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  1. If I remember correctly both the board and the chip will be made by ESU
  2. Nothing to do with JHB Just man up and apologise CIE Black is what Murphy calls it His model, he can call it what he wants, its not CIE its Murphy Models No mention of Supertrain on 142 either Fran, can you close this thread please, enough crap for one day?
  3. Clear as mud Do not mix IRM and Murphy up
  4. Black & Tan is Supertrain man Black livery: Maybe spend a hour or two on Google before posting And the name is Bracken, not Murphy!
  5. No, but they will be easy to fit, small panel in the roof comes off
  6. When PMurphy did his research for the Woolwiches there was just the one gloss black with red lining, LMS style, found in Limerick
  7. Website updated with some 121 info I understand there will be more info to follow on the sound chips shortly http://www.murphymodels.com/
  8. Getting a bit ridiculous now people Me auld pension wont last much longer at this rate
  9. Should have gone to Specksavers, but they were shut!
  10. Kinda stumped there man Both are 170 donors, which we all know are not 100% correct Paint job is very good but equally so is the Dyer version, which incidentally is painted here in Dublin Much more convincing?
  11. Probably wont be DCC ready like the J15's Not exactly rocket science
  12. Have you no grass to cut?
  13. Just cut the grass for the 3rd time this week It looks exactly the same as it did on Friday! Sent a complaint to Batchelors, some of their tins had only 842 beans where as most had 850 plus Will be doing the packets of rice later this afternoon, I will keep yez posted.
  14. I had an aunt who lived in Hazelwood in Sligo and she had an East Downshire wagon body in a shed It was used to store feed for livestock. One side was fairly rough but the side closest to the wall of the shed was perfectly preserved Around 15 years ago they widened the road outside her home and the shed was knocked, and I never saw the wagon body again
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