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  1. My Bachmann MK2A FK has 14 roof vents and looking at any pictures of MK2B FK's they also have 14 roof vents so pretty much the same .
  2. The door bump stops on the CIE/IR coaches were always painted black so were more noticeable than on the BR coaches while I am certainly no expert but if you use the Bachmann Mk2a FK as a guide for roof vents I think they would be the same .
  3. Looks great , glad you added the door bumpers , they are so distinctively Mk2 but have been omitted by nearly all manufacturers on Mk2 ROR versions .
  4. A few cheap 121s from hattons with minor faults with them for anyone interested www.hattons.co.uk - Murphy Models MM0132-PO02 Class 121 132 in CIE 'Supertrain' livery - Pre-owned - grinding noise when running - minor chip to cab - damaged horn - two pipes not attached - Very good box www.hattons.co.uk - Murphy Models MM0132-PO04 Class 121 132 in CIE 'Supertrain' livery - Pre-owned - slight wobble in reverse - minor paint chip to side of the nose - axle boxes missing on one bogie - Loose handrail - Very good box www.hattons.co.uk - Murphy Models MM0126-PO Class 121 126 in CIE '
  5. In the main when the Mk2a b c coaches were introduced the window frames were in silver , no doubt some appeared with black frames in IR livery as they went for repaints . The MK2c is coverted from a Mk2e so roof hatches were on them the Ro Vac vents came from shapeways .
  6. Here’s a couple of mine Mk2’s 4113 Mk2a FK converted from a Bachmann Mk2a fk , MK2c FO converted from a Hornby Mk2e SO using a Brass overlay and a Dutch EGV body from DC Kits and bogies from silver fox . Bit of a hotchpotch of coaches .
  7. The other advantage of the Extreme etchings window frame is if your doing the IR livery the window frames were silver this was changed to black when they got the IE livery .
  8. No instructions I’m afraid. But they fit exactly over the Lima window. You could paint them first and stick the cut acetate sheet to and then to the coach provided the acetate sheet is very thin , otherwise you would have to fit int the frame from the inside. The other thing you can do is leave some of the sliders open to add authenticity a cut the glazing accordingly . Note the frame is on lt sitting loose on the window I would remove the bars from the inside of the frames on the coach prior to fitting.
  9. Yes there is no laserglaze for them you would have to cut acetate sheet to fit and fitting the sliders can be tricky . They are only for Mk2Z A B , no MK2C , There is MK2D E F available , but if your looking for the toilet windows for Mk2c get some of the Mk2 z,a,b etches and a MK3 sleeper set that would give you enough frames to do a couple of Mk 2 C coaches . I notice on his site the EEED4007 is now Mk2z-c he maybe they are including the Mk2c toilet windows now ?. Perhaps email Brian at Shawplan I have found him to be very heplful in the past ,
  10. That sounds like a serious amount of work would you try extreme etchings window frames from shawplan and cut out the old frame the level of detail in the extreme etchings frame is brilliant.
  11. They still look suberb and great to see the old Lima Mk2b re purposed although an old model which has its faults , you have shown what can be done with a little thought and a really good paint job.
  12. Roof vents try Southern Pride models they also do mk2 roof hatches
  13. Super work Phillip, if your doing 4401/4402 the two details which can be added are the roof vents which were straight in line as they were ec FK corridor coaches another detail which shouts Mk2b were the black bump stops on the doors Lima omitted these but they do make the coach standout .
  14. I think the roof hatch was possibly used for access to the water storage tank for the toilets? I dont think they went out of their way to make them like MK2c's the majority of the conversions were ex MK2c FO five of them so it was a matter of using similar interior's materials wise . If your doing a 4402/4401 buffet a good place to start is a LIMA MK2b FK while not perfect comparied to the Bachmann Mk2's this can be picked around the place pretty cheaply and with a little effort can be made into an acceptable converson .
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