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  1. Do try to keep the thread on the 121 gentlemen
  2. Just to confirm that due to ongoing Pandemic guidelines the IRM office remains closed until further notice.
  3. It's a customs requirement. As I said, we're looking at options.
  4. More and more carriers are needing it over certain values as a customs thing (also Brexit) We're looking into the options...
  5. This forum, and IRM as a business would not be here were it not for Paddy Murphy.
  6. We've just updated to version 4.5 of the forum software
  7. Perhaps it’s something a crowdfunding type model may work for but we’ve our hands exceedingly full for the next year or two
  8. A complete update and delivery slot confirmation is coming for the A class project. As is complete details of the sound project. once the A’s are in stock the website will show the stock levels like all other products.
  9. Apprently the odds are somewhat good https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/irm-hits-the-road-we-commission-rail-link-buses
  10. We have a planned roadmap that sees us through most of 2021 at the moment and are planning 2022-2023 right now. While we agree GSVs are a target there are more numerous options that make better sense in the short term particularly on the UK side (which effectively pays for the Irish models)
  11. We do offer flexible installments on preorders with Direct Debit as well as card and PayPal options. As Fran said in another thread the only ‘surprises’ were the accessory packs. Everything else is long announced. The catch 22 being that if we announce then it takes time to deliver (like A or 42) we get daily ‘are we there yet’ queries to deal with What we’ve settled on is that we will share first samples. So the long tooling window (which can be over 60 working days) and the research and development window (usually at least 6 months) are complete, leaving room for feedback and adjust
  12. Probably cheaper to buy the Spoils
  13. We have 4, or possibly 5 new IRM announcements between now and year end, all going to plan
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