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  1. Putting in the chip will be a bugger!
  2. Berridge was a tea planter and he bought the estate at Hazelwood when he retired, early 30's He sold it some years later to the Land Commission It came with some bits when my Dad passed, never found out what it was for.
  3. I recently picked up some negatives/ Slides of the Tralee & Dingle. No idea how to process them or have them printed, no Chemists in my parish doing development anymore Anyone have any software to convert them o jpegs maybe? There are roughly 40 slides and look like they are coloured Drop me a line if you can help, willing to open the savings box or offer nearly out of date boxes of Jelly Beans!
  4. Britains did a nice Cart and Horse in their Lilliput World range Ref LV 606 Mine is missing the drover
  5. DOH, I watched a lot of radio back in the day G
  6. Hope to have 121 spare parts at the Show on Sunday Still waiting for a price list, but should have it by Sunday These are not warranty parts Wipers Speakers Horns Hand Rails Buffers & Springs Fuel Tanks Couplings Bogies Ariels Tablet Catchers Air Hoses Accessory packs
  7. Anybody notice this on eBay recently? A fairly hard to pick up item, dont see them that often O Gauge CIE 4 F, one for the collector
  8. If you paid via PayPal you should be able to lodge a dispute and get your money back? Sausages,
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