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    Mullingar is one of the more unusual stations in Ireland, and offers plenty of modelling opportunity, a junction station at the heart of the MGWR, with a large cattle bank, goods shed, engine shed, a large gantry, the list is long to say the least. My focus is on the Athlone side, although both sides of the station have a lot to offer, the engine shed, goods shed and cattle sidings were all on the Athlone side of the station. Progress has been slow, but it's finally starting to have a vague resemblance. Maedbh makes a visit to Mullingar en route to Galway. The Civil Engineer was on holiday at the time apparently. WIP of the station building on the Dublin side of the station Engine shed and railway terrace under construction, slate roof is dry fitted. Far from finished clearly!
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    The Hornby footbridge at Glen More finally got lowered to an acceptable height and got repainted. It needs a little weathering.
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    My Canon got a dump in the River last week after a buddy capsized the indian Canoe with two kids on it, Dried out now and working thankfully! Weathering has started now with the base down, gonna be a lot of learning with how to do something on this size and have it looking good hoepfully like the real deal picture below and the lights were fitted yesterday.
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    Glendalough Road looks like a fair sized village! I would be inclined to leave out most/some of the buildings on the viewing side of the layout, otherwise it will be difficult to see the Tram! The Mother in Law who is not very tall was disappointed with my narrow gauge layout because she is unable to see the train when it disappears from view in a cutting as it makes its way along the line. Like Galteemore I am a fan of curved backscenes. Engine shed acts as view blocker between station area and cutting section. I didn't have enough space for a building in front of mouse hole where train is supposed to run through backscene, perhaps some day.
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    As dusk approaches, one of the J15s, no.162, brings goods from the Galway direction through the station towards Dublin.
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    Managed to slide away Sunday with a very slight Cider hangover and decided to tackle to fiddle yard, I only had 3 cobalts left and can get anymore for the time being so only one point is operational and I have yet to do the left side. My Baseboard planning was not that great as I have lost about a 10inches on the right side due to the curve starting mid board on the 'live' side and a brace underneath had to be removed to get the motors in. Lots of cussing. Next time i will do this aspect a wee bit better. When done I should get 6 Medium size trains in there, Most trains will be of 3 coaches this being a Secondary route. I can get 6 coaches where the 4-CEP is sitting. Hard ol work this railway Modelling lark is.
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    They are not a brake coach per say, they are for train heating and train electricity, the older ones nicknamed GSV (Generating Steam Van), modern ones that ran with mk2, mk3 stock were called EGV (electricity generating van). Cravens could just as easily run with the shorter Dutch GSV or the longer ex-BR Mk1 GSV. Pics below. Often on some rural branch services there was a single craven and one heating van. Silverfox models do kits and RTR of both types of GSV, or for an ex-BR Mk1 GSV you could kit bash a Hornby, Lima or Bachman BSK brake van into a CIE GSV with some plastic cutting, and shutting, filing and filling. ex-BR Mk1 GSV Early Dutch GSV
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    Thumbs up for Hycote after initial tests, seems identical to halfords plastic grey primer as anticipated (ie. same factory). It costs less even with postage from UK and is 400ml instead of 300ml, so great value. I bought a 4-pack.
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    Thanks both of you you have both helped me. The middle part where the houses are will be a there smallest in height. The goal of the layout is not to see the trains but to sea the environment the trains live in. I want to make the scene look real so that the smaller houses are at the front and the bigger at the back. I want the onlooker to see a town not a model railway. The juntion road will be the main point as you can sea one street and that's all. Hope you all like Mm
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    A chap I worked with fell off a ladder at home and broke both legs. He became quite obsessed about 'safety when working at height' and the conversation would often be diverted by him onto this subject. He bought some aluminium scaffolding, as he was never going up a ladder again - a decision that he would often inform people about. He had a holiday cottage in Wales and, unfortunately, he discovered that his beloved scaffolding would not fit in his car. Undaunted by this, he bought one of those tiny Honda pickups that was about in the early 1980s, just so he could take his scaffolding with him on holiday. He had been in the Navy for many years and I suspected that, at home, he would also park 'facing out', as he did in the car park at work - circumstances were to prove the correctness of my assumption. I nipped out to the car park and measured the tailgate, then we made a prefabricated sign that could be attached in a few seconds by means of some wire-ties. Nothing happened after we attached the sign... Until a fortnight later, when he came in one morning, demanding to know "Who did it!?" He had only finally seen the sign when his son, who had been sent out to wash the pickup, reported finding it. I still have a picture of it somewhere - R. G. Lewis (Scaffolding) Ltd. Enormous erections a speciality. He said that lots of people had been beeping and waving at him for the fortnight, but he just assumed that he must know them, so he just smiled and waved back
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    Good idea so far! I’d suggest slanting the scene across the baseboard at a bit of an angle just to vary things a little - will be more satisfying to look at and offer a variety of viewing angles. A slight curve on the scene would be better still.
