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    Back from the dead, thank Christ for that. I was seriously considering giving up and moving to the dark side, which meant joining the masses watching love island. I don't think I could have ever looked at myself in the mirror again if I'd have gone through with it. So thank you IRM, and welcome back online. You've been badly missed for the best part of a week.
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    Nice to see the site running again, i was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.
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    I was gutted when IRM seemed to have suddenly died..( I even had a quick word with St Patrick as he's also the patron saint of engineers ! ) anyways, whoever fixed it..Top Man.!😁
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    That's a suitably shabby appearance indeed! Postal vehicles rarely seemed to be at the top of the queue when men with paintbrushes were about! I have an old Hornby coach which with a bit of alteration will look like one of the last pair of WLWR brake 3rds. I have painted it a flattish green to make it look like the earlier dark green turning as shabby as yours. The green looks right for this, but I am not sure how to go about adding the "eau-de-nil" lining to match the faded shabbiness - indeed, this lighter shade on a badly-weathered coach seemed to fade even more than the dark green. I had thought of approaching a manufacturer of lining to make a batch of "weathered" lining, but probably too much effort and expense for too little use. I will eventually have no more than two or three vehicles that i would want to look as worn as that.
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    Four charged. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48974301
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