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    Hi everyone, Exciting news this morning! We will be stocking the exciting forthcoming range of Murphy Models 121 Class locomotives in OO gauge! A total of 12 running numbers across 5 liveries will be available to order from us, as well as the DCC decoder and two different sound chips! Our price for these models in €189.95 with free postage in Ireland and the UK included! Read more about these lovely locomotives and how to place your pre-order here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/irm-to-stock-murphy-models-121-class-locomotives (And before the rumour mill goes into overdrive, IRM has NOT taken over Murphy Models) Cheers! Fran
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    Painting has been proceeding on the Bing;- After undercoating all the parts I spent a bit of time filling around the steam dome repair and that ding in the smokebox door. After that was etch primed in places then undercoated I started on the first top coat on all the bits. The wheels and chassis were given a first topcoat of matt black. The brown is looking a bit red at the moment due to the grey undercoat, next coat of brown should do the trick! Eoin
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    Very helpful. Thanks lads. 129 paired with an IR liveried 121 sounds good.
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    Wow just wow. She is a real beauty and is not even complete! Realy wants me to get one of those. Funnily one of the large manors near me had a garden railway using gauge 2 engines and stock. When the owner moved house he left a lot of the track behind as well as a carriage (he never carried passengers only model coaches) I am trying to find more about the railway. Could have realy intresting locomotives.
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    Excellent, I had 2 IR on order with Marks and placed one for an IE version with yourselves. At least with the staggered shipping, it'll be easier to spread the cost!
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    It's a bit of a hybrid, Angus. A Tim Cramer drawing, given to me by Andy Cundick, was the basis. Changed the wheel base to 9'6 then used a combination of Richard Chown's model, photos and the posts about Leslie's kit to make a drawing. Hence can't vouch for total fidelity, but hopefully it captures the look of the prototype. Will post my drawing later. Next project is an H van, using a Tyrconnel chassis to get the soldering skills (such as they are), up and running, prior to making a start on my new J18/19 kit. Managed to source wheels and axles from Slaters without any problems, plus one of Premier Models excellent motor gear boxes too. However, now waiting for a new tip for my 100 watt iron. Come on Eileen's!
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    Just switched my order from Hattons, maybe taking a chance on the Euro/ sterling exchange rate worsening but what the hell! Ernie
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    Great news, a pair have been ordered. One question, are there other (non sound) decoder options for the model?
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    Address pal has a few guidelines and prices depending on your drop point and if it goes over max size, I try use use this for everything now and it works well. Some UK Crowds wont take the address though, Track Shack and Phoenix Precision are 2. Anyone got any tips on Vectis, Bidding on 3 IOM 4 wheel coaches at the moment.
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    Perfect. It is my understanding that 124 and 134 will have the late LED lighting and that the 129 is the older type. Hope that helps! Fran
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    Can you tell me which pair you are interested in and I will check for you? Main differences are liveries, marker lights and the odd window change really. Cheers! Fran
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    Hi MM Go for a airbrush that takes a small cup and a paint jar, also go for a dual action airbrush- they are a lot more controllable of air and paint mix with one's trigger finger. There is a huge range out there and it all depends on how much you want to pay..... Here is a link to guys I have bought stuff from, the link is to bottom feed guns which take a jar;- https://www.air-craft.net/acatalog/Bottom-Feed-Airbrushes.html Eoin
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    Fleebay tip, make only one bid at the max you are prepared to pay but bid only 10-15 seconds before bidding closes. Ideally last 5 seconds if you can type fast enough. That's when most auctions are won. You don't want to leave enough time for last minute red mist when somebody manually outbids you. But make sure you are already logged in otherwise your bid might not make it before bidding ends. Check sellers 'feedback rating' is 100%, and read description and view photos thoroughly before bidding. Also watch out for expensive postage especially to Ireland. Some UK sellers grossly over charge for postage to Ireland (ie some think anywhere off the island of GB is the third world, foreign and across distant oceans where people don't speak proper ). High postage to Ireland can sometimes be offset by using addressPal €3.75 on top of internal UK postage costs, and you can collect from your local post office. Good luck.
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    Many thanks, it has been a fascinating and valuable thread.
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    Some videos of a derailment on 19 May 2020 in the US
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    GSWR 10 ton brake After many months of layout building - scenics, electrics, buildings, back scenes and the like - I finally decided to turn my hand to some rolling stock. In an ideal world, I should be making some signals, but parts are not available at the moment. However, in the world of model railways, there is always something else to do. It must be months since I last made any broad gauge rolling stock, so a brake van seemed a good place to start. Having spent so long doing other stuff, perhaps unsurprisingly the hardest bit was knowing where to start. A simple box van would have been easier - a floor, two sides, two ends and some strapping - but the GSWR 10 ton brake also has a veranda each end, so working out how to incorporate these led to a fair bit of head scratching. Salvation came in the posts covering Leslie's 4mm scale resin kits and I largely followed the way the parts are arranged. Construction was fairly conventional: a base of 80thou Plastikard, with sides of 40 thou sheet, scribed for 7" planks Strapping is all 80thou square strip W irons are white metal castings, but with the springs filed away and replaced with longer plastic ones - though they are still probably a bit too short. Buffers also white metal, while brakes are Slater's plastic blocks on nickel silver wire. Roof is 20thou plastic sheet The model was initially sprayed in Halford's grey primer, then hand lettered in white ink using a fine nibbed dipping pen. Once this was dry, the GSWR lettering was scrubbed away with a fibreglass brush. After weathering was applied, first with a dilute wash of Humbrol gunmetal, matt black and bauxite, followed by judicious use of weathering powders. Wheels and brakes got an undiluted weathering mix, while the roof is 'roof dirt' from Precision. Guess the whole project has taken about 15 - 20 hours over the last week. Have included pics of a GSWR 12 ton van from Castle Rackrent for comparison.
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    I think one of the last workings on the branch may have been a beet special, which picked up laden wagons at Dunsandle while running from Attymon Junction to Loughrea before returning to the junction with the laden wagons, the goods loop at Dunsandle had been converted to a stub ended siding a few years earlier. There is an account of the final workings on the Ardee, Loughrea & Newcastle West branches in the Feb & June 1976 IRRS Journals Apparently Attymon was quite crowded when the beet special arrived at the Junction, with Up & Down main line passenger trains crossing at the Station and a laden Dundalk/Navan-Tuam beet special recessed in the laybye at the eastern end of the station. I think the Loughrea beet special may have been worked by the branch loco, and laden beet wagons from Dunsandle & Loughrea attached to the special from the GN line. Beet specials continued to run from Dundalk and Navan until the Tuam factory closed in the early 80s, I was stopped at Carpenters town level crossing by a long empty beet train in the Autumn of 84?, the cabin closed at Attymon and Westrail stock transferred to Tuam in the Mid 1980s. At one stage in the early 1970s mixed train working was withdrawn on the branch and double headed G Class used to haul a goods train. One of the locos possibly G613 in the black and tan paint scheme was used as branch line passenger loco, the second loco possibly G611 in black paint scheme waited in the goods shed between turns. The pair apparently used to double head a goods to the junction and return in the interval between the late morning and early afternoon passenger trains.
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