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    Hi Lads, My packet if goodies came so the rigging is 90% done, just need to do the rat lines and source a suitable Cargo hook. Still need to have some 1mm cable or the winch to arrive and some black a white rigging thread and a few other bits n bobs to set it off. Leds going in tonight in the cabin area Heres the status at of Last Saturday,
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    Tempus is busy fuggitting away, MM! Malahide and its little plastic cases calls my attention.............................
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    Thank you Patrick. I've nothing more for the moment! I've been able to get back into Malahide so I haven't as much time on my hands anyway. What I do have is loads and loads of old glass plate negs, these being my grandfather's. But few if any are of railway matters - long-gone aunts in Co. Offaly, farm animals on their family farm there and so on.... I need to get these scanned. There are hundreds. When I do get back to the railway stuff, there is some more of the stuff I've been trotting out over the last couple of months, and a handful of the rarest of all - anything I took myself that was even half-publishable! Then there's senior's colour stuff. Theses again were mostly family stuff, but there are several dozen decent colour shots worth showing. I will get around to it at SOME stage, hopefully! Glad you've enjoyed it - hopefully it's been some distraction to "Internment"............ I think I will rename my study "Long Kesh" instead of the "catacombs"...............!
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    The Cravens only ever carried two liveries - and even that was just two slight variations of the same one. If you start with black all over, then put tan / orange on both sides below window level, that's the basics. Until the early 1990s, the only other thing was a single 6-inch wide white line above window levels. After that, there was (a) an additional thinner white line below the windows, and (b) both a white AND an orange line above window level, but the earlier variation lived on with some coaches carrying well into the mid (maybe late) 1990s. The BR van pictured above was a separate variation - these got the white line below, but not the orange line above. The reason was that they are based on a British Mk. 1 design, which were lower in height than Irish stock - so there "wasn't room" for the extra orange line above! There is photographic evidence of at least one Craven carrying this variation, but almost certainly not for long. The livery on your loco is early 2000s era, by which time all Cravens in use had the orange line above, and second white line below the windows. Both of the vans pictured above were in use the same time as your loco, so you could find either at the end of a train.
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    Nothing to do with trains but some nice photos from January 2013. Despite the gloom it was before 12 noon.
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    The 071 class loco is a good choice for that era, Mick as it would have pulled the Cravens you have but also the Mark 2 & Mark 3 sets that would have been around in that era in case you expand in the future. It also would have been used for freight like the Container 42' flats & Tara Mines Wagons etc so it is versatile but accurate! Something like this (below) would have been found at the back (or front) with the Cravens during this era too- the BR van referred to above. Hope that helps and good luck! Rob.
