arriving alongside the permanent way gang with the winch truck and 30t brake van.
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    192 and 143 on p/way duties.
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    Hi All, Long break from model trains, getting back to it now. My brother does metal work and made these for me, not original of course but will be going in the railway room.
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    Thanks Galteemore, that removes the temptation to buy a Farish version which would then probably drive me mad trying to finescale it and move all the valve gear and the cylinders to match the wider gauge.
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    Does things properly, does Eoin. An example, nay inspiration to us all.
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    Probably my most striking railway story was experiencing thunder, lightning and snow but not hearing a ghostly whistle or horn of a Galloping Goose Railmotor while exploring Trout Lake on the Rio Grande Southern on 26th May 2016. The weather was clear when we arrived at Trout Lake the thunder and lightening started as we got out to take a picture of the famous water tank and it started snowing as we drove along the track bed to the last of the major trestles. We didn't run into anything though then again we might have been in different time dimensions. We didn't stay to long at high altitude as we didn't want to get caught out in a late spring blizzard in a saloon car without tyre chains. Another great experience during the trip was a shortline crew at Oakes North Dakota interrupting their work and specially firing up a pair of SD45 diesels to switch a pair of boxcars from a soybean plant to the interchange with another railroad. The switch only took about 15 minutes in the biting cold, but it was a memorable experience the SD45s were one of the most powerful diesels of the 60s with very few still in operation, the crew had planned to use a pair of slightly smaller SD40-3 to perform the switch, but fired up the big GMs for a visiting railfan from New Zealand. North Dakota is on the prairie and a little bit flatter than Colorado's San Juan Country
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    First mock up of wall glazing to harmony court
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    Crying out for a little bit of narrow gauge track inlaid in cobbles coming under that door!
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    I love Irish stuff and have a fair bit of it, but I run a bit of everything, won't be any particular era which I know isn't everyones cup of tea. I put the green colour on the wall as a nod to the old CIE livery. I am a confirmed DC only man, will probably be 4 lines (1st to 4th radius), passing loops, long sidings, lots of full length trains like the old layout, lots of operational potential. Very old fashioned in the approach I know, but that's just me!!
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    Point of order, m’lud; the “A” class were delivered silver (as were the original trio of G’s, the original E401s, the B101s and the Cs.). The F were always green, and were probably never repainted once - they were only in use six years.
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    Bit late to the the party here but just got a new book in the post today - the 1937 ‘Locomotives of the Great Southern Railways’. According to this, the MGW-allocated moguls were on the Dublin-Mullingar-Galway route.
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    Boards going in tomorrow, 2ft wide all round, 10ft long on the short end, 13ft on the long end, so yes will have plenty to play with. My inner child always wanted a hornby suspension bridge so that will have to be worked in somewhere on the 13ft length.
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    The signal box is a Ratio kit with the stone steps replaced with shortened ones which came from the Dapol box which it replaced. The goods shed is scratch built from foam board covered with Plastistruct embossed stone sheet. I still have to get around to finishing the roof. The station building is a Dapol kit. None of the buildings are accurate models of any prototype but capture the atmosphere of a small station in the South East in the seventies. A prototypical paint scheme goes a long way to achieve this.
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    Lyons Tea container, Limerick, 1976
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    Excellent! This is what I use. I use the small 9g servo all controlled by the megapoints system.
