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Found 20 results

  1. I am gradually building up a road freight section to compliment the railway operations on Tara junction comprising of vehicles from the CIE,IR and IE period which span the best part of thirty years, I will start this thread off with a vehicle from the 1990s Irish rail era, Based out of Ballina freight depot was this Ford rigid truck which served the Mayo area and was branded for Rail Link traffic, Rail Link was an overhaul and rebranding for the former uniload and transtrack department with Ballina as the railhead for the traffic. The Rail Link truck makes its way through afternoon traffic while returning to the Lakeview freight yard to reload with more supplies for the High street.
  2. MAQ03205.m4v BREAKING NEWS! Enterprise Express held up at Portadown Jct To allow CIE test train coming off the Cavan line to take precedence. Actually, it's old news, as it happened yesterday (news carries slowly). CIE was testing its new 20ft container skeleton (ultra light) to see how it ran in loaded conditions. Rather than risk tearing up a valuable mainline if there was a derailment, they used the old line through Inny Jct. Having just taken over the GNR, the new management didn't worry about an express taking Northerners home from a day's shopping in the Capital. Apologies for the vile video - the clicks aren't my brilliant rail joints - it's the SLR auto exposure doing its nut. Oh and DON'T look at the layout - I run trains, I don't do scenery! Full explanation later - this will do for today!
  3. NEW ONE-PIECE CIE CONTAINER AND RELAUNCHING THE SKELETON Previously, I produced a 1970s CIE 27101 series Skeleton Flat for 20 foot containers. Normally some lead shot is imbedded in the resin at casting time, but it caused some issues with the flanges of the I-section from which the solebar is made. So, we have left out the lead and the result is a much cleaner, more detailed result. There is a price to pay, of course, the resulting wagon is rather light (10g rather than 20g for the “old”) and, I thought, certainly too light to run empty – solution – well, run it “full” that is with a 20ft container astride it. To overcome this and also to provide a different heavier version of my CIE 20ft container, I asked Michael to produce a one-piece container – so no building to do, just undercoat and paint it, then add the transfers. The new container is 30g, an increase from the kit-built one (20g), so provides nice ballast for the new skeleton. See photos below. Not the correct colour of course, simply used to show the detail to advantage. In the event, as I'll show in a video in my next post - the skeleton runs well even unloaded, at least at reasonable speed on my iffy track! If you prefer an even heavier 20ft container flat, I also offer the flat with a floor (in effect the chassis of the double beet wagon – which used the earlier 26xxx container flats. Flat, or skeleton kit £22 post paid One piece container £11 postage extra Either wagon plus the container £32 post paid The two versions of the flat together, with a new container in undercoat and a finished container This a chunky container! But retains the detail of the earlier kit-built container
  4. I should have posted this in Photos & Videos of the prototype: If it could be moved easily by a moderator that would be appreciated: When CIE began its coaching stock replacement program in the early 1950s, it continued the traditional wooden coach building employed by the GSR and its predecessors. Over the decades, the length of coaches built by these companies had gradually increased from 4w to 6w coaches, then bogie stock on 45', 50', 57' and eventually 60' underframes by the 1940s. Other than the earliest composites built in 1951, the standard length chassis was then increased to 61'6" and remained at that length for decades to follow. The GSR style under frame and bogies were still used, until Bulleid's triangulated underframe and laminated panel construction began with the construction of a large fleet of Park Royal coaches in 1955. This continued with the Cravens fleet that followed. For years compartment/corridor coaches had dominated coach building until 1953 when the first centre open coaches for half a century were built as intermediates for the AEC railcars introduced in 1951. These 64 seat centre aisle open coaches had tables and a window shared by 4 seats. This is a nice 3/4 shot from a Flickr member whom photographed a fair number of important CIE coaches in the early 80s near the end of their working lives. 1356-71 series CIE Open Standard No. 1361 (1953) originally turned out by Inchicore in pre-1955 CIE green but after 30 years of service is seen in post 1963 BnT with single white stripe below the cantrail, Cork 1982 CIE 1356-71 series Standard Class Open (1953) No. 1368, Tralee, 1984 (note vertically extended lap window arrangement)
  5. I saw this photo of 7140 branded as a First in a Flickr gallery a while ago, and I'm wondering if it's my eyes or do the seats not line up with the windows? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tramfan/14647733553/
  6. I'm currently compiling a list of Irish Coaching Stock for use in any article I'm planning to right and while I've had no real issues with the Mk2d stock I've found a few discrepancies with certain Mk3 vehicles that I'm hoping someone can clear up for me. For reference I'm looking for the state of the following vehicles in about 2004: 7107 - was this an Open Composite seating 36F/36S or an Open Standard seating 64? 7147 - was this an Open Standard seating 72, 66 or 64 plus a wheelchair space? 7157 - was this an Open First seating 64 or an Open Standard seating 64? Additionally I'm curious as to how the two Executive Mk3s were used. I believe they were used in specials and so-called "Executive" trains but I assume they were also used in normal service trains? If so what services were they typically used in and as which type of vehicle, I've seen reference to 7162 being used as a dining car, is this when used in Executive trains or in lieu of a CityGold vehicle or something? Finally I've got a vague idea of how the seats were generally formed but if someone could let me know if the following is broadly correct: Dublin-Cork CityGold services: Typically Generator Van-CityGold-Buffet-5/6 Standards Other Dublin-Cork: Typically Generator Van-Composite-Buffet-4/5 Standards Dublin-Galway/Waterford/Tralee/some Limerick services: Typically Generator Van-Composite-Buffet-4/5 Standards Dublin-Westport: Typically Generator Van-Standard-Buffet-3 Standards Thanks in advance for any answers or clarifications anyone can give. Regards, Ben
  7. Railer