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    Crikey, its been a while since I posted anything here. That's not to say that nothing has been occurring, but unfortunately what has been occurring hasn't been particularly tangible! I'm still looking into the signal box issue, and it's looking increasingly likely that, as a fairly large proportion of MGWR cabins seem to have been to McKenzie & Holland pattern, that will be the style of cabin I'll go for for my project layout, which has the working title of Mount Bellew. As far as a model cabin is concerned, I have been looking closely at the Ratio kit of Highley Signal Box on the Severn Valley Railway because, yep, it too is a McKenzie & Holland cabin! The orientation of the planking seems to be at odds with at least some of the MGWR cabins, but hopefully not all which will give me the "could have been" get out of gaol clause..... In other news, I've been spending a few pleasant hours looking at the historic OSI 25-inch maps of the MGWR's terminii, in an attempt to get a feel of how they were laid out. The reason for this is to hopefully come up with a track layout for Mount Bellew that is "typically MGWR", and to accomplish this I've been making pencil sketches of the terminii so that they can be more easily compared. I've only Loughrea to do to complete the set (I've not sketched out Clara as its a bit of an odd one, being part junction). Far from there being a "house style", however, they all seem to be different: the only recurring theme throughout is the turntable. However, the goods shed is often sited behind the platform adjacent to the station buildings, and in the "western" terminii, i.e. Achill, Clifden and the "Baronial Lines" the presence of multiple loops is a distinctive feature. Its quite funny, really, when looking at the "western" terminii how they're actually quite train-set-like in their layouts! Now, where did I put my childhood Hornby track.....? 😉 So hopefully there should be some progress soon toward a definitive track layout for Mount Bellew, and when I actually "cut the first sod" I'll start another thread over in Irish Model Layouts, but I suspect that won't be for a while yet..... Stay safe and stay well, everyone! With kind regards, Mark
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    I love it!!!!! Superb!
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    Thumbs up for Hycote after initial tests, seems identical to halfords plastic grey primer as anticipated (same factory). It costs less even with postage from UK and is 400ml instead of 300ml, so great value. I bought a 4-pack.
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    The station is within 5k of myself so easy access. The Sligo side won't be modeled, don't have the space for it. G2 will hopefully arrive from NZ once international shipping is back on the regular, the idea is generally realistic running, moguls, J15s, cattle engines, G2s along with some of the D's but 800 and 402 weren't built to not be run! I'm well aware of the murder of Thomas Anketell, and the reasons behind it.. No plan on the track layer Currently have two boards 10x2 foot, nothing is set in stone yet but overall idea is a somewhat simplified track plan for the yard
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    This is the paint I used Stephen. I don't remember where I got it, possibly an auto parts store but it was chosen because it matched the gray trim on the Bachmann Irish station building. The colour is described as Machinery Gray on the can. At some stage the bridge will get weathered with an overall wash of very diluted black and drybrushed with white.
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    The same chap was a good bit older than us and very 'straight', he wasn't going to be listening to 'pop' music at all, for example. His son was in the Cubs and he often spent some time at the weekends taking them on hikes with another parent. We often got reports of his weekend activities. Over a period of time, it became slowly clear that this other parent, who he referred to as 'my friend, Mr Osbourne', was actually Ozzy Osbourne, who lived not far from him at that time. We carefully enquired about 'Mr Osbourne' and the description was good enough - and the assessment "I'm not sure what he does, I believe he's involved in the music industry and he does have a wine bar in Newport" - it was clearly Ozzy. We all resolved not to let Gerry in on the full details, as it must have been quite a relief for Ozzy to have some 'time off' from being 'his public self'. It went on for a few years, without Gerry ever having any real idea of what was going on. After one hike in the summer holidays, on a lovely summer's day around Dovedale, when there were crowds of walkers around, Gerry did remark that "He does seem to know a lot of people!" As an aside, the school in the local village is All Saints Primary School, which seems an odd group to name it after - every now and then, somebody alters the sign to Black Sabbath Primary School.
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    I have to say that starts to look promising. When I first had my N Scale I thought to start with modelbuilding this way, lay track, see wherever it leads, it would never go well for me. I changed so often and never got my head straight on what I want with the rails that after all it went nowhere. But this seems to grow into something great! I love to see the end of it. Greetings, Arbhin
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    Superb little vans! Regarding roofs, none were painted black. Always brown exactly as you have them, though weathering turned them a dirty exhaust colour after a while! I saw a few newly painted and they looked just like that. If you were going to weather them, just give the roof a heavy dose of it rather than painting greyish. CIE were economical with liveries as were there predecessors - whatever colour one bit of a wagon was, the whole lot was!
