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  1. Brilliant news men. It's nice to see this between IRM and PM we are a small number in the big scheme but there is a closeness and a camaraderie amongst us. Rich
  2. Top work Jason that has definetly taken it to a different level. Weathering looks just right and not overcooked. Rich,
  3. Smashing the nameplates are really impressive Rich,
  4. Excellent a bit of Taste also. Blister on the moon. Rich,
  5. Was listening to Rory Gallagher earlier. Stage Struck. Possibly the best in your face opening to a live album. Shin Kicker, Wayward Child, Bought and sold Rich,
  6. Watched an interview with Martin L Gore a few years ago and he said he couldn't state how much Kraftwerk influenced him. Andy McCluskey the same. Joy Division were also hugely influenced by them. Rich,
  7. Great band, no more heroes anymore. Rich, Florian Schneider today. How many bands and artists did Kraftwerk inspire. Rich,
  8. Very sad news. RIP.
  9. They look great men. Always enjoyed seeing them on the rails. Rich,
  10. Lovely work Jason and proof that the cottage industry is so important to the hobby unlike some crass comments that have been made recently. SSM Des really produce amazing kits. Rich,
  11. Smashing work Jason good to see the workbench back in business. Rich,
  12. Very good article Fran thanks for sharing. The article on the Accurascale HUO was very good also and a great idea keep em coming. Rich,
  13. RedRich

    Class 121

    I believe that was ourselves Eamonn. It is inches. It stands out when you see them side by side when looking at where the red is painted around the buffers on both classes. Rich,
  14. Yes a few doors down from Philly Grimes pub. George moved to the Quay down by the Munster Express office. It closed as has been said some years ago. I have to say George and Helen are lovely people and are missed I didn't care if a model was cheaper on the net I always bought my models there it feels more personal walking into the shop examining the model and walking out a happy customer I use Mark's now and make the trip to Dublin more often then buying online. If I can't make it to Dublin then I buy online. I have also bought at exhibitions. If we don't support the shops then they close and the majority of us don't want that. Rich,
  15. RedRich


    I have not seen it first hand people I know that use it speak very highly of it. I have used steel rail in the past and it looks so right when compared to nickel silver. That isn't to say that nickle silver is wrong the look of the top of the rail looks more convincing on the steel rail. DCC Concepts will supply you with the correct solder for steel rail also Rich,
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