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    First trial run of class 8100 dart units on barrow street
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    I am gradually building up a road freight section to compliment the railway operations on Tara junction comprising of vehicles from the CIE,IR and IE period which span the best part of thirty years, I will start this thread off with a vehicle from the 1990s Irish rail era, Based out of Ballina freight depot was this Ford rigid truck which served the Mayo area and was branded for Rail Link traffic, Rail Link was an overhaul and rebranding for the former uniload and transtrack department with Ballina as the railhead for the traffic. The Rail Link truck makes its way through afternoon traffic while returning to the Lakeview freight yard to reload with more supplies for the High street.
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    I would imagine around the €200 mark can’t be far off nowadays. Look at the prices of Uk and North American models, these markets are massive compared to the Irish one yet the prices have been rising well above inflation for the last few years. We can’t expect Paddy to be produce models at 2014 prices. I for one will buy what I can afford and support this fantastic effort by a one man band.
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    There be painting going on. A bit of an orange parade. Parallel projects can mean overlap efficiencies. Provincial Wagons CIE 20ft container, Later generation Dutch GSV suitable for running with Mk2 coaches and a BR Mk3 respray to supertrain. For fun half thinking of doing one side of the mk3 in supertrain livery and the other side in IR intercity tippex. Vallejo mix of Yellow and Red 35:1 ratio. The mk3 is a little deeper, added a tweak more red.
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    Buffer beam painting on the Walker;- I first set up paper templates for cutting out the glazing, the templates have holes in- taken from the holes in the window frames for the horn & exhaust brackets, this is done because the glass will go in last after the completed body and parts are fixed n lacquered, the glass needs to fit over the ends of the brackets for flush glazing. Body masked up for painting the beams. White on. Red on with satin black brushed on the ladder and coupler bracket. Unmasked and needed a little clean up on the front running board- I forgot to remove the etch cusp along the edge and the white base colour seeped under the masking and along the cusp! Out with the swab n spirit and slowly removed the white line- remove the cusp next time! Getting ready to fit the detail parts- handrails, door handles, exhausts, badges, vac pipes, lights, and decals. The chassis will also be assembled, pick-ups installed and wired up for test running on the track!!...... Eoin
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    220 leaving the loop with two keg wagons and some bubble cement wagons.
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    Friday afternoon freight sees the 14:00 Platin-Cork bogie bulk cement hauled by locomotive 201 pass through Tara junction station earlier.
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    Diesel Depot is now equipped with a colour light signal to control entry into the tunnel and fiddle-yard. IR Class 071 No 073 waits for the off. Note simple touch-screen control with a tablet using Z21 which controls both points and the signal:
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    3D printing is a kind of chicken and egg situation Shapeways attracts a large number of amateur designers but their printing technology is not really suitable for small scale model railways. Rapid prototyping companies have more suitable technology for our purposes https://www.3dpeople.uk/sla-3d-printing but you need to either develop the skills to produce the CAD work yourself, find a friendly designer or pay for professional cad work.
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    Some ballasting upto the fence line & more scenery added today.. painted some of the excellent Faller roadway paint to create more tarmac and rearranged the ports buildings to form some of Dublin port company operation areas/depot for their essential workers 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ More road markings to be added.. Pictures include Outlook from the oil terminal with traffic on the mainline. Ports new offices accommodation and depot building. Rearranged the fisheries centre location. All in all I think the flow works better too with the changes.
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    Hi All, Killing time in lock down. Some items made up of scrap bits to represent a lathe, drill press and a work surface storage cupboard for the loco shed interior. Other items changed to represent NIR vans and skips for the shed area. A bit crude but look the part from a distance. TDR
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    Comandeered as a Covid Hospital train? Seriously that looks mighty.
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    When both power cars of the Highland Chieftain HST got into difficulty near Ashburton grove, the crew were fortunate as class 50 -50 043 was on the loop beside the factory sidings so disruption was kept to a minimum, Here we see the 50 come to the rescue of the HST.....
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    I wonder if they could be persuaded to broaden their horizons slightly.....😉
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    Banwy models who do a range of Welshpool prototypes in 3d are a good example of what can be done .The cattle trucks and bolsters needed no fettling just fit couplings and wheels and away we go.Andy.
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    Hi Georgeconna, Thanks for your interest. The control car is a BE2 as used in the original SS class dirigibles in 1916. The control car is a white metal kit adapted to represent control car modifications. The remainder is scratch built. The layout has been documented over on RMweb: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/109742-rnas-glencruitten-relocating-lenabo/
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    Crikey look at that Dirigible! Love the RE.8 underneath too. Is that a Scratch build jobbie. I take it it has just popped out of the Hangar on the left, any links to this Layout?
