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    Glacial progress here too. Managed to bang in about 7 cobalts and tidy up the birds nest of wiring I had underneath once I had everything working. I had issues when a short occured and 5 of the cobalts each kept dropping thier addresses. To combat this I stuck is a PSX-1 circuit breaker which came with a Mamoth Manual but it was preset to a certain AMPs to stop the short and hey presto it works too no more lost addresses and the points are now on a seperate bus. Over the week end I buit up the tunnel lining which being on a curve and presented its own problems! When the ballast is laid and the 3rd rail stuck in on this part of the layout the tunnel will be stuck in place and the scenery started on this section first.. I also stuck in some under the track magnets and had some fun with kadees with my 08 and class 24 moving wagons about. all good fun though.
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    Goods entering the Goods Store at Omagh.
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    Everything is getting a lick of paint at RPSI Whitehead in time for model railway day this Saturday, 9th November 2019. I'm painting my new baseboards for my Tinplate Clockwork layout. Full size diesels and carriages are having the finishing touches applied too.
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    I received a few packages in the post on Wednesday! Very happy bunny. The 141 is not in my favourite IE livery, but A 141 is better than NO 141! DJD Senior was at the Blackrock Show a week or two ago and will next month be sending another EGV to me along with a few Cravens, to augment the collection.
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    And a couple of these for the forthcoming Weedsprays
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    We hope to have some RPSI Maroon genny vans by Silver Fox for the fair tomorrow I will post a pic later if they have arrived
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    Capecastle almost ready! Really looking forward to being part of the day and to meeting everyone!
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    Very good day today at Whitehead, very wet and cold! Really enjoyed few minutes I had with Patrick, Gerry, Michael and Charles Friel. The wide range of models and various gauges inspired me. Glad I journeyed out.
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    A few from my Flickr album , the Geep is from ca 1964 and UG49 probably late 50's . The station building/overall roof is adjacent to No 49 and was quite ornate. Ernie
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    After some complaint's from depot staff regarding the lack of suitable lighting inside the garage, some new lights were installed-and an extra window cut out of the side of the building, Here we see a few photos of a re arranged depot.... Inside the garage the CIE ambulance E class bus receives attention on the jacks while two SS class buses await attention.
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    I'll start off today's picture update with, sometimes things work out in your favour when you least expect it. With loco 225 allocated to the 0800 Heuston - Cork, it would mean I would pass it mid section Ballybrophy - Portlaoise on the 0740 Limerick - Heuston. For those not in the know, this locomotive only returned to traffic last month working freight services after being stored since September 2010 after suffering damage in a collision with a tractor at a user worked level crossing near Roscommon. However, luck was on my side. Due to adverse weather conditions the 0630 Limerick - Ballybrophy was 20 minutes late arriving into Ballybrophy and the connecting service wasn't held. Passengers would be carried to Dublin on the 0913 Portlaoise - Heuston, which started back from Ballybrophy. Thankfully the 0800 Heuston - Cork was also running 14 minutes late and the empty set to collect the passengers in Ballybrophy was behind the 0800 Heuston - Cork service, which meant I was able to photograph 225 passing Ballybrophy. Later in the day we saw 086 heading L.E. from Mallow to Portlaoise and 228 worked the 1100 Heuston - Cork. Finally later that evening while passing Birdhill I called into the station to see the 1905 Ballybrophy - Limerick which was the last passenger service between Ballybrophy - Birdhill for a number of weeks as the line is closed for track relaying. Click https://bit.ly/2K3hc5A to view.
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    While investment in additional fleet is to be welcomed, I can't help but think IE could utilise their existing fleet better. I was travelling on the 19:15 Connolly to Sligo last Friday. The fact that this is the last train is in itself ridicules. It was absolutely packed with people crammed in the gangways. It was a 4 carriage unit. We had to wait in Mullingar for the Sligo to Connolly to pass. It was an 8 carriage unit and there was nobody on it, just a few in the first couple of carriages. Surely the second unit of 4 could be better used on the Connolly to Sligo where the capacity is needed. Even if they sent the 8 car unit as far as Mullingar then split it with the front 4 carrying on to Sligo leaving the rear 4 to return to Dublin if needed. The train is less busy from Mullingar on. This happens in the UK with no issues. Maybe I'm over simplifying things.