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Just quick heads up that the new revised Supertrain Mk2Ds are now in stock at Marks.
  8. Hi all, A second one to Cull is another nice Model, The Bachmann K1 (OR N class) Steam Loco number 383, Very nicely finished in Matt Black Again this one has never been run, Mint condition, all Detail parts are in the box. As per the piccys the baccy boxes have the usual slight wear n tear on the egdes. Looking for €140.00 post for this engine, Post Around €10.00 registered in Ireland. cheers Geogre
  9. Hi folks, Looking to sell this Barrier Wagon kit, Resin main Frame, white Metal bogies and buffer fittings, Each brass Tank Details and Plastic Tank. Price €25 plus €6 postage within Ireland
  10. Afternoon Folks, As snow day has given the the opportunity to weed some more items out that I have no use for. I have here 2 built Fertiliser Wagons from the MIR Stable, No longer Prod, Seen around the Network North and South. 2 nice Runners, Standard Tension Locks on the Bogies (The pictued without tension locks will have them fitted before posted). Gibson wheels a Weathered as per pictures of the real thing hence the white/grey markings where bags were holed by the Forks. Looking for €99.99 for the two plus €10 registered post. As you can see from the Kit pictures They cost STG32.50 as per the box price tag which equates to €37.00.
  11. Lads, 7 of these kits for Sale, Hard to get these day I believe. have 7 MIR Fertiliser Kits for sale. Very hard to come by these days as they are no longer produced. Some are in the boxes shown , 4 are packed in a plain Cardboard box. Looking for €40 per posted per wagon or €260 for job lot and €15 posted within Ireland All come with White Metal bogies, Buffer,brake Pipes, Brass Sides, Decals and Plastic Strut 3 sold already, 4 left.
  12. Hi , Well Santa was kind with a new book, Irish Railway Rambler by Micheal McMahon from Colourpoint`s fine stable! ISBN 978-1-78073-075-2. A great set of pics and extended captions with good pics to help modellers. I have now read it fairly well twice and to my untrained view a good read and worth my 16 earth pounds - other currencies available ! Robert
  13. The final one to Cull is another The Bachmann K1 (OR N class) Steam Loco number 383, Very nicely finished in Gloss Black Again this one has never been run, Mint condition, all Detail parts are in the box. As per the piccys the baccy boxes have the usual slight wear n tear on the egdes. Looking for €140.00 post for this engine, Post Around €10.00 registered in Ireland. cheers George
  14. Hi Folks, Looking to fund a dip into O gauge so looking at flogging some items regrettably (just remembered Stirling Single and Bullied Diesel inbound to O gauge will have to go on hold!) First up is a I imagine a hard to find item these days. Bachmann 32-225Z Class Y Tanks Loco operated by the 'Northern Counties Committee' No.18 Looking for €90.00 plus postage (around €10.00) for this lovely little engine. I have not run it since it was bought and it was only out of the box for the shot. As can be seen the Box has some very slight wear around the edges and the loco is in Mint condition. Can test run it before posting if required. cheers George
  15. FOR SALE I've decided to sell my full set or IE MK3's. All of the coaches have been converted/repainted from Lima MK3's coaches and all lightly weathered. The GUV was converted using Studio Scale Models brass kit and has a Kadee coupling at one end set to NEM height. Here's what you get: 1 x 1st Class (Glazed with Shawplan Laser Glaze) (Coach A) 1 x Restaurant (Coach B) 4 x Standard (Coaches D, E, F & G) 1 x GUV (AKA Genny Van) I'm looking for €450 + P&P. Will accept CASH or PayPal (Family & Friends). Sold as seen. No returns. Thanks for looking. Tony.
  16. Jawfin

    CC1's Frames

    Hey, I've been told (from a multitude of sources) that CC1's frames were filled with cement or something and used as a bridge on a golf course. Can anyone shed any light (presuming it's true!), like if the bridge is still there or what golf course it's on?
  17. Folks, just to let you know about several new transfers packs added to our range: http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/2966-Railtec-Transfers-new-releases-%28Gatwicks-oil-cl80-sandite-NIR-parcel-seacows%29?p=46575#post46575 A huge thanks to all for your continued support!
  18. Folks, we've just released a pack for the CIE City Gold to complement our existing CIE range. The pack caters for three City Gold mark 3 vehicles: 5612: CIE City Gold mark 3 set These can be purchased by following this link. A huge thanks to all for your continued support! More packs to follow very shortly...
  19. Hi, I try to convert an AEC regal bus (from EFE) into an CIE railbus of the 50s. The biggest problem was to move the front entrance to the back. It is still without paint and detailing. I hope it managed to attache the pictures (I try that for nearly an hour now). Does anybod have pics of the rear or the right hand side of the bus? It seems there is no entrance there but I am not sure about it. Frank CIE bus.pdf
  20. Users, It looks as though the Blennerville steam railway, Tralee, co. Kerry, may make a comeback within the next year or two. I am trying to push the council into reopening it, if you would like to give suggestions or ask questions, please visit: http://gswrg.webs.com/ Go raibh maith agaibh Irishrail201
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