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  1. Absolutely love this layout. It's a perfect example of less is more, and that's meant as a compliment. No fuss, kept simple but finished to a high standard as the picture above shows. This layout just oozes atmosphere and class to go with it.
  2. Impressive for a first attempt. Nice work on the streaking.
  3. Yes Noel, we all know yellow PW stuff isn't your thing. But considering the twin pack was 110 euro a pop when released first, it's not that bad a price compared to what some are asking for them. It's rare they turn up. Like with most things, if someone wants them badly enough they'll pay.
  4. That's an extremely rare visitor to be seen amongst the usual swarm of Diesel Power working on Tara Junction Noel
  5. Personally I quite like the new look. But does it really matter that much, they spend most of the time that far up you can't see what colour they're painted anyway.
  6. Noel, I know how hard you find it to let anything ORANGE contaminate Kingsbridge, other than your Bubbles. So if you fancy shifting any of those modern Baby GM's drop me a line
  7. 166 and the Oil Wagons.. I don't think it gets much better than this. Pure filth, and the sound of that GM engine
  8. Stillorgan is the 10th. Bray is the 17th.
  9. Brilliant as always Noel. Where did you get the power plant if you don't mind me asking.
  10. He wasn't looking for a list of your old girlfriends Dave
  11. The huge expectation building up to this years 6 Nations seemed to take it's toll today. Never looked like coming back after going 17-10 down.
  12. Eoin, your work never ceases to amaze me. Top class as always.
  13. Like the look of this. More photos would be great
  14. Thanks for the update Fran. This delay and the reason for it can only be seen as a positive in my opinion. As with all releases to date, the detail on each has been outstanding because IRM has accepted nothing less. No doubt these beauties will be well worth the wait.
  15. Managed to make a little more progress on the silo over the past week or so. First job to be tackled was sorting a base to form the roof area. For this I decided to use some foam packing. Simple enough process involved... The foam was cut to shape and the sides covered in pva glue. It was then pushed up through the tube, and once set I covered it in plasticard. What I was left with was a lightweight but solid base to build on. Next it was on to the outer wall And then the inner wall at the top
  16. One of the angled brackets on the strength girder
  17. Love it Have a soft spot for 156. It was the first of many MM locos I've bought.
  18. Sad news indeed. Brought back some fond memories from when I was a nipper and Never The Twain was on the box.
  19. Brilliant Noel.There's a photo in Irish Railway Rambler of 019 carrying that livery sitting in the paint shop in Inchicore. Is there anything that doesn't turn up on Tara Junction
  20. I still remember stumbling upon this thread a few years back when I had only just joined as a member, and was totally blown away by this layout. It will be great to see some photos of how it has progressed since then.
  21. Fantastic footage Ernie. Seeing 190 & 134 with the Bubbles almost brought tears to my eyes
  22. Looking great Eoin. Love the yard, 3rd shot in particular with the hut in view.
  23. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a feeling of déjà vu here. And not for the first time.
  24. I have to admit I'm seriously tempted to bang a deposit down on another couple of these beauties. God knows how I'm going to explain myself when she finally wants to see this "holiday home" that I've been investing my money in. Strangely enough, not long after IRM appeared on the scene.
  25. I'd agree with Noel. They're decent models which are also nicely finished, although a little on the pricey side.
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