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  1. Correct, and they still own the tools.
  2. Never say never, but the 141/181 tooling ownership means it's unlikely.
  3. It’s fair to assume any of the items suggested by MM are well into 2022 at the earliest.
  4. http://www.murphymodels.com
  5. Our shipping is already flat rate, based on spend, so the more you buy, the cheaper relatively it gets
  6. At least 25~33% of Irish modelers are actually in the UK. That’s a lot to do with why some UK retailers stock Murphy models.
  7. Straying dangerously into political talk NIR. The fact is there is nothing to bring up with revenue or Europe. if you are outside the UK buying from the UK is now treated the same as from any non EU country. So you import anything from the UK to your home location.
  8. Factories are just slowly returning to work from the new year holidays. In the coming week we should have a solid shipping date.
  9. Public companies and bodies don’t charge licenses but permission to use branding of current items is a courtesy if not strictly required. We had to secure permission from the government of Scotland to produce the mark 5 coaches in Caledonian sleeper branding.
  10. It depends on the brand. For companies like Stobart and others licenses and permissions and in some cases royalties are paid. For others permission is enough. There is EU legal prescedent supporting the opinion that making a scale model of something necessitates it looking like the big version so isn’t a breach of a trademark or copyright unless the original item is protected already in scale or model form.
  11. And for customers in the UK, you can visit https://irishrailwaymodels.co.uk/collections/rpsi
  12. We only did 4 packs BtB. A,B,C and D
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