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    Really interesting and certainly reflects what I have seen of 3D printed models. Indeed, the only smooth finish I've witnessed have been those done by Mark Clark. He advertises in Narrow Lines (7mm NG Society Magazine) and as a Chatham Club member has given several demonstrations to us. Mark has experimented widely with different 3D printers as they have come on to the market. However - and this remains the big caveat with 3D - even a small item can take half an hour to print and this grows exponentially with size, while the start up cost for something like a loco body is around the thousand pounds mark from a commercial point of view. Am sure there are others out there doing just as well too. For me, batch building in plasticard, or resin casting from my own masters are still preferable. Indeed, done carefully, the finish I've got from resin is excellent, you just have to make sure the air bubbles come to the surface and are pricked out with a fine reamer. Resin picks up the finest surface details, including putting in wood grain with a glass fibre brush. It is cheap too. £40 worth of resin makes a lot of wagon sides and ends. Check my CVR brake vans on Fintonagh. Note, this is not a sales plug, I only make stuff for myself, I mention it merely to suggest there are homespun alternatives worth looking into. At the end of the day, we choose what we want to do and all power to the 3D and CAD modellers, who are opening up new avenues to explore. Likewise laser cutters and the like. Etched and laser cut kits are light years ahead of hand drawn stuff of the last century and I for one am very grateful. Enjoy what you do, including solving problems along the way - the latter is a given in our hobby methinks!
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    Likewise, I agree. Many small manufacturers need our support, and even if an offering isn't truly perfect, best to be careful about just slagging them off. I had investigated these things too - if they were half decent I'd have half a dozen of the 2nd & 3rd class equivalents of the above. But they're very rough indeed - and I had been advised this by others. A pity, because as you say they have some nice stuff. I have an interest in various foreign railways too, and Shapeways do some items from these which would also have interested me, but even their illustrations show they're too coarse. I'll make no further comment on them, as I am conscious that to some they're OK, and it's a free world!
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    Yeah bachmann range actually both buildings are.. super detail on each of them.. I really like there range of building and accessories.
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    Nice work. Liking those portocabins, Bachmann by any chance?
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    Thanks mate really appreciate that
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    This layout gets better and better every time. Thank god there ain't any seaguls MM
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    Hi Mick, welcome to the site. Unless you're entirely confident in tackling some kit bashing, I'd suggest avoiding it for the time being. Sometimes taking on projects like that can end up costing more in the long run. The ex BR generator van by Silverfox, which Rob has suggested above, is a decent enough model. It can be a little pricey depending on who or where you get it from, so look around before buying. The detail is no way near what you'll get on one of Murphy's Cravens, but it does the job, and looks well behind an 071.
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    Two more thin coats of paint today. The GSV is a different shade (more red) as it will be tippex IR livery running with Bachmann/MM mk2 non aircon coaches (ie with the opening windows). Mk3 will be super train. The fun will begin in 24/48hrs time when the masking begins. A reasonable number of coats of the paint are needed to cover the dark grey primer otherwise it darkens the shade of orange/tan too much as a background colour. Perhaps a white primer might be better for orange livery coaches and save on paint. The one thing about this hobby is you never stop learning, especially the stuff you don't know that you didn't know. Its great fun
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    Invested in a more effective breathing mask. It doesn't get in the way of the head gear optivisor I also wear. I only airbrush acrylics, but you can't be too careful with ones lungs.
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    Thanks Ballymote it is I've just checked out a Jonathan Allen shot of the Box and Goods shed. That didn't take long!
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    Too right or they will be shelf sitters for a bit after the rush of the people still working pick theirs up. I hope Dave's getting us ready and flying a kite for the future Mr Dyer stall Prices LOL! Best price will win my bid, here or over the water.
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    €170 inc postage from Hatton's may be more in line with folks expectations. I pre-ordered from them. Let's wait and see what happens.
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    The problem is that the dollar always gets stronger in times of global turbulence and crisis ..............the dollar being the world reserve currency of choice - how long that situation will survive the Tango Kid is another question - but that is the situation for now. China demands payment in dollars - which are costing us Eurozone and sterling dwellers more now. Also throw in the fact that transportation of any means is selling at a premium too.............. I had budgeted about 200 yoyos per model from the start - so Im not surprised - it not that much more - they'll sell grand anyway
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    I reckon the price will be nearer €200 people Hattons cannot know the price yet as MM has not got his final invoice from China
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    What a mega sublime scene. 👍 (I'll avert my eyes from the alien invader)
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    Hi Eoin, Hope all god mate, Thats looks just perfect, Excellent flawless finish as usual and fab step but step.
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    I just quit my job in the Helium Factory, I will not be spoken to in that tone of voice!
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    Although I dislike making negative comments, I have to concur. This particular manufacturer has many items listed that I would be most interested in. However, a couple of years ago I ordered some narrow gauge War Department Class D bogie wagons for an Ashover Light Railway layout project. The models when they arrived were terribly striated and the surface details were very poorly defined. Unfortunately, this supplier's models seem to only be available in one single type of material, which I've been informed isn't ideal for fine detail, and so I've made a conscious decision to not order from him again. Kind regards, Mark
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    Managed to slide away Sunday with a very slight Cider hangover and decided to tackle to fiddle yard, I only had 3 cobalts left and can get anymore for the time being so only one point is operational and I have yet to do the left side. My Baseboard planning was not that great as I have lost about a 10inches on the right side due to the curve starting mid board on the 'live' side and a brace underneath had to be removed to get the motors in. Lots of cussing. Next time i will do this aspect a wee bit better. When done I should get 6 Medium size trains in there, Most trains will be of 3 coaches this being a Secondary route. I can get 6 coaches where the 4-CEP is sitting. Hard ol work this railway Modelling lark is.
