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  1. Very precise lines Noel.You'll be offering a respray service next at this rate
  2. Love the ammonia wagons Dave they really do look well.Nice bit of space there also for the layout.
  3. Very impressive work,that's going to look class when finished.
  4. Taking shape nicely.Lovely work as always.
  5. Had a very enjoyable day on the Marble Tribesman tour yesterday.Both loco's on duty looked and sounded great especially 088 on the return to Dublin from Kilkenny.
  6. Fantastic as always Kieran.Love the first pic it looks so realistic.I never get bored looking thru this thread everything about this layout is top class.
  7. Noel if it helps i used transfers which i got from Des and used them on my Mk2 egv which i had bought in supertrain livery they done the job fine.
  8. Its a great feeling when you pull the tape back and realise there's been no paint bleed,very satisfying.
  9. Lovely paint job Noel,very crisp.
  10. Fantastic Noel.Love the first pic of the Mk2 EGV it looks so realistic sitting under the roof.
  11. Hi BTB,the SSM kit was constructed and attached using super glue.Cheers for the comments.
  12. Thanks for your comments gents
  13. Fabulous as always Kieran.Just love this layout.
  14. That looks and sounds fantastic Noel.190 pulling away is just class.
  15. Thanks Noel much appreciated.Ive sealed them with Humbrol acrylic matt varnish.Ive also used Revell enamel varnish from the airbrush in the past but personally i just find the aerosol handier,saves cleaning the airbrush afterwards.
  16. Geoff there is a link to a list of their products on the manufactures section of the forum.
  17. I gave these Oxford Diecast Land Rovers a quick makeover by removing the British Telecom signage,adding some ESB decals and painting the ladders.Not a bad result for so little work.
  18. Pity it will be no more.An excellent layout with some fantastic stock.
  19. I think you've nailed it with the fine granite Noel,looks great weathered too.Nice job.
  20. Cheers Dive.Exactly as you say,when I was comparing the model to photos of the prototype it just looked too tall to me.But it not only looked too tall it was when I had it alongside my curtain side cement wagons which was the reason behind cutting them down.Next job will be to put them back together and add a little weathering and they should look fine.
  21. That's what I have done Popeye.The one on the left hasn't been cut yet its the last one from 7.
  22. One left to cut and as you can see I have taken off the bare minimum but I think it makes a big difference to the appearance of the wagon.I'm a lot happier with how it looks now sitting on the chassis.
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