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    Hi all, This was a pressie for my Fathers 70th, 5 years ago and he is just not up to the job due to MS and poor Memory, I did not want to push him to finish it as he is just not able so after some cafeful discussion he asked would I take it on so this is the next project. It is a bit model, There is a Mark 3 on the deck for size Comparison. In order to finish this I had to splash out on the follow bits and bobs and you though Trains were expensive!, Add to that Brass wire, replacement Handrail Stanchions and a Step up Converter plus a bit of paint! EF DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PRICE COST QD20 1:24 Scale 10ft Clinker Dinghy 1 £15.65 / US$19.56 £15.65 / US$19.56 RB017314 14mm bottlescrew with 2mm dia thread fork ends 7 £1.12 / US$1.40 £7.84 / US$9.80 K65409 8.7 x 5.7mm Brass Stud-Link Chain 1 mtr 1 £13.91 / US$17.39 £13.91 / US$17.39 K62212 Brass Shackle 4mm wide x 7mm high (Pack of 2) 12 £5.10 / US$6.38 £61.20 / US$76.50 4125/20 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 2mm 5mtr 1 £4.14 / US$5.18 £4.14 / US$5.18 GR632 Working 360-degrees lanterns: 17 mm high (Pack of 2) 1 £6.42 / US$8.03 £6.42 / US$8.03 34390 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 1.25mm 10mtr 1 £2.88 / US$3.60 £2.88 / US$3.60 RB08230 Single derrick block 6.8mm long (Pack of 5) 1 £3.62 / US$4.53 £3.62 / US$4.53 RB01006 6mm dia drilled brass sheave 3 £0.52 / US$0.65 £1.56 / US$1.95 5664/23 360 degree masthead lamp,Dia. 12mm 1 £6.85 / US$8.56 £6.85 / US$8.56 RO1643 Nav lamp set lighting board 30mm long 6v 1 £11.58 / US$14.48 £11.58 / US$14.48 F643 Ships Bell 10mm high x 10mm dia 1 £0.83 / US$1.04 £0.83 / US$1.04 Subtotal £136.48 / Here is the current State of play this am, More done in the past 5 days than 5 years, To be fair he did most of the superstructure for the decks but that was it. I had to strip down a good bit in order to tidy up the splodges of Resin he dropped about the model. ( I hate working with Resin but it is a must) Here are some pictures of the boat. It should looks nice when done and the smoke unit is working away and the lights working. cheers for now. George. Sorry wrong shutter speed on the camera so bit blurry Arrgh.
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    Having touched a piece of rolling stock as modern as a mk3 coach with my bare hands today, risking contamination, I fear I could be sent to the 'bogie of eternal stench' for isolation. The first sign of weakness was some Tara's followed by container wagons. Where will it all end Ted? My black and tan stock might not shunt anymore.
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    If yo sea the D&B stuff can you take pics measure it if you can and get lots of close ups of you can. Hope you can help.
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    Is that the end JB? It's been superb - thank you sincerely
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    No fear no yellow. My IRM ploughs remain boxed in a cupboard pending display in a display case. Don't know why PW stuff is yellow anyway because it was only supposed to be run when its dark at night after passenger services have finished for the day, and therefore never be seen (ie the public can only see real trains running). I've no desire for a rake of mk3 coaches and no desire to run mk3, but just curious to try a few resprays. Might decorate interior, fit passengers and lights, etc, just for the heck of it. Its playing with trains, but patrick is right the only safe vaccine is to build some more 1960s stock, so I may get around to more beet wagons from PW shortly.
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    Get a grip on yourself Noel. Start work on those Bulleid opens and order a bunch of H vans from Leslie before it's too late. There may not be a cure for yellow infiltration.
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    Great detail. Yours looks better than the real one.
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    A two coach train is perfect as an authentic model of a Ballina branch train in the 1990s / early 2000s. You also need a van to go on the back of it - either a "Dutch" van or a "BR" van. Get a few fertiliser / cement / 42ft flat wagons to go behind it when it's hauling freight instead.
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    Ah sure I travelled in a 2700 class railcar - and enjoyed it! (How many "Hail Marys" is that?) TALKING OF WHICH: Guy goes to confession. Guy: "Father, forgive me, for I have sinned" Priest: "Yeah, I saw it on IRM"....................
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    Solved, left coach body on a window cil in direct warm sunlight for an hour and the windows popped out by hand breaking the glue bond. Thanks to those to gave advice on RMI FB and RMweb. The heating tip worked a treat. There is no way I was going to mask 24 windows individually, impossible anyway to do accurately.