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    Saw this model of one in Blackrock at the 3 day show Sorry about the quality
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    Here is a pdf file of the guide to Whitehead's model railway day this Saturday Model_Railway_Day_Guide-1.pdf
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    Good man George, you never lost it
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    As noted in my last post the chassis was a bit tight for the pony and trailing bogies, so a revised chassis was designed and cut. I felt the trailing bogie was too far back, so this was also adjusted to accommodate - adding a little to the rear & taking a bit from the front to balance. A combined 1mm set was introduced into the chassis (0.5mm per side) to allow the bogies move a little more - the grooves aiding the set points. While I was at it, I decided to add some detail such as cylinder head details, which is lost on the model, but hey, what the hell... The set is just visible which is good, as I didn't want it to be too obvious. Chassis runs through points & curves much better now and with washers on the main axles keeps the chassis straight & should reduce any sparks!! Footplate was built up with angle, buffer beams added, and some nice Slaters GWR sprung buffers which are nicely tapered and a good match for the original. Body fixing points need a little fettling to get get the body to sit down properly. Chimney is just siting on and a bit wonky, but that will be sorted. Cylinder detail is just barely visible, but does look good I think. Couple of quick shots with the covered wagon which it ran with to set the scene! I think the body needs some stiffining as there are some wavy lines which I'm not entirely hapy with. I think the 0.35mm is a bit light - the other loco bodies I have built have been 0.5mm and sit that bit straighter. I'm open to comments from others here who have more experience in the 0.35mm to give some insight. Some more work on the chassis needed; add the crankpins & con rods, motor, gearbox and pickups needed to get it running. Brakes & steps needed to finish it off, but getting there. Ken
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    That is so true Leslie, only problem is I have 4 A class to pay for then I have a couple of Donegal Kits to buy as well this year, I could do with winning the lottery right now 😄.
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    The fourth (and final one of 2019) Dublin Toy & Train Sale is taking place on Sunday 10th. November from 10.30am to 3.00pm at The Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan. This very fine 4* hotel is located alongside the main N11 dual-carriageway which runs south from the City Centre. The venue has a massive FREE CAR PARK for some 350 vehicles and offers level and easy access plus great catering throughout the show. 85 tables packed by top traders and collectors from all over Ireland plus a sprinkling from England and there will be bargains galore on offer. Many of the stall-holders also welcome items for part-exchange and swapping and there will be large amounts of model railway stock, new and old, on offer and including much IRISH as well as UK, Continental and USA etc. A great day out and one not to be missed...... Admission: 4 euros. www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk
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    Thanks for bringing your diesel depot layout. It is very clever with your use of mirrors and sound effects. I had to look behind the viaduct back scene to be sure there wasn't more behind the retaining wall!
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    Congrats. Enjoy. B165 in that CIE Black'n'Tan livery IMHO is the iconic livery for those 1962 delivered GM locos. Some nice Cravens in there too.
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    Was there maybe a gutter along the front of the 'porch', with a bend and a run back into the hopper? This sort of thing.
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    Saturday 9th November 2019: The Nenagh Branch is currently closed between Ballybrophy and Birdhill for relaying work to be carried out. The first section to be done is in the Ballybrophy - Roscrea section between the 4 1/2 MP to 5 1/4 MP around Quakers Road Level Crossing. I visited the area today to see the progress so far on the first day of the closure. Click https://bit.ly/32w0jHb to view.
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    Unfortunately no more Irish narrow gauge, there are approx 50 Irish " standard " gauge Trust views still to upload and I have a fair number of recently acquired HC Casserley views to put on. There again I am meeting my mate from the Trust tomorrow at Newcastle Show and he might have something new! Ernie
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    Now that is proper quality.......well done.
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    As regards hand coaling, in Ireland there was never a shortage of lads willing to do a bit of heavy shovel work for a couple of shillings..😉
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    I rusted the inner and outer edges of all the rail on my layout. I used a Woodland Scenics rusty rail track painter to do the job. Just wipe the tops of the rails as you go. I don't have any issues with conductivity.
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    At Enniskillen even though there appears to be a coal bank complete with a crane to load the coal it seems that the coal loaders preferred to transfer it straight from wagon to tender! Some hefty lumps of coal on view. 22April1953 AL class 59 HC Casserley photographer. Given where Belmullet is I imagine that if it had existed the M&GWR would have probably provided a concrete coal bank and not much else. Ernie
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    Whitehead Model Railway Day this Saturday will have layouts to appeal to all age groups. The wooden train is small. The tanker wagon is far away.
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    Good stuff, though hope your copy is less smelly than mine. Must have been kept somewhere damp and it smells decidedly mouldy, even though the paper is actually ok. Hopefully news of C class literature comes through, its one I'd happily do in 7mm scale - when I find the time, of course...
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    Verrrrrrry nice work LC and thank you for the mention!
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    Looking good Irish Railwayman! And we hope you manage to get around for a look too sayhall27! See you all Saturday
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    Certainly coming on well. Especially like the way the track avoids being parallel to the baseboard edges - always gives a better, more spacious feel to things somehow. No doubt deep overhangs on the roof are designed to shade the (liquid) sunshine?!
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    Ah, but my bodgery is bigger than your bodgery! (✷‿✷)
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    The newly purchased GM EMD B129 in its original grey and yellow livery is unlikely to have been the 'station pilot'. The quality isn't perfect as you say, but I think that's a TPO behind the loco so maybe Galway Up Mail. Second looks like Gleensk Viaduct on the ring of Kerry (Farranfore to Valencia Line)
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    Well out of my league! Much as I admire 2FS, in 7mm scale/36.75 (ish) gauge, I can get away with +/- half a mm on back to backs and things still seem to run ok. Shades of the actual SLNCR!
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    Thx! 4 the info. Jan
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    Severn Models do a range of exquisite, almost jewel like kits for everything from pylons to work bench tools. Well worth a look.
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    Every time I read about a 2FS project, I am tempted! The Society offers splendid support, not least at the moment, where £7.50 buys you a starter comprising a wagon kit and a length of track to make up. 2FS runs so well and the couplings are much neater than the commercial items where on a small loco like the Terrier, they add 50% to the length. Well done Angus for ploughing the furrow in 5'3! As for the speed records, I think it is doubtful any British loco apart from Mallard did more than 120mph, because the effort of going for the record seriously damaged it. The very brief period of 126 or thereabouts was largely because the attempted had to be abandoned at that point, or the motion would have been destroyed, with catastrophic consequences. This is also like as not the reason why it was never beaten, though post war austerity and dieselisation/electrification are others. The complex mechanical linkages in locomotive valve gear, plus the basic physics of power to weight ratio, thermal efficiency and so on probably put a basic limit of around 120mph for a conventional steam loco, with 110 a realistic day to day maximum. However, if diesels and electrics hadn't come along, who knows? Remember Back to the Future 3?!
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    This is my third turntable and though I have built around 60 locos, about the same number of coaches and what must be over 100 wagons, turntables are up there as the most challenging. They look simple and cosmetically, they are. However, making one work (and let's face it, there is no point having one otherwise) reliably involves getting all manner of variables to come together. The Dapol/ Airfix one is still about five quid and can be made to work quite well for another twenty, though (for me), getting the track pick ups right proved difficult. The Peco ones suffer because their pickups cause the deck to wobble. The same thing applies to the Finecast one, with overall, the price being the same as Peco, depending on size. No experience of Metalsmith, but as over £200, you'd hope it would be good. Would have liked to try Kitwood Models laser cut ply version, as the mechanism and pickups look well thought out, but have been unavailable for months. Ready to run versions are expensive too, but rightly so, given what is involved and that is before index linking the feeder tracks, which can double the price. There is also an element of iceberg theory in that there is a lot more going on below the baseboard surface than above. One motor, otherwise promising, needs 15cm of depth, not good for an exhibition layout. So obstacles everywhere, but fingers crossed, very satisfying when it works!
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    The sheer presence of the O Gauge on Little Siddlington & the GNR loco shed module really does it for me, the level of detail and standard of modelling on Bawnboy Road is amazing its not obvious from the photos that the layout is in 3mm scale (smaller than OO) and shows the level of realism and reliability that can be achieved working to fine scale standards.
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    Just some info regarding Marks Models exporting outside the EU. I have purchased from them before and they WILL (or did) refund the VAT if you email them (better in advance). Yes they SHOULD be able to do that automatically so that you know what you're paying up front but c'st la vie
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    The coach in the third photos is one of the 2972-2978 series TPOs built c. 1958 so maybe the up Galway mail train. Last shot shows the vacuum pipe and the multiple unit working cables plugging in by the double marker lights on each loco. Mayner's J15 has the original double smokebox doors
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    Wexford Model Railway Club will be represented at Whitehead with OO "Diesel Depot". Looking forward to meeting you there:
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    12.1.19. Great Victoria Street Station Belfast. 31.1.19. GM 228 light engine at Portadown Station . 2.1.19. North Wall Dublin. 2.1.19. Ossory Road Dublin. 2.1.19. GMs 071 078 080 & 088 at Ossory Road & North Wall Dublin. 4.1.19. York Road Depot Belfast. 6.1.19. Dublin Connolly . 6.1.19. Drogheda . 6.1.19. Dundalk. 12.1.19. Great Victoria Street Station Belfast. 31.1.19. GM 228 at Portadown Station .
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    As far as i am aware it is approx were the signal gantry was in the following photos warb
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    Hi all, With the Winter weather finally over it is back out to the shed, the cost of heating the thing has been slightly prohibitive and it aint good for Painting so evenings in alongside the fire were the order of the day. anyhow some work in progress has restarted and the 1st one is a D class in CIE marking in the Black Livery. Transfers were from Silverfox as I had bought these yonks back. the Black and white stripes are from Studio Scale Models. Some extra boxes were made from plasticard and the ladders and other bits not needed were taken off. I have some Vent panels that I stuck on over the Sanded off Original Louvers. It is basically a Bachmann 08 in disguise! I had painted it and then wisely decided to relook at some of the few piccys of the loco and noticed a brake wheel housing at the cab end so I had to add that in and then respray it again. The Small things matter!! Heres a few pics for review. I still need to make new steps for the Chassis as the were solid affairs like a steam loco and not ladder so thats the next job. ps the transfers are still drying in these shots so have not settled down completely
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    Been beavering away on these yokes for about 2 months now, Thought they would take a week or two. The Shed is pretty cold these nights so difficult to leave the fire to glue some stuff together. It has heaters but it add on about 50 notes a month which is nuts. These are the MIR Curtain Sided Cement Wagons. Gave them a test run and they look pretty sweet behind the 141. just waiting for the Varnish now to cure and harden which should be 2020 with this cold and then a tad bit of weathering
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    Hi Lads, Hard to get out to the shed with this flipping cold snap but did a wee bit more on the few buses. I have ordered some more transfers from Sunrise in the UK to finish the KC2 off. Hopefully they will come sooner that later. The Dart feeder would be a nice little Additional to Eoins Darts. Maybe a train pack and and bus at some stage!! The Van Holl is nearly complete with just the window frame to do and the bottom floor to Cement in place.
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