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    @Midland Man: I like the idea of stories. If you don't mind I like to add my 1 pence. Some years back I was working as a Surveyer in the centre of a desolate village somewhere in Nederland. Coming at a marketplace I saw some strange 'monument' propped somewhere at a corner of the place. Build out of rails, wheels and other stuff I thought it was hidious. Really someone wanted to create an idea about 'how social we are' and got away with molding stuff together. Some days later I still worked at that place and took a close look at the hidious artistic-impression seeing a plate saying: 'In memory of the Tram that once connected this Village to the rest of the world'(Or something similar to that). Out of curiousity I searched about the tram and found out that for nearly 25 years at that same place a tramrails ran through the village and the monument was about 'how sad it was that such great transport was gone'. Still feel 'Doh' about that. Greetings, Arbhin
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    Hello everyone, I thought I would share with you all how far my BCDR brake van has progressed and as can be seen from the photo I would say that I am half way through, there is still a lot more work to do, but thankfully Easter is here so that means two weeks off school. The body and chassis are still separate and probably won't be joined together until just before painting. Thanks for looking! Nelson
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    Hi all, This was a pressie for my Fathers 70th, 5 years ago and he is just not up to the job due to MS and poor Memory, I did not want to push him to finish it as he is just not able so after some cafeful discussion he asked would I take it on so this is the next project. It is a bit model, There is a Mark 3 on the deck for size Comparison. In order to finish this I had to splash out on the follow bits and bobs and you though Trains were expensive!, Add to that Brass wire, replacement Handrail Stanchions and a Step up Converter plus a bit of paint! EF DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PRICE COST QD20 1:24 Scale 10ft Clinker Dinghy 1 £15.65 / US$19.56 £15.65 / US$19.56 RB017314 14mm bottlescrew with 2mm dia thread fork ends 7 £1.12 / US$1.40 £7.84 / US$9.80 K65409 8.7 x 5.7mm Brass Stud-Link Chain 1 mtr 1 £13.91 / US$17.39 £13.91 / US$17.39 K62212 Brass Shackle 4mm wide x 7mm high (Pack of 2) 12 £5.10 / US$6.38 £61.20 / US$76.50 4125/20 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 2mm 5mtr 1 £4.14 / US$5.18 £4.14 / US$5.18 GR632 Working 360-degrees lanterns: 17 mm high (Pack of 2) 1 £6.42 / US$8.03 £6.42 / US$8.03 34390 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 1.25mm 10mtr 1 £2.88 / US$3.60 £2.88 / US$3.60 RB08230 Single derrick block 6.8mm long (Pack of 5) 1 £3.62 / US$4.53 £3.62 / US$4.53 RB01006 6mm dia drilled brass sheave 3 £0.52 / US$0.65 £1.56 / US$1.95 5664/23 360 degree masthead lamp,Dia. 12mm 1 £6.85 / US$8.56 £6.85 / US$8.56 RO1643 Nav lamp set lighting board 30mm long 6v 1 £11.58 / US$14.48 £11.58 / US$14.48 F643 Ships Bell 10mm high x 10mm dia 1 £0.83 / US$1.04 £0.83 / US$1.04 Subtotal £136.48 / Here is the current State of play this am, More done in the past 5 days than 5 years, To be fair he did most of the superstructure for the decks but that was it. I had to strip down a good bit in order to tidy up the splodges of Resin he dropped about the model. ( I hate working with Resin but it is a must) Here are some pictures of the boat. It should looks nice when done and the smoke unit is working away and the lights working. cheers for now. George. Sorry wrong shutter speed on the camera so bit blurry Arrgh.
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    What about the actual PINT! I'm crying out for THAT!
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    If only 😂
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    The build of the GS&WR six wheeled composite is progress nicely (documented over on my Dromahair topic) so I must turn my thoughts to the first of the locos to be built. Rolling stock alone is not much use! I had always intended this first build to be one of the SLNCR small tanks and for some reason "Lurganboy" appealed. There are a couple of nice pictures of her over on the transportsofdelight website It is not clear when the SLNCR removed the lettering from the tank sides. The photo of the wreak of sister engine Hazelwood , derailed during the civil war, shows the lettering in use during the early to mid-twenties. Unfortunately the photos above are undated. The is another photo in Neil Sprinks's illustrated history of the SLNCR of sister engine Fermanagh moving across the facing crossover at Ballysodare, a movement it would only have done after the rationalisation of the track layout at Carrignagat Junction that enabled the removal of the signal box in September 1930. In this photo Fermanagh still has the lettering on her tanks, so edging into the time period I am modelling. I'm still undecided on the lettering but have plenty of time to make my mind up! I do have a question, I have a GA drawing from the Beyer Peacock archive that I am converting into 2mm scale dimensions to start cutting components in advance of starting the build in earnest. The drawing has side elevation and top section only which provides most of the key dimensions. However, I don't have a dimension for the cab width and cannot find a clear photo showing the relationship of the cab edge and the tanks to estimate the distance. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
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    This may be of interest. Hope this pic has not been uploaded on the topic but anyway it's the first ever walker diesel on the west Clare line. Funny it's looks green yet the A class were delivered white before they were painted silver. hope there ain't a copyright on it. MM
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    Well deserved lads, I'm sure the forthcoming 001 class locomotives will be a worthy winner at the awards in the near future too....
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    2 more videos from May 2000 now uploaded. Drogheda with 149 and a bubble , GNRI 171 passes south then back to Limerick via Thurles with some freight shunting and ECS work in the late evening sunshine. Lastly if you are a fan of Class 37's , especially the Cornish China Clay variety then you might like this video. Displayed as a link to avoid up-setting General Motors enthusiasts!🙂 https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/49887062746/in/dateposted-public/
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    Because they don't make a modern DDA compliment model footbridge kit, I've had to scratch build my own. Never scratch built anything before! Here's the basic carcass from 1mm card. I've still one more platform to install when peco start to send out platform edging again!