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    Probably worth making a mock up of your board with a few buildings to see how various options look in 3D - this could be a cracking little layout. Have a look at Iain Rice’s books for a few ideas.
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    Photo was by NW Sprinks taken in May 1953 of loco 43 at Ballymoney. This appeared in Steam Days May 2014 and shows clearly the UT crest applied on top of the middle C! There are photos of same loco in July 1954 in NG in Colour book but angle is less clear There is a good photo of 43 in July 1949 in smart NCC livery in latest version of Ballycastle Railway. Same book has clear photos of 41 and 44 in UT livery in 1950 with no NCC markings at all.
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    Halford's potential substitute. These arrived today in the post using AddressPal to get them to Ireland from UK. Will try some tomorrow and report back if they prove a suitable substitute for Halford's plastic grey primer. Made in the same factory by the same company https://jamesbriggs.co.uk I bought these on Amazon UK. Cost was slightly less than over the counter from Halford's in ROI. Brexit proof too as available from amazon.de (Germany) in Euro.
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    Forty five years ago, the sun went down on a chapter in Irish railway history, when the last rural branch line with traditional mixed trains closed. And as the winter sun went down on a bitterly cold but bright afternoon, two days before the closure, I took these. So now the sun must go down on me posting daily pictures, as I need to get more scanned..... 1. Arrival at Loughrea, behind a “C”. A big disappointment that day - sure you can get an oul “C” class to Bray ANY day. I had hoped for a “G” - but it had been removed - for ever at this point - and sent to Tuam to shunt the sugar factory sidings during the winter’s beet “campaign”. (Where did they get that odd terminology for a beet harvest?). By the time the beet was finished a few months later, the “G” would now be homeless.... 2. The sun sets on the last train of the day, on the last branchline, with just two days to go. This is actually a mixed train but there happened to be no goods that day. 3. A goods van in the siding at Dunsandle, en route. Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos, folks.
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    Bit of Soldering done last night
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    What started yesterday as a minor buffer repair on one of my palvans turned into a rebuild and repaint of two of them. The wagons were some of the first Irish rolling stock constructed about 10 years ago to evaluate the practicality of building an Irish layout. Does anyone know if the roofs of the prototypes were painted black?
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    Hi Shipmates, Full steam ahead on this one, the Hatch done, Hull Re Sprayed, Steering chains done, Handrails done and some other little fittings not that apparent. Just now waiting for the rigging gear and lights and some other little bit n bobs to enhance it. Sneaky Titanic in their too.
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    The first three in the make shift spray booth i.e. cardboard box. Decals applied and first stage of weathering done. I know it's not for everyone but i personally think it adds to the detail. I'm going for a these couches are not far off needing to visit the wash look. Had some mix left over so thought i'd try a loco so since 210 is going to be hauling this rake i figured i'd give it ago. Thoughts and comments as always appreciated.
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    While going through old photos(quality not great) i found photos of the original greystones layout when i started. If the baseboards look familiar the now have barrow street on them which were built in 1989/90 and still have not given any problems.This was before murphy models/IRM ect and all was scratched built.If i find any more photos i will post them. regards
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    more photos of greystones (tony wright)
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    To make "Harvey", a bit of alteration to the rear bunker would be necessary. Incidentally, she never ran in the (yet again!) fictitious preservation livery she has always carried at Whitehead. I remember her arriving - she was in the LPHC's livery of a very dark green and with utterly different lining. This may, fortunately, still be seen on LPHC No. 1 in Cultra. I really do wish that preservationists here would apply the same meticulousness to the accuracy of paint jobs as they do in Britain. There is no excuse - it's as easy to paint something red as blue. Time and time again we see models, superbly and painstakingly made, and the modeller is effectively misled by preserved inaccurate paint schemes. Probably the most garish example is the zebra-striped "Ivan", the colourful GNR brake van! Yellow flying snails, black wagon chassis.... I know, I know, many don't mind, but others are content with wrong bogies or buffers, while this would cause others again to reach for the smelling salts, the better to stave off attacks of the Screaming Fits, Convoluted Conniptions, and Multiple Allergies.......
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