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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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  1. Leslie IS delighted! Now, where can I show 28 GNR wagons behind steam, without showing up my lack of scenery? Great job Noel - the corrugated open is a work of art and You've reminded me just how much the addition of the GUARD makes to a brake van (also a work of art!).
  2. David and others I have a Copyrighted 1964 drawing by "The Irish Model Railway Company" - No.3 in their series. I have an idea it may be one of Herbie Richards' drawings and as he has kindly helped me with other drawings, I don't feel I can copy it here willy nilly. However, it appears to be 3ft6in from rail to buffer and 7ft 11in to the crown of the curve of the roof.. I'm pretty sure that this was the basis of my kit. Leslie
  3. Great stuff, Patrick. Super layout enhanced by the interesting period rolling stock - but then I would say that, wouldn't I? Nice to see the cattle wagons au naturel and in vacuum mode.
  4. Noel remarked: I only discovered three days ago the the chuck in my hand drill can reverse handling narrow or wider drill bits. Had it 3 years but only figured that out doing this wagon. 0.5mm is now my goto drill bit and ideal for the 121 grab rails too. That's mild, Noel - after twelve years I discovered that my Smart Car's tailgate had a keyhole and could be opened by turning the key! Previously I'd always used the wee button inside by the steering wheel. Unobservant, or what? You can thank Michael for the kit - I simply suggest the things, find the info and then harry him until it appears. I'll whisper, too, that Glenderg of This Parish was a willing contributor of critical info for this van.
  5. Great stuff, Noel. I usually ask my customers to confirm arrival of kits, but you've gone one better by posting them on line and e-mailing me, thanks. Sorry about the woodworm in your 130 year old woodwork! Likewise sorry the handbrake wheel proved a pain, but it's a really nice little detail. Another Master Class in resin kit building, thanks. Good old Halfords! Like you, I find my little "twist drill" invaluable - mine has been mainly used track-laying, mind. I've been buying all sorts of tools, encouraged by Richard McLachlan and guess what? After years sitting in boxes, they are all proving useful now! I wish you many years of happy running with the finished article - a lovely piece of archaic rolling stock! Keep well. Leslie
  6. Well done for not accepting what was available out of a box - a very nice job. I'm afraid that having a Fleischmann motorised turntable from my German days, that's in the middle of Portadown - I'll have a to try a d bit of surgery. In fact, that's today's job - adjusting the Peco level crossing to approximate to the one that was at Richill. Keep it up and stay well. As David mentioned - good old Kernow have delivered to me during lockdown.
  7. Heaven, Lm, you'll have me searching out a copy of "Steam's Silver Lining", which I published - it includes a RPSI coaching list correct (I hope) for the first 25 years of the Society. Like it or not, we're a very small minority on the Island of Ireland and we're lucky Jimmy's stuff is safe, even if badly described. The National Archive in the UK does "employ" (at the volunteers' own expense) a lot of people who do know their stuff to make sure the catalogy=uing, etc of railway stuff is "correct". Now, my turn for a rant. When people hear that you're interested in railways they immediately say - "I expect you've travelled behind the "Flying Scotsman"? Between us, yes, I have and on the footplate on two occasions on the mainline, but I wouldn't go from here to the front door to see her. Why? The wrong A3 was preserved. There is a myth that she was the first steam engine to do 100mph - she wasn't (and certainly neither did "City of Truro"). She did 98mph according to Cecil J Allen, who was timing the train on the day - the 100mph thing was claimed by the LNER publicity Department. As the actress said - "They would, wouldn't they?" The first engine to do the Ton was 2750 "Papyrus" (also an A3) - in fact 108mph on trials before they decided to build the A4s and ran the Silver Jubilee in four months from drawing board. For younger readers - Silver Link reeled off forty miles at 100mph on the famous Press Run - they had no speedo on the loco and they crew thought they were doing about 90mph - the max was 112mph! Rant over. Glad you're obviously in good form, Stephen! Leslie
  8. Played a blinder there, Noel. No-one has any excuse for not trying the kit of this iconic, ubiquitous Irish wagon. Over 300 kits sold now - my best seller by a century or so. There are more upstairs for when anyone wants to have a go! Between us, I didn't quite believe it when the first batch of kits arrived at "Pettigo Fair" with those staples, but you've got to hand it to Michael, it produces a very good representation of a very delicate brake gear set-up. Bet the Chinese couldn't do better! Very well done Sir, even if the eyes are getting on a bit - they obviously work! And are well co-ordinated with your hands Leslie
  9. Re the Nohab diesel. Fleischmann used to make one - obviously in HO. See: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fleischmann-danische-NOHAB-Diesellok-MY/402245656044?hash=item5da7b59dec:g:rQ4AAOSwWSJepeIS Belgium, SNCB: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/188HO-Fleischmann-HO-1385-Diesellok-Nohab-202016-grun-gelb-SNCB/352874373859?hash=item5228f3a2e3:g:~ZUAAOSwYAdd48te Also MAV (HUngary) had them and I've got at least one trip with them, as one is preserved.I can't see a Fleischmann version of the Hungarian version as Hungary was behind the Iron Curtain when it was in production! These days ROCO make the Nohab as well. Quick paint job .......
  10. Patience, Old Boy. Des is probably busy at the Day Job. He's almost certainly busy doing that from home.
  11. Super, Noel Not only a master class in building it, but you've got what Michael called the "dustbin zinc colouring" to prefection! Very well done. Leslie
  12. Super, Noel Not only a master class in building it, but you've got what Michael called the "dustbin zinc colouring" to prefection! I'm afraid you didn't need to rush - the Post from Frimley to The Republic seems to be taking two weeks plus. Did you ever build the Bulleid open kit I sent ages ago? I'd like to see the outcome of that after your treatment. Keep it up. Great stuff.
  13. Hi Mark I was intrigued by the name you use - you obviously like Bagnall locos? I can supply the IRRS (London)'s MGWR picture book at its original cover price (£2.95) plus postage (about a quid at the moment). It will be from The Syndicate's stock. FYI, The dubiously-named Syndicate is a small group of UK based Irish enthusiasts who have raised funds for Irish preservation for half a century. If you are interested in the GSWR loco book, I am pretty certain we've got that as well - again at Cover Price (£30 - £35). Just Message me with your interests. Leslie
  14. We've found a much better picture of Anthony, on the happy occasion of the IRRS 70th Anniversary meeting at the Irish Embassy in London. The Society will miss him as much as his close friends. Best to remember him with that smile on his face?
  15. (Oh dear, Patrick, you should have been sent them with the kit! Mea culpa. I'll get some to you asap.) Oh, just read the post properly - maybe I should do a "Vac Pack" for you guys who want to treat the poor animals to a frightening ride? Bad enough that they probably got soaked in the Irish weather with those planked roffs!
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