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    Glendalough Road looks like a fair sized village! I would be inclined to leave out most/some of the buildings on the viewing side of the layout, otherwise it will be difficult to see the Tram! The Mother in Law who is not very tall was disappointed with my narrow gauge layout because she is unable to see the train when it disappears from view in a cutting as it makes its way along the line. Like Galteemore I am a fan of curved backscenes. Engine shed acts as view blocker between station area and cutting section. I didn't have enough space for a building in front of mouse hole where train is supposed to run through backscene, perhaps some day.
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    Couple of pictures of current stage of construction of layout. Hard standing all provisionally in place, drains, cable trunking, relay boxes, point motors and pathways in place. Oil tank scratch built from 35mm pvc waste pipe with ends from a Dapol prestwin wagon fitted walls constructed from Wills cement render and block plasticard. Track rust painted. All fixtures and fitting are by no means finished and require further detailing. Shed also having side windows fitted. TDR
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    Nice to see them in 1/1 scale every now and then. 081 on the empty steel train today.
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    Forgot one dmu
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    Shock horror! Hold fast dear man against the bewitching temptress of DMUs
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    Hi All, Just a quick update showing progress to date, Sheds build and exterior paint work almost completed outside, inside starting tomorrow, Backscene frame work added and ply panels painted, to be fitted shortly.
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    Thanks jhb171achill, your sharing of livery knowledge is very much appreciated! In response to Mayner's difficulties with the van strapping I thought I'd post up my method here in the hope it may be of use to someone. As with all techniques, it is how I do it, it works for me, there are many other methods. I say my method, it is actually a tip I picked up from Jim Watt (CaleyJim over on RMweb) who also produces some Caledonian Railway wagon etches in 2mm scale. I've built some of these kits up (seen in the photo below on my UK based layout with the now obligatory 5p piece) and have another dozen or so in the "to do" pile. The method is to take the etch with the strapping on and shade the areas you don't want to attach on the reverse side with a soft pencil (although HB will do) . Tin the back of the etched strapping with a thin layer of solder. Having applied a wipe of flux to the strapping and a drop to the van sides where you want the strapping to go you can then use the edges of the etch to position the strapping exactly where you want it, then press down with the hot soldering iron until you hear the sizzle of the flux and see the flash of solder. The whole etch should now be firm attached. If so cut the strapping from the etch with a sharp craft knife and clean up with a couple of wipes with a fibre brush. The solder will not adhere to the etch surround due to the pencil shading. Hope that helps someone and that I'm not teaching granny to suck eggs!
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    One of my favourite SLNC pics hangs on my wall at work - it shows a ‘Holy Well’ or ‘Garland Sunday’ excursion at Glenfarne. Lurking on a siding is an H van, which although only in traffic since 1953, made regular appearances on the Sligo Leitrim up to closure. So I had to have one. As pics above show, basic plastic structure on an Alphagraphix chassis. A card kit from that source gave the dimensions, and one of @Irishswissernie ‘s excellent pics gave useful info. Pics below illustrate various of the themes above - including my attempt at a tribute to the original picture! Also a shot alongside my SLNC van shows how small traditional Irish vans are by comparison. And if @leslie10646 can have a consignment clip on his 4mm H van - I had to try and include one! Sorry the images are all over the shop and not in order, taken at various stages in the finishing process. And just for @jhb171achill, no black ironwork in sight ! Few useful learning tips from this including use of Limonene solvent, and a real fabric roof, ‘doped’ with PVA to seal the nap. It’s not perfect by any means, but given that I almost reduced the underframe to scrap during construction, it could have turned out worse! https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/6593632857/in/album-72157628618688939/
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    Frantic day of progress at Rosses Point. Track laid after much deliberation. Needs wired up next. Basic design inspired by this http://yourmodelrailway.net/view_topic.php?id=9636&forum_id=21&highlight=luxted - but with an Irish twist. From back of layout to front, goods bay, main running lines, and harbour branch...note gap in wall where gate will go. The branch beyond the gate down to the harbour is conveniently derelict by 1957 ! I was originally going to make all the track parallel to the baseboard edge but having read wiser counsels, the quay branch has a slight but pleasing undulation.
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    Some basic steps in station building...usual modus operandi - Alphagraphix kit as the inspiration. This time using single storey Florencecourt card kit as a source for two storey Dromahair .... you’ll notice the back wall is completely featureless. That’s because it will be invisible on the layout - a John Ahern idea I think..no point modelling it if you can’t see it
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    Thought I’d better do an update. Baseboards finally painted. And I’ve built a tracklaying jig - almost ready for work. Not exactly Bretland’s system but hey?! First mock-up looks ok I think....
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