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  1. Nobody at the Glasgow show has heard of them!!!
  2. Not a fan of the coupling bars provided with the Taras, I think the fine detail on the wagons would suffer if rakes were to be handled while coupled together These Hunt yokes look like a great answer
  3. My one is called Granny Bracken 😡
  4. No idea man, stumbled across it on some site 😀
  5. Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it waxeth old because of all mine enemies. ... with their high places, and moved him to jealousy with their graven images.
  6. Once again I must tell you that PM had no hand act or part in the production of the earlier Cl 33's in Irish livery If you bothered to read the Lima/Murphy thread you would see the history behind them Before he produced the 201's he was offered a Cl 33 , 015 in IE Livery by the Lima factory and this loco appeared in a couple of sets and also individually boxed, point to note no exhaust detail on the roof It was because of this Cl 33 that the Lima 201 appeared It is not a paperweight but a superb model for its day and still an acceptable one And your Cl 33's are not worthless, sold a lovely boxed one recently for €100
  7. Knock yourself out man https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hardwire+a+oo+gauge+loco
  8. Yep, they can be hard wired, also it improves their running Plenty of vids on U Tube to show you how.
  9. After I wrote Granny Bracken her card I then had the usual quandary Will I give her 3 roses, 6 roses or a dozen? Shag it I said, I'll give her the whole box!
  10. Have to disagree man 201 was the first RTR loco and sold like hotcakes Mk 2 & Mk 3 coaches still attaining good money The ebay price is crazy, but nothing wrong with the models
  11. So on to the Ferts Pack A 35023 Top, 35073 Bottom. Pack B, 35085 Top, 35010 Bottom. Pack C, 35054 Top, 35083 Bottom. Pack D, 35071 Top, 35027 Bottom. And dont forget your couplings, both Close and NEM and a few black yokes for the bogies!
  12. This SATURDAY people I heard some Ferts will be available.......
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