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    Cheers, he made 4 of them so I might stick 2 of them on the car!
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    Puts the talk into tea!
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    So then what is this about you ask. Its a topic for anyone to tell a story about a event involving railways that has something to learn from. Yes i know it's childish but story's are what you get info on in any hobby. If you have ever been to Hell's Kitchen you know you will get a good story. So this topic is for telling story's to help people get along in this weird time. So then hope you all like the story's. Story 1. I mentioned above hells kichen and Thai is where this story takes place. We were walking around Sean (The owner ) told me of a story about Gay Byrne had taken a cab ride on engine number 463. He had sent a letter to Sean saying if he had a pic of it but Sean (at the time) did not know what engine it was. We takes about for half an hour thinking it was a DSER 0-6-0 tender or even a Bandon tank. When I came home I took my copy of Tom Middlemass"s Irish standard gauge railways where I found it was the first Bandon tank built in 1920. I wanted to sent a letter to Sean or Gay but never got the time until Gay passed and I was like . I really do wish I had told one or the other as gay probally went on the engine when the line was being closed down as I beleive 463 and 464 were one of the last of the class left. So then never leave stuff to late. Hope you like the story and stay safe. MM
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    I dont have access to the after market point motor so decided to make my own from servo with proper linear motion. your suggestion are welcome i will be making frog connections later. https://youtu.be/k7aY2UCjAMY
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    Finally found a spot on the layout for this beauty...
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    Decals and I don't get along.
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    Order placed, looking forward to their arrival and got a few ferts to keep me occupied in the meantime.
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    Goods vans in 1975. Within a year, they were to be almost eliminated under the goods modernisation plan from 1972, which aimed to put everything in containers and abolish loose-coupled goods trains.
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    Photo of boston sidings with dmu stock awaiting their next turn.
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    The track is now fully wired.
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    The Step up convertor arrived in the post today. Some types of these are handy as you can also step down so have a application for Model Railways too if you want to power lights off your 12V you just dial in the out put and hey presto (not this one though). Simple enough to use. you can see here the unit was set at 22V output, the little POT was then dialed with a screwdriver to the desired out put that I needed to 24V. Magic The joy was short lived as the flipping mister unit gave up the ghost 10mins later. 5 years old but 10 mins switched on. FFS. I hope to be able to get the mister part itself now so I don't have to junk the whole thing. You can see the mister unit taken apart in the 2nd last photo.
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    Track laid, dropper wires in place. Hope it works!
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    Hi Shipmates, Full steam ahead on this one, the Hatch done, Hull Re Sprayed, Steering chains done, Handrails done and some other little fittings not that apparent. Just now waiting for the rigging gear and lights and some other little bit n bobs to enhance it. Sneaky Titanic in their too.
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    Senior had this rubber stamp. I had it eventually and I used it to date my schoolbooks.... the year date went up to 1972..... You can see where GNR “Ireland” was - the GNR wording was now off centre because the word “Ireland” had been picked off when it became the GNR(B).
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    Located in the Restaurant in Woodlands Hotel, Adare, Co. Limerick.
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    Seeing these pics I was inspired to recreate the scene on my own work in progress layout. I took these last time I was home 2 weeks ago and then forgot my camera when I went back to work. There is no 1/72 AW139 yet (hint hint IRM if you want to diversify ) so I had to use my EC135 instead.
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    Hello Gentlemen, Mock exams are over and I have about a month of freedom now until the next exams are up, but for the past few slow months I've been working on this, it's a 2P conversion into a NCC U2 class, one of the early ones with extended cab roof, and she is in UTA experimental olive Green livery, I've used railmatch paints and lining transfers for the lining, even tho I did buy a lining pen it wasn't very successful so I'll need more practise with it, but until then it's transfers for now. Only 1 U2 class was painted in this livery and it was very short lived, the other 2 locos that received experimental green were a mogul and jeep, all 3 locos done in differnt shades of green. The loco is now ready to go back to it's original owner. Sorry for the poor quality of pics, dunno what's up with the camera. Many thanks Nelson
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    Looks great Nelson. Mind you it reminds when Fr Ted visited Father Fitzpatrick's war memorabilia and asked "Nothing from the Allied side?" and got the response "No, that sort of thing wouldn't interest me at all." Superb modelling.
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    Hi This is a italeri 1/72 scale JU52, used for parachuting and transport during ww2. It was built by my dad about 1 year ago and features a paratrooper jumping out of the aeroplane. Hope you like it.
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