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Thread: Greystones Model Railway Layout.

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    The signal cabin looks excellent, a lovely piece of modelling.

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    Hi All

    Thanks for the comments and looking in

    Today we set up the catenary masts which arrived on site last week, there was a trial run of the switch cabin, and some palisade fencing was erected on the South-Eastern boundary of the station to stop the riff-raff bunking in from the beach....

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    The support spars for the catenary wires are in manufacture at the moment, but we set up the posts to work out location and heights the masts need to be trimmed to.

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    Oh! there's the 01.00 o'clock Commuter up from Wicklow! better go and meet me Mam for lunch.......
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    Eoin & CM
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    China Trees to Irish

    These shiny green China trees need a bit of attention for the layout

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    So a bit of spraying was done

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    and this is what I used

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    Green & and a little brown mixed and sprayed overall, black added to the pot and sprayed here n there from underside to give a bit of shadow, and then yellow to give a highlight sprayed random from above...

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Did GOD ring you when he was making the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRENNEIRE View Post
    Did GOD ring you when he was making the world?
    He did but unfortunately I was out for those six days, sure look at what we got....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayec View Post
    He did but unfortunately I was out for those six days, sure look at what we got....

    Fab work.

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    Hi CM

    Thanks, hey post up some photos I'm dying to see how the gorse dried out?

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRENNEIRE View Post
    Did GOD ring you when he was making the world?

    Good one Dave

    BTW, super ingenuity Eoin.

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    Hi all

    Another layer down, this time gorse bushes- chopped up sponge, poster paint and a bit of yellow flock. The work crew were out chopping up a fallen tree for firewood.....

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    and of course the coffee, cake n trains
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    Eoin & CM
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    Friday again and back to Greystones.....

    We got a layer of gorse down, again this was done by coloured liquidised sponge, some laid out free mode and glued down with dilute PVA, and others prepared on small armatures- see the rock at the 'Bray-End-Bridge'. A smattering of fine light Heki flock was added contrasting nicely with the dark green 'sponge', it now needs a bit of bright yellow flock and this layer is finished.

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    We added some sand pathways to the 'Bray-End-Fiddle-Yard' This had not been planned so it went down on top of the static grass so we'll have to wait and see how it looks when the PVA dries, gorse and brambles were added in this area to, and the buffer stops festooned with grass tufts n flock.

    Eoin & CM - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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