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Found 13 results

  1. I have a MM Class 201 DCC & DCC Sound Ready, I also have a Hornby TTS Class 67 sound chip which has a speaker attached.... you see where this is going? If one wanted to "plug in" the 67 sound chip to th 201 (which already has a speaker), how would one do this? Thx in advance! Side note: i'm not going to buy a MM CL201soundchip, its too dare at the moment for me....
  2. I've started working my way through my sound enabled locos to create Youtube videos to both capture them for my own archival purposes and to folks a view to their capabilities. This one of a MM Class 071 contains some interesting station announcements: More to come .....
  3. https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/br-4-6-2-sir-william-a-stanier-f-r-s-princess-coronation-class-modified-late-br-red.html Due to popular demand, hornby is doing a limited re run of their first OO Gauge Stanier duchess built to a modified Ivatt design, 46256 'Sir William A. Stanier F.R.S.' In BR Maroon with Late Crest. RRP £204.99. Due June 2018!
  4. As you may know, Hornby announced doing an OO Gauge BR Standard Class 6 'Clan' Pacific model in 2009, and between that and 2010, they made three Clan models, which are: R2846/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72000 'Clan Buchanan' in BR Lined Green Early Emblem R2847/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72008 'Clan Macleod' in BR Lined Green Late Crest R2925/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72005 'Clan Macgregor' in BR Lined Green Late Crest But, while searching through the Hattons Model Railway a few weeks back I came across this: http://www.hattons.co.uk/34571/Hornby_R2969_Clan_Class_4_6_2_72002_Clan_Campbell_BR_will_feature_as_part_of_the_Hornby_2011_/StockDetail.aspx It turns out Hornby was going to make a fourth Clan model: 72002 'Clan Campbell' in BR Lined Green Late Crest! It's product description from Hattons is, and I quote: "This item was announced in the Hornby Collectors club magazine in August 2010. The item was then planned to be part of the 2011 range but was not amongst the items announced on December 25th 2010." Took me by surprise!
  5. Three Hornby GWR-liveried locos free to a good home in the Cork area. Virtually mint in box (boxes opened just to check livery and condition), bought in the mid-2000s. In original boxes. 1. Hornby R2391 4-6-0 1010 'County of Carnarvon' (livery G-crest-W) 2. Hornby R2098E 2-6-2 61XXt Prairie number 6119 (livery Great Western) 3. Hornby R2464 2-8-0 2800 heavy freight tender loco, number 2847 (livery GWR) Buyer can collect from Ballinlough area of Cork. Martin Ball
  6. Three Hornby GWR-liveried locos for sale. Virtually mint in box (boxes opened just to check livery and condition), bought in the mid-2000s. In original boxes. Each loco 75 euros. 1. Hornby R2391 4-6-0 1010 'County of Carnarvon' (livery G-crest-W) 2. Hornby R2098E 2-6-2 61XXt Prairie number 6119 (livery Great Western) 3. Hornby R2464 2-8-0 2800 heavy freight tender loco, number 2847 (livery GWR) Will sell all 3 together for 200 Euros, or separately for 75 euros each. Postage extra, at cost. Can post thru Ireland, or buyer can collect from Ballinlough area of Cork. Martin Ball
  7. Hello, I have a friend selling a few boxes of original Hornby Trains O Gauge track for Hornby Trains clock work Trains with a few track accerises & she asked if I could ask for a price guide on these. They are all in their original boxes but are '2nd' hand items. Any ideas? -. Thanks in advance, Tony.
  8. Offloading either no longer required or never used models from my collection. Hornby Skaledale R9658 Workshop Building - New - 25 euro Hornby Skaledale R9709 Headingly Insurance Office - New - 25 euro Hornby Skaledale R9774 Merchant Bank - New - 25 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-141 Two Lane Traction Depot - New - 60 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-102 Drive Through Restaurant - Used, Boxed as New - 25 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-065 Art Deco Platform Centre Building - Used, Boxed as New - 35 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-127 Covered Footbridge - New - 30 euro Should be cheaper than anything you'll find on eBay. Will post if required (postage extra).
  9. You get everything that you see in the photos. Flying Scotsman (Hornby), Lima SNCF loco (bought in Italy) and the red Canadian loco, 3 coaches for the Flying Scotsman, a coach for the Lima and a goods wagon for the Canadian. Battery box for Lima, power block for Hornby. Some track from the three sets, some straight track and a junction piece, viaduct supports (one or two missing), damaged track etc. (see photos). I can't say what works and what does not. All I can say is that the last time (6 months ago) these were set up the Lima and the Canadian locos (which has a cool headlight) worked. The FS worked too, but was very slow going around the track. Since then, however, you can see that the front set of wheels have become detached from the FS loco, and a spring has popped out. I cannot guarantee that any of these locos work now, but all 3 worked until relatively recently, and my guess would be that the Canadian and Lima will work straight off. The FS will need a bit of work, but I expect it is a relatively easy fix for somebody with some skill with these locos (but I can't guarantee that). (Horsetan suggests a simple screw fix). €180 cash for all of this if collecting; €200 if posting to Ireland. More to post abroad. PM if interested. More photos below this message. Email me (northwicklowbooks@gmail.com) or PM if interested... Cash or paypal is preferred. The first photo, below, shows everything.
  10. I'm selling a boxed "As New" Hornby R3286TTS BR Class 40 Empress of Canada "D232" with TTS Sound which was an unwanted gift. It may not be Murphy Models but it's an excellent entry point to the world of model railway digital sound and it costs less than a Murphy Models sound decoder! First 100 euro secures plus 8 euro to cover registered post. Payment via Paypal.
  11. Hello everyone, I just have a question regarding track for model layouts. Would you recommend hornby track or peco track for running Irish models? On my old basic layout I only used hornby track as that was the only track I knew of at the time but now that I've decided to build a more advanced larger layout (having seen other modellers on the site use the peco streamline track) I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time to move to peco. How do you think the two brands compare when it come to reliability, appearance, build quality and easiness to work with because those are the qualities I want in my new layout. I myself have found that some of my locos don't like hornby track, especially when it comes to points. Any help and feedback as well as advice is appreciated. Thanks all.
  12. this is a great controller in great condition,only selling as i am selling my whole layout! Comes with: Select controller & AC/DC Power Adapter,and you can view the Instruction Manual @ http://www.hornby.com/downloads/instruction-manuals/r8213-hornby-select/ this controller is at Marks Models for € 114.99..... I am looking for 85€ The Hornby Select Digital Control is by far the perfect way to enter the digital world of model railways. The Select is capable of having control of 60 locomotives and providing power is available run 10 locomotives at any one time. The Select can also operate 40 solenoid operated accessories including points. The stylish