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  1. Back to baseboard! So I finished off the steel dowel and bolt system, drilled holes in, routed slots in, and stuck the frames together;- First, was to install the dowel sleeves into the appropriate sides, with sides clamped to fit the sleeves n dowels are bolted up to draw the sleeves into the wood. Once the dowelling was done the frames were stuck together with staples and wood glue, the gussets in the corners have horizontal screw fixings through the frames. 40mm insulation being glued in with No More Nails. Two of the boards bolted up for first test fit, can't put the other two on yet as the glues not dry! Now need to work out the track plan- see if any mods are required, and then we'r a painting...... Eoin
  2. Hi Tom Do as Glenderg says- but if you have a multimeter and it does continuity test? you could first probe around on the oil and see if its conductive, otherwise test pickups to wheels, otherwise test from pickups back to the motor terminals- wiggle the wires n bogie also while doing this test... and see what happens Eoin
  3. Don't forget the Fair is on this Sunday.
  4. Hi joe123 You can get them on Expotools;- https://www.expotools.com/ and Amazon, or in Marks but call them first! This is what it looks like;- https://www.google.com/search?q=pin+point+oiler&tbm=isch&source=univ&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj1_bPTtI_hAhV0s3EKHbafAaoQsAR6BAgJEAE&biw=1280&bih=891 A light oil preferably plastic safe, the oiler you buy generally comes filled with oil, though you can buy them empty. I've used the Expo one and the oil was OK..... Eoin
  5. @David Holman There's a scene in the station on the layout- two chaps in caps doing the light filling thing? I think I'm liking inverted buckets a bit better now..... Eoin
  6. Hi joe123 A very small drop of oil to the wheel axle bearings from time to time- clean out old oil with a swab of kitchen towel held in a fine point tweezers, and look for hair and the like wrapped around the axles and remove it. Again only a small drop of oil on the axle adjacent the bearing avoiding the wheel if possible, a pinpoint oiler is the best man for the job....... Eoin
  7. I don't like the inverted bucket roof look, I'd go with torpedo ventilators and internal lights I also pondered on those tripod items;- they could be ventilators?, or as popeye says they could be lids? or the buckets are the lids and go over the tripod? or the wire/chain to the top of the bucket might be a control wire operated through the ventilator?...... Eoin
  8. Thanks Guys for all the comments fl It's going to be black n orange white stripe above window Eoin
  9. Alphagaraphix address = 23 Darris Road, Shelly Park, Birmingham B29 7QY. Eoin
  10. Well back to the laminate build! All soldering and gluing is now complete, a little painting prep now being done- I'm using Lidl W5 Limescale Remover to clean up the brass, it does a neat job removing oxidisation and flux. The first few panels of the roof have been brushed over with W5 with a paint brush and washed down with water- sparkly! After a scrub with washing soda, next were painting........... Eoin
  11. Nice find & buy @David Holman Your post reminded me I picked up a nice find also- a Lining Wheel Bow Pen for €5.00 Comes in a neat folding case with pin lock for putting in ones top pocket, Ivory type handle and a bow type affair to load the ink. Three interchangeable wheels;- dot dot dot, - dot dash dot, - & dash dash dash, the handle unscrews to reveal a pin! could be for loading the ink or for correcting mistakes? I plan to make a few continuous wheels, but there is only 1mm width where the wheel goes through the bow- so .3, .5 & .7mm maybe. Back in its box..... Eoin
  12. I saw this back in 2017 not sure of the levels now! Article from 2016 ''Bachmann sells half as much as Hornby does in EU'';- https://masterinvestor.co.uk/equities/why-has-hornby-come-off-the-rails/ Eoin
  13. Lovely looking loco popeye. Eoin
  14. Main frames now laminated and clamped down to the bench for the day, just in case they might want to take a warp! Next step is to mate up sides and ends for dowel pin hole drilling and to route the wire slots ...... Eoin
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