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Thread: LIMA Murphy Models

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRENNEIRE View Post
    I know no one cares except me but the brown BR Long wheel based wagon appears in all the UK Lima catalogues with the Double Arrow logo on the side
    OO catalogue number 303175 & HO catalogue number 3175
    Ramseys British Model Trains Catalogue lists it as Continental LWB Mineral Wagon and says that some wagons in the original HO range were transferred to the OO range in the mid to late 70's Some very un-British wagons were added to sets and were fitted with OO tension lock couplings
    The one in the set has a very continental look about it but I do not have any Continental Lima catalogues so I cannot give any more info on this wagon.
    Looks like an old DR/DB gondola. I think Lima done them in numerous identities like SNCF, SNCB, FS etc. As well as not matching any Irish prototypes, it doesn't look anything like a British one either but as you said, they stuck BR arrows on them too.
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    Just spent 15 boring minutes on flea bay
    I noticed a FS logo on the wagon so I trawled the Italian site and eventually found this
    It has a 6 figure reference which I find strange, most HO items only carry a 4 figure one
    Anyway I can go back to sipping my cocoa now, job done

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    I think I have a few of these somewhere
    Name:  s-l1600-1.jpg
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    Recent arrivals at a siding in Raheny,
    2 Class 80's, from MIR kits

    Centre Car

    Driving trailer

    Driving Trailer

    Centre Car

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    Very nice and stunnngly precise paint jobs. How do they run, are they DC or DCC?

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    Lovely work there. Love the IR logo on the maroon.

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    DC Noel but I will have it running on DCC soon
    The IR livery was used on 3 sets that were leased from NIR with a view to buying them
    They ran on the Bray Greystones , Connolly Maynooth & Cork Cobh lines as precursors to the Mk 3 Push Pulls from 1987 till 1990

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    Quote Originally Posted by roxyguy View Post
    Lovely work there. Love the IR logo on the maroon.
    +1 Definitely something about it in maroon with the IR logo which just seems to work perfectly.Love the grills as well really nice detail.


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