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  1. Cheers warb, Not the silo I'll be modelling, but a brilliant photo and interesting structure all the same Fantastic couple of shots Ernie. In particular the one from Waterford. I've never seen a view of the silo from that side, any photos I have were all taken looking from the opposite direction. Thanks for posting.
  2. I've always fancied the idea of having a cement silo similar to the examples seen in both Tullamore and Waterford but could never seem to find a tube that was just right for the job. Then by chance I came across this... So this morning armed with the essential mug of tea in hand plus some photos to work off, I headed out to the bench to give it a go. I started by taking the measurements of each section of the silo, and then went about transferring these from the photos to the tube but in larger scale. Eventually, after a few alterations here and there I had something that I was happy with the look of. Markings now done I began cutting away the excess from the bottom of the tube to lower its overall height, and once this was removed it was on to cutting out the entrance/exit. Any rough edges were then give a light sanding just to tidy everything up. Plenty of work still to be done but I'm happy with that start.
  3. jason brady

    Vote for IRM!

    Done. Best of luck lads
  4. Lovely shots Noel. Unfortunately the majority of these movements have been lost for good in the real world. But luckily they can still be seen on fantastic layouts like this. Happy New Year
  5. Happy New Year to all fellow IRM members. And happy modelling in 2019. Cheers Jason
  6. jason brady


    Finally managed to get mine out of their boxes today and give them a spin on my Dads layout. I've said it already, but after seeing them running I really have to say it again. These are absolutely stunning models, the detail is just phenomenal.
  7. Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Handy tip David, I must try that.
  8. Last of the Oxford Transits done. This time finished in Eircom colours. Decals again from SSM. Great little vans for dotting around the layout.
  9. The embankment turned out well Tony. Nice work.
  10. Happy Christmas Noel. Looking forward to upcoming updates from the fantastic Tara Junction in 2019.
  11. Now that's proper snow. I thought we got it bad, that's Christmas card material Paul
  12. Great attention to detail as always Noel. I see one of the Baby's managed to muscle in amongst all the 071 and 201s
  13. Thanks for the card guys. You wouldn't get that from Bachmann or Hornby. Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you continued success for 2019.
  14. That's some wish list Dave. I just hope for all our sakes you've been a very good boy this year
  15. jason brady


    Picked up a rake of these beauties today. I've just sat down with a can of the black stuff to have a proper look at them, and I have to say I'm blown away by the detail. My Bubbles will always be my favourite wagon but that's because I have a cement fetish (less said about that the better) and even with my love for the Bubble I have to admit these are definitely the most impressive release to date. For such a young company to come so far in such a short space of time and be banging out models of this quality is sometimes hard to believe, but it's being done and long may it continue.
  16. A couple of things sprang to mind as soon as I seen this, one in particular. But I think I'm probably better off keeping it to myself
  17. jason brady


    I've soiled myself again...
  18. Fantastic lineup, 112 looks great with the Tara's.
  19. Great work all round on the embankment Tony. Enjoying watching this progress.
  20. Just finished working on some 1/76 scale Transits from Oxford Diecast. A nice result for very little effort. Decals are from SSM, ladders from the spares box. Job done. Now added to the ESB fleet
  21. Unfortunately the cost would considerably outweigh the benefits. But yes, it would be a deterrent and make someone think twice after they have to pick what's left of their engine out of the dashboard.
  22. Impatience along with stupidity is main problem there. Should be made resit their test for that type of behaviour, but no doubt it will end with a slap on the wrist.
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