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  1. Tis indeed an ancient "butter wagon" - but actually it's GSWR! It does resemble the Midland ones, though.
  2. Early sixties, I think. I’ll check a few old timetables later today.
  3. And there was me thinking that "Abtus Voidneter" was a nasty character out of a Harry Potter novel........
  4. There's one about to appear from my end of things, relating to the Tipperary area (should be out before the end of October), and another after that which is in progress.......... I'm not the only one who spent the lockdown at a keyboard, it seems!
  5. Looks good! Nice pic of the Loughrea train on the cover........
  6. What IS it? What does it do? Personally, I've never even heard of it.....
  7. Yes, thought so - the one in front also could indeed be a “Popular”, though I thought they had a slightly extended boot?
  8. Close enough to 1961! The car on the left? Possibly…. I thought A35?
  9. Customer trains today. A green tube class at Drogheda and other ones outside the EU. Was in “Newry Train Station”. It’s on the exact site of Bessbrook RAILWAY station. It has a strange notice about Winnie the Pooh, instead of the more traditional threats as to what might befall those who trespassed upon the line of railway, or didn’t adjust their dress when leaving the conveniences. Strange, weird stuff. And not a goods train in sight. I blame brexit. Bottom one is Ballymena, with the NCC water tower behind it - this side of it was used to water BNCR (main line) / NCC trains, while the long disused and thoroughly overgrown far side of it was used by the narrow gauge Ballymena & Larne trains - Ireland’s only narrow gauge expresses.
  10. We will trust your recommendation, Irishrailwayman........... (I'm going anyway...!) Was just looking at the train service - it's perfectly feasible, actually. Methinks I will take the train rather than propelling my infernal combustion vehicle in that direction. Always liked travelling on the Dublin & South Eastern Railway. Might get one of the big 4.4.0s.
  11. Is it a steam crane? (Here's me bus....)
  12. First ones into traffic 1965, yes, and in light grey. Brown after 1970. They were noticeably taller than standard vans (a fact that incidentally Dapol seem to have overlooked - but theirs is simply a reliveried British one).....
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