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    I love the way you're thinking, Sean! You've the black'n'tan 1960s coaches, but you also have three 4-wheeled "old" coaches in the background. A CIE green repaint would have the three looking sufficiently "1950s". The very old British coaches, if sold as they are, might raise funds to buy an actual Irish model, e.g.a "Craven" if you can get one on fleabay.....
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    It you can come to an agreement with a designer an Irish or UK based printing service with SLA capability is likely to be a better option than Shapeways. https://www.google.com/search?q=3d+sla+printing+services+UK+and+ireland&rlz=1C1CHBF_enNZ752NZ752&oq=3d+sla+printing+services+UK+and+ireland&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.18285j0j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 SLA printing will produce similar results to plastic injection moulding and can be used to produce a pattern for vacuum casting (min vol 40 units) or small volume production. If you are unable to come to an agreement with CMAC, most locally owned 3D printing businesses should be able to recommend a 3D designer who understands the limitations of the technology and material and has experience in designing models and miniatures.
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    To be honest this is the first I have heard of it (today 8th August 2020), I suggest they need to find someone who knows there stuff about media and setting up websites and facebook etc. I have two facebook pages one to support alll the Donegal Railway projects (132 members) and the other a community group in support of the Somerset and Dorset Railway projects (400 members). Once they have a facebook page I can link these two groups to them and others can then find them. Colin Rainsbury Thank John for the link I hope to use it next year when I can get over. Colin R
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    Update on the work making of the roof/roofline of st andrews church westland row
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    This edition edited by Jerry Clifford, so no surprise that there is a 2mm scale bias. All very interesting of course, but highlight has to be an article by Mick Rawlings (of Ballyconnell Road). Titled Kitchen Table Modelling, he takes us through how he built his 3mmFS U class 4-4-0, complete with working inside valve gear. Had the great pleasure of operating BR last year with Mick and while he insists his locos are essentially quite simple, like all such things, they are actually on a higher plane, both in looks and operation. MRJ rarely ventures outside Great Britain, so good to see Mick's work included. And quite right too.
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    Finally after waiting since my order was dispatched on June 17th timeframe, they finally arrived today. I actually thought I was not getting them.
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    As they say ''Rome wasn't built in a day'',thanks for the kind donation Kevin, Jim is fortunate in that he has a reliable volunteer base from various backgrounds including railway operations, engineers,accountants,fitters etc who are all keen and driven to see this come to fruition
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    Wow, just looked at the date of my last post on this one - neraly two years ago. Well, its been sitting on the shelf looking at me, so I decided I would make a concerted effort to get it finished. In fairness, the loco was broadly complete and just needed some finishing details. Got around to over the last few days and a few quick photos before it goes to paint. Now begins the painting & fettling,, and hopefully I will have it with me on Sunday in Bray. Ken
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    Suppose I can include my modest little 5’3” effort ...scenic area is only 4 x 2!
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