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  1. Love it. Ballyercall is already up there with some of my favourite layouts on here.
  2. On to the Ammonias. I decided to start with the tank itself and I'm glad I did. This turned out to be a little trickier than I expected, basically its a flat sheet of brass that needs to be rolled into a cylindrical shape to form the tank by using both resin ends as a guide. There were plenty of expletives used when doing this but I got there in the end Plenty of work still to be done on the chassis
  3. Hi Tony. 171 carries the IE orange livery from the mid 90s onwards. Just a heads up incase you're expecting the model to carry the livery shown on the photo on the box.
  4. Damn you Sails. I was hoping to put people off and buy it myself for the same reason
  5. Chancing their arm or deluded. Hard to tell which. There's alot of both out there.
  6. Just how i like them..filthy . I do miss the 141/181's.
  7. Fantastic work all-round. Has that rough look to it, and that's meant as a compliment. The area looks used and slightly neglected which gives it that more of a realistic appearance. Enjoying watching this progress.
  8. Lovely pics as always from Tara Junction Noel. Sounds like my type of day out, wined and dined on the Mk3's being hauled by 080
  9. Thanks as always for the comments John-r, much appreciated. Cheers Noel. Plan is to have them heavily weathered when finished. They were generally manky when in service, so hoping to achieve that look when done.
  10. Managed to grab an hour or two over the last couple of evenings to continue on with the barriers. Painting of the flats is now finished and I've also made a start on weathering the tanks. Getting there slowly but surely
  11. Very nice Robert. Really like the one carrying the current logo, you'll always find one or two of those mixed in a rake so always nice to have.
  12. Great to see you back posting some work again richrua. Looking forward to watching this progress.
  13. Same here, handrails would be handy to have, and definitely spare horns. They either end up bent or just disappear altogether.
  14. Track looks great, love the groundwork around the siding also.
  15. Flawless piece of work Robert. Very impressive.
  16. No work done on these since late July, so I made a long overdue return to the barrier wagons during the week. Nearly there now , just the decals to be applied to the tanks and the flats still need a couple of coats of paint. Once that's sorted its on to the Ammonias.
  17. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Now here's a man talking sense. I like your thinking
  18. Lovely shots as always. Great to see a full liner when there's so little freight about nowadays.
  19. I bought the EGV from the original batch and added the white lining so i could run it with my IE Mk2's, and to be honest i can't tell the difference when there sitting beside each other. Looking at the pics Railer posted the problem with the black line seems to be sorted but the shade of orange looks no darker to me than it did previously.
  20. Cheers John-r, colour is Humbrol 53 Gun metal metallic.
  21. A couple of pics of the cages and kegs now finished. Perfect for in and around a yard or even better on a bogie flat. I think I'll be getting myself some more of these.
  22. jason brady

    IRM Fert Wagon

    So you're not ruling it out as a possibility Fran
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