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    I've been promising to show some progress photo's on this for a while, so better late than never.
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    About 3 weeks away, folks. They’re almost done! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!
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    Signals installed and working on barrow street
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    Update of buildings on barrow street.
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    On saturday I acquired some 250 Irish original slides and there are a fair number of 121's from the early days, 4 samples below. I havn't done much research yet into the unknown locations as I also have several hours of 4K video from the Keighley & Worth Valley and Severn Valley Gala's to edit. I quite like B121 with the TPO "ancient and modern" for the era. All will be going on flickr in due course! B126 Athlone 7 jun61, B130 Ballaghaderreen 8Jun61 B134 I think is Sligo ERnie
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    Hi everyone, Here is a look at the CIE plough. We got in a sample previously, but we were not happy with it in several areas, so we had to reject the sample and make tweaks. Thankfully this sample is much more like it. It caused part of the Plough delay, but we felt it best that we get it right. is will be a one off run, so don't miss out on them! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ballast-plough/products/cie-ir-ballast-plough-van-cie-era Cheers! Fran
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    Thanks for the supportive comments lads, its much apprechiated. The photo's are an accumulation of work on the layout over the past 2 or 3 years, mainly in the winter months as other hobbies take over when the sun is out. I've been trying different modelling techniques over this time. Originally I was using printed imagery on card, which is a very nice and quick way of working but a family of Silverfish (all 1000 of them) took up residence in the attic and love anything starchy like photo's or printed material. This drove me nearly mad and nearly away from the layout altogether as every time I went to work on it huge area's would be eaten away. I'm now relying more on das clay and plastic as my preferred medium's using card as the substructure. But Silverfish will eat anything including the pva for ballast, static grass you name it!! (You got to love them though! they've been on this planet alot longer than us and probably will be still here long after we've vacated. In terms of my overall progress, I always viewed this as a long term project to be built over many years (20 plus or so). In order to tackle this and out of necessity to the space I'm working in I've split the layout into 3 main sections. (1) 'The Yard' I've nearly completed this part. (2) 'The Main Station' the next and most exciting part. (3) 'The Tunnel' which will connect both area's. I break each section down into separate diorama's that feed into each other, for instance the current section has about 5 dioramas that I'm working on. The Shed area links to the lower Glanmire Rd/bridge area which links to the Beales Hill/footbridge area. Most of the area's can be easily disassembled for working on down stairs but is not suitable for exhibition traveling. They've been times when I loose a little interest in the hobby and I have to walk away from it for a while but I always keep tabs on the great work that's been shown on this website and come back with renewed vigour. Thanks again.
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    Photos of grand canal quay/boston sidings in progress
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    forgive the quality of the photos as i am only using a ancient fuji camera
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    Glory days of manually handled goods traffic 1957 two axle goods traffic handling .
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    The final details have been added and Diesel Depot is now complete and ready for exhibiting! I will post pictures of the layout in CIE, IR and IE mode over time.
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    other views of greenore terrace
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    Pals at WMRC gently hinted that a change of back scene might look better when photographing models off the workbench or out of the paintshop so here are one or two updates. Thank you WMRC pals for the present of a roll of back scene.
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    Here are a couple more B132 at Ballaghaderreen on the same day, 8 June 1961 but on different film stock. Note the subtle colour difference either at the time or on the film changing over the 58 years. Ernie
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    Rich 1) I posted a link not the images 2) you seem to only post negative or sarcastic responses to my contributions on here and 3) please get off my back. It is getting tiresome, I’m sure face to face we would probable get on well. Noel
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    Got some work done on the covered wagon. Quite a lot of work went into this one, as all parts needed to be added to the base wagon shown above. Still waiting for a delivery of corrugated iron for the roof to complete, but all other physical work is complete. All uprights and cross members are 1 x 1mm brass. Corner posts are tri folded 0.3mm brass cut & groved on the mill. Hinges and corner straps are 0,5mm brass riveted to suit. It has come together rather well and just needs a roof and a good cleanup for painting. Some shots of the wagon with others which give an indication of how short it is. Wagons behind 495 which also has had some work done today - see Class 495 post in Irish models for more details. More later. Ken
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    Doing Research First of all, many thanks to those who have been helping recently as I ponder the mysteries of early 20th century rolling stock. However many books and articles one has, it seems, there are still annoying gaps! Google can help at times, but when you start coming across stuff you have posted yourself, especially that which you made up, then the feeling of being up a certain creek without a paddle starts to loom. However, one thing Google led me too was Model Railway Journal, which featured several articles by Richard Chown & the legendary Castle Rackrent system. Indeed, his work has influenced my ideas a lot over the years, though I only have space for one station, while he had lots. MRJ 202 contains a very useful article with colour photos - handy in terms of liveries. One picture shows his WLW loco 'Shannon' working a very interesting train that he called the 'Mail Goods'. This includes a GSW 6w postal sorting van [built by Don Rowlands], plus the two brake vans I bought along with Shannon, after Richard died in 2017. Thus far, I'd been unable to identify these, but the caption solves it by naming them as 'brake/stowage' vans from the Dublin & Meath Railway. This was the line that ran to Athboy, but was taken over by the MGW. Not sure about the livery though - presumably the Midland would have painted them brown?Having long had a penchant for non-passenger coaching stock, the idea of a mail goods is very appealing and given that a carriage truck is also in the picture, I already have a good start for one of my own. In fact, just need a postal van! MRJ 127 meanwhile has a four page general description of the system in 1997 - though at this time the magazine old had black and white pictures. There are also hints of what an interesting character Richard was. For example he notes among his achievements as 'owning a Land Rover, designing & building my own house, & sailing around the world alone'. Remarkably, if someone else hadn't done it first, he was going to model the Cambrian Railway. Thank goodness he went along the Irish path - though he also somehow fitted in several French layouts, a Brecon & Merthyr, plus narrow gauge Norwegian as well. What a man.
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    I'm just happy the 121's are coming along soon. Lets all share the love and be happy.
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    The oil lamps were loaded with one man throwing them up to another man walking along the roofs catching them and opening each lid and putting it in. There was just a tamper proof glass globe in the coach interior. Colza oil was the fuel used. The lamp itself was called a pot lamp, had a smaller sized glass globe with burner inside, a central flue and a doughnut shaped fuel tank. Oil lighting was still used up to the 50s and 60s in the groom's compartments of horse boxes.
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    As far as I know a couple of the ploughs carrying the IR logo could still be seen well into the IE era. So your looking at late 80's until maybe 2005/06.
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    Made a start earlier today on the frame that carries the piping.
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    When your grand daughter invites you to nursery for their 'stay and play' programme it's not hard to get creative with coloured paper, scissors and PVA.
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    The radial trucks are based on the London Road Models ones for their LNWR radial tanks and the gearbox started out as a High Level Slimliner but now has been on a serious diet and got new sideframes. The springing does bear on the trucks as you can see in this photo. And this is where we stand now Phil
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    First! Flickr videos are now playing again. Second , I am working through the latest acquisitions . Here are a few I am stuck on, they may be North Kerry judging by other views although there are also others identified on the Bandon, Loughrea, Ballaghadareen and Clara lines. 186 on the special is September 68 Thanks PS The first one I think is Patrickswell . The tanks on the back are from Foynes I think. PPS Pretty sure the 3rd one down is Ballinrobe. PPPS 4th one with 139 I think is on the Kenmare branch, it may even be at Kenmare. I have added a further view (5th one) which looks like the same train at Kenmare. ERnie
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    Sean, It's a joy to see you back in gear again, and doing an absolute stonking job to boot. Between yerself doing "De real capital" and Warb doing the "other one", we are really seeing two layouts that do a fabulous trick of having a model, that just happens to have a railway running through it, seemingly blending the ordinary day to day with the railway as "almost incidental". It's bloody fantastic workmanship, dedication, and research. richie. (The lads sent me the link to the thread whilst in Lisbon airport, (I wasn't surveying aul trams @BosKonay ) and as soon as I saw a ton of photos, I closed it, and waited to get home for a "proper goo" 😛 )
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    A bit more progress tonight. Body soldered up. Solebar overlays sweated on and early stages of cosmetic running gear ...
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    Goods Wagon, no wheels, The wagon is on Nenagh rd just outside Birr, first field after last houses on bad bend, wagon on right as you leave town. Sorry i couldn't measure the wagon, was on private property and I on business driving past, so i hopped over the wall, took the photos quickly. looks like 50's 60's Cie goods wagon i wanna take it home! End to end joy above photo with vent, part rivited on this side upright on pressed steel angle iron, maybe its older than 1950's then its bolted on at the other end of wagon , opp' end see below and 3rd pic down, could been repaired earlier wagon didnt see any markings the frame door hinge detail, i love rust, no realy, i go to great lenghts to capture rust on all sorts of old items, see those nuts, me thinks there 1950's below is door on far side, by road with flashing, looked like alloy not lead, sorry was rushing, didnt think to check. below, as plywood was manufactured way back, no clues there, as too age ah sure what about another glorious view, smaller image than first pic, i noticed those boards on ground and theres some yellowish green paint... ye are licking the lips by now is that a Cie logo? doubt it, but as timber expanded so did paint, maybe a sellers mark, drips and all yummy. either great steel or not that old? i thought pins like this were 1930's not 1950's
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    The loco is way too clean and would benefit from a bit of weathering. Unless the owners are intent on keeping it in out of the box condition of course!
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    Modelling on a scale heretofore I have never seen on this or any other model railway site, breathtaking comes to mind, cometh the moment, cometh the man...
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    Just starting my layout thread! Baseboards are inbound and my hand built pointwork has arrived. So time to post something I thought.... Like all right minded people I have long loved the SLNCR and its environs. My mother went to school on it, my grandfather sent his freshly caught fish to Dublin on it, and my cousins to this day farm beside the trackbed. So my layout is a might have been SLNC/MGWR joint branch from Sligo to Rosses Point. The line was built just as Atock’s rebuilt 2-2-2 tanks were falling into redundancy and one found a home - where it still is. The terminus ante quem for the layout is of course 30 Sep 1957....and the history of various Irish lines has been blended together to produce the end result. So expect bits and pieces from Timoleague, Tramore et al. CIE provide the stock but the odd SLNC train may appear..., Some philosophy and poetry before the first photos though ...some lines from Louis MacNeice..... Why do we like being Irish? Partly because It gives us a hold on the sentimental English As members of a world that never was, Baptised with fairy water; And partly because Ireland is small enough To be still thought of with a family feeling, And because the waves are rough That split her from a more commercial culture; And because one feels that here at least one can Do local work which is not at the world's mercy And that on this tiny stage with luck a man Might see the end of one particular action. This extract sums up two things about the layout. First of all it’s nostalgic. This is Dev and Costello’s Ireland with all the bad bits taken out. The sun is shining and steam reigns supreme. Baptised with fairy water indeed. Secondly, the layout will be tiny - 6’ by 2’. Hence the reference to a ‘tiny stage’ that ‘might see the end of one particular action’. In other words I might finish it! Trial run tonight of the new crossover which will be at the heart of the station -built to 36.75mm gauge. You may also glimpse an MGWR carriage chassis.. Early days yet but putting a marker down so I will be posting from time to time!
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    RMweb MM 121 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/106996-murphy-models-to-produce-121s/&tab=comments#comment-3487664
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    Greetings fellows. I have an Irish layout underway, so expect more posts from me. Now then, I have a smashing rake of MM Cravens. However, particulalry on the Snack Car the wheels can best be described as 'not round' and the coach does a merry jiggle as it lollops along the line. Not a good look! Can anyone suggest decent replacement wheels that will actually fit? I used up my month's quota of swearing on modding the coupler pockets* to take the KD #20s... * not on the Snack Car, thanks heavens... MM fixed that little issue
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    Started to slow task of cutting out roof lights with my scroll saw, front roof complete and have to cut rear roof section. I'm considering the Slaters Embossed plasticard because I can conceal the corners with Wills Quoins. It also makes it easier to use brick arches also by Wills. The modelling clay is probably a great idea but not in 4mm. Had to move one of the roof purlins and reposition the roof covering to bring the lower sky lights further up the roof slope. I added pitched gables to the rear wall where the roof of the UTA garage was situated. This will become a low-relief wall to hide my controller and switches. The project is starting to really form the basis for a great model.
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    Yellow stuff isn’t my thing at all, but I have to say I remain absolutely gobsmacked at the exceptional quality of everything that emanates from Chateau IRM. An excellent and timely addition to the modern scene!
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    Spend the last few days tearing the hair out of my head in immense frustration with a new Z21 system. There is nothing wrong with the Z21, it actually seems a very good system just totally unsuitable for my needs on a new shunting layout. Totally my own mistake for choosing the wrong system. Easy peasey to hook it all up and get it working, but the first main problem was attempting to drive trains using a touch screen phone cab user interface for shunting and uncoupling stock using kadee uncoupling magnets which require a degree of precision that touch screen throttle just does not give compared to the tactile feedback of a physical cab with either throttle buttons or knobs. Normally I can hold a physical cab in one hand without having to look at it, but using a smartphone a) needed more eyes on the display distracting me from watching what the train was doing, and b) my fingers found it difficult to routinely and reliably control throttle one speed step at a time. When shunting I like to stare at the train, just think what I want it to do and let my hands make it happen via the tactile feedback from a cab in hand but out of eye line. I repeat my gripe was with the 'Z21 Mobile' apps touch screen user interface for precise throttle control, not the Z21 hardware which seems a good DCC controller and a flexible system. Luckily I managed to buy an inexpensive Multimaus cab on eBay which saved the day as soon as I plugged it in to the Z21's X-Bus port. Not very intuitive cab (ie you have to read the manual to get started with the basics), but with the physical buttons and throttle knob at least I was able to shunt precisely enough to reliably uncouple kadees, which I could not do reliably with the daft phone throttle app. Relief that I was not going to have to put the heap on eBay tomorrow and replace with a system that has physical cab controls for throttle. Two big advantages of the 'Z21 mobile' app are a) its an inexpensive wireless cab that will work on most smartphones and tablets and b) you can custom label each function with mnemonic description and symbol which is great for sound locos instead of remembering function numbers. Another advantage on a club layout would be members using their own phones as cabs and same for visitors to a home layout. Most the guys in WMRC love the Z21 system. Anyway the sledge hammer did not come out late last night and Multimaus saved the day for my shunting layout (under construction). At least now I can drive the locos. Lesson learned for a shunting layout one really needs some form of physical throttle control that gives tactile feedback to the operator allowing eyes only on loco and single handed use. The Multimaus does this albeit not as quite well as an NCE PowerCab but well enough. Had been tempted to try the Piko Smart control or another NCE. If not shunting using kadee magnets I'm sure many folk would love the Z21 system and its touch screen cab apps, especially for sound locos with personalised function buttons. One weird little funny us the Z21 cannot easily drive locos in the address range 120-127 which is why I could not get it to drive any of my 121 locos. Found a convoluted technical solution to it anyway and managed to get the 121s moving and shunting with their correct addresses.
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    something i can model,, it looks very like my layout after the kids ....
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    Bloody hell I think I left the hall light on....!😂 Awesome, totally awesome
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    I'd say you'll probably have time for one in Matt Molloy's.....
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    The Wexford Model Railway Club's Easter Exhibition 2019 is shaping up to be the best yet with the following exhibits booked to date: 32 Layouts (17 new to show) Ballyclare OO Irish SDMRC DART in N/OO Irish Eoin Murray Tramway layout OO M.R.S.I Grunburg OO9 German John Gough Ulster MRC Alpine Memories HO/Hon Austrian Herbert Alexander Somme Sidings OO9 France Bobby Beegan Die Schneeweissbahn N German David Wynne Bog-road Level Crossing OO Irish Eamonn Redmond WMRC Past-Avenue OO Irish Enda Byrne/Siobhan McCann WMRC Modern-Image UK N Wayne Thomas WMRC N gauge layout Bobby-Joe O’Toole Llanuwchllyn N Gerry Byrne WMRC Five WMRC Competition layouts Little Siddington O UK WMRC Joseph’s Bridge OO Irish Tommy Nolan WMRC Ballygannon OO Irish Patrick Nolan Bushville HO USA WMRC Scully’s Dock OO UK WMRC Wexford OO Vincent O’Leary WMRC Wheal Rinn OO UK Peter Renouf-Shermer WMRC Ardshane Freight Depot OO UK Shane Furlong Sandown Valley O/16.5 ELMRG Taylor’s Yard O/16.5 ELMRG Three N gauge layouts Brendan Buckley Garrison MC Two Hornby Interactive layouts WMRC 7 Other Stands: RNLI stand Florence Jenkins Maritime Museum Rosslare Brian Boyce St Joseph’s Warhammer Club Martin Doyle Live Steam Models Ollie Finn Circus and die-cast display John O'Toole Second-hand stall WMRC WMRC Membership Desk and Raffle at public seating/video display area 15 Traders: Murphy Models Paddy Murphy N gauge models Seán Ryan American Model Railroads Phillip McHugh Marks Models Mark Cuffe Weir Park Books Diarmuid Byrne (Monday) Walter Oberle Models PW Models Paul Walsh Brian Collins Diecast Model Rail Accessories Edward White Gmodelscene Gabor Evenich Pre-loved Models Martin O’Hanlon Customised Stobart Lorries Barry Moule Top Choice Embroidery Margaret Byrne Irish Railway Models Fran Burke (TBC) Provincial Wagons Anthony McDonald and of course the ever popular: Station Café!
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    Have you no consideration, as to how most of the rest of us are feeling right now, All I see are old prototype photos placed under someones attic. Wheres the model layout you promised? You even went to the trouble of having jars of scenics on a shelf to make us believe its a model. garage is sublime
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    The lighting system depended on the railway. The MGWR seems to have used oil lighting on 6w stock with top hat lamps, some coaches appear to have had ventilators others not. Attock 4 compt Lav 2nd 1908 4 Compt 3rd with brake Compt. WLWR had introduced electric carriage lighting before the GSWR takeover but may have been restricted to new bogie stock. WLWR 4-4-0 at Junction oil lit stock. Photographer unknown. GSWR 6 wheelers had gas lighting with large torpedo ventilators and converted WLWR stock to gas lighting following 1900 amalgamation.
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    A British one, but they all looked similar. Not a lot of them left as most of them were phased out with gas and electricity and casualties by being dropped in the lighting up process.
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    Some progress on 495. Chassis insert into the body is sorted which allows fixing of the cab interior in place. This then allowed addition of handrails, cab back and roof. Buffers, hooks, and sandbox operating rods were also added. I will need to add some weight as it is a little low on tractive effort. When pulling the 5 wagon rake, which in fairness is quite heavy, it does struggle on occasion. Some weight between the frames, front and rear should help. It does run well and looks well hauling the rake of wagons. Some more detailing needed before heading to the paintshop as it is looking rather scruffy at this stage. Quick shot of 495 on the siding with 423 on the main track. More as time permits. Ken
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    Hi Doctor Gerbil-Fritters. The problem with wobbling Cravens in the past was not wheels but the way the bogie connected with the body. This caused a serious wobbling occilation when running. The newest release of the Snack Bar had this problem as well as the RPSI Cravens all made by the same factory. I replaced the wheels on one of my wobbling RPSI BLue’n’cream livery Craven but it made no difference. Murphy models released a fix through retailers which was a sprung brass shim that fitted between the bogie and the coach body underfloor. Marks Models have a stock of these shims. I made my own spacer washers out of very thin plastic card (ie like thin washers). The original production batches of MM Cravens did not have this problem. It should be an easy and inexpensive fix. FYI, I popped the bogies off my wobbling RPSI Coaches and rolled them along straight track sections but the wheels ran true without wobbling the bogie. If wheels needed for any project I’d recommend Alan Gibson wheels Nice photos BTW. I really like my MM Craven set. Noel ps. Looking forward to more posts as your layout develops.
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    Was away for some R&R with Granny Bracken and got home late last night I had picked up a big collection of Irish, English and German outline stuff before I went on holliers While sorting through it this afternoon I came across 2 unusual Lima boxed coaches They had been overlabelled, which I have never seen before So although the boxes are not the best I have ever seen, their rarity will insure they get a place in the collection
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    Fantastic news Fran. Really looking forward to these. Thanks for the update.
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    Lovely a very important wagon in the engineering PWD department. Seen them operating in Waterford was very interesting and did a tidy job to boot. Can't wait, Rich,
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