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    Picked this up yesterday at the fair As most collectors know we can suffer from withdrawal symptoms if there is nothing being added to the haul over a period of time Not exactly my cup of tea as God & I fell out a long time ago But it did say CIE on the medal....... 1954 Marion year CIE Staff Pilgrimage to Rome Not sure about the box as the medal does not look comfortable in it.
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    I modestly omitted to include my own contribution:
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    A few snaps from yesterday's Whitehead Model Railway Day. I arrived with my clockwork engines but forgot to bring a key to wind them up! Luckily the RPSI sales stand had a Meccano clockwork motor and key which was swiftly purchased. Problem solved. A great fun show despite the terrible wet weather.
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    A great day with over 900 visitors! A few photos from around the show:
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    Wow, some gorgeous looking coaches there Dempsey and Past-Avenue! I went to my mechanic and ordered a can of RAL2011, as things like that are not readily available over here. Hope to try some repainting on my day off next week.
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    The 071 class body can be opened by turning the loco upside down and locate I think its either 4 or 2 holes under each bogie which have screws to be undone. When these screws are removed turn the loco back up and the centre of the body lifts up leaving the cabs where they are.
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    Just one word to describe these layouts, 'awesome', truly inspirational! Arrived very late due to horrible weather so didn't get a chance to speak to a few people I wanted to speak to. Also, my CO who doesn't understand the fascination of 'trains' was waiting for me! Just loved Portadown. Saw it at Cultra last year and could have spent all day on that layout alone. Well done to all exhibitors. Just fantastic!
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    Thanks for bringing your diesel depot layout. It is very clever with your use of mirrors and sound effects. I had to look behind the viaduct back scene to be sure there wasn't more behind the retaining wall!
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    I even managed to give 165 a little run tonight:
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    WMRC very professional as ever. Love that layout. So many detailed micro scenes crammed into such a small area.
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    Love the Portadown roundhouse! Superb. I remember UTA steam well!
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    Puzzle sorted. In this extract from the video slideshow on the Dromahair Heritage site (https://dromahairheritage.wordpress.com/2018/04/27/s-l-n-c-r-and-dromahair-station/#comments) the detail can just be seen. There is a better quality picture in Neil Spinks's SL&NCR Pictorial book. The gutter falls toward the porch then drop down in a series of two bends into the hopper. I bet they were a bugger to keep clear of leaf fall!
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    Well, the inevitable happened when I soldered on the coupling rods onto the Y class and I managed to solder two of the pins solid. Strangely this was the last two I did so I was obviously getting complacent. I've freed them off now but in the process loosened one of the wheels. With a bit of fettling everything is running again, I just need to attack the recalcitrant pins again when I'm in the mood. Instead I turned my attention to developing the layout a bit more. Some 6mm MDF was salvaged from the garage and cut to shape for the station platforms. This actually took quite a while due to the need to size everything around the buildings. And there in lies a problem, I can't find any consistent data of measures. So short of trudge across the Irish Sea with a tape measure (I did suggest a holiday to my wife but she seemed unimpressed by the this....) I've gone with what looks right. My datum points were the 25 inch OS map, Bing maps aerial view and Google earth. All three give different dimensions for the buildings What initially threw me was the goods shed. I had presumed this would be the same as the one at Glenfarne. It looks similar in the photos and an I've bought an Alphagraphix kit of the structure, scanned it in and re-scaled it for 2mm. Looking at the Dromahair structure in more detail is is clearly a bigger building. I think I've got back to a pretty good approximation. No doubt if I ever get to Dromahair armed with said tape measure I'll find I'm widely out. Still if it looks right........ The building in the photo above are just held together with bluetak. The corners need chamfering and more door and window cut outs are required. The white strips are foam from a pizza base that will be scribbed and painted as rough stonework. Some initial experiments look promising.
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    MGWR 33 Arrow at Keadue c1925. Name and number plates, vacuum pipe and coal to be added after painting. Plans were floated as late as the 1920s for a broad gauge line from Collonney to Arigna together with proposals to convert the Cavan & Leitrim to Broad Gauge. The loco is OO so the difference in gauge is not as noticeable as with 21mm. CIE 650 Y superheated boiler G2 at Keadue late 1940s early 50s. Difficult to clean up low temperature solder thinning around tender axleboxes and springs but should not be noticeable once painted. Production version of Y boilered loco will feature cast brass chimney, snifting valve (behind chimney) and whistle. Both locos have the same mechanical spec with a Mashima 10X20 motor, High level 35:1 gearbox and Markits 5'8" 18 spoke drivers calculated to run at a max (scale ) speed of 60mph a tad slower than the full sized locos.
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    I think you are. The 1305 Connolly - Sligo is 8 x 29000 on FO. I doubt this would carry as 4 x29000 past Mullingar as you suggest. It's 8 x29000 for a reason, i.e. its rather busy leaving Connolly. The 1505 Connolly - Sligo is increased from 4ICR to 7ICR on Friday's. On the Heuston side two extra 3ICR;s from the maintenance pool are pressed into traffic on Friday's to allow the FO 1615 Heuston - Waterford to operate and increase capacity on the 0735 Heuston - Westport, 1310 Westport - Heuston from 4ICR to 7ICR. 1815 Heuston - Westport from 5ICR to 7ICR and the 1710 Heuston - Athlone F.X. (Westport F.O.) from 4ICR to 5ICR. The fleet is intensively used, even more so on Friday's with little options for recovery if things go wrong due to the demand on capacity on this day.
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    We were actually approached about 18 months ago by another established manufacturer who wanted to produce a new British Mark III with a view to collobrate with us to do a kosher Irish version with proper prototype fidelity. This would've been a top of the line, bang on Irish outline Mark III with the proper doors, details and Genny van etc. However, Oxford beat them to the punch in the UK with their announcement and the project was halted. As Robbie correctly pointed out, we do not want to compromise the standards of Irish Railway Models by releasing a British Mark III repainted in Irish colours. That's been done before and we want to move Irish railway modelling on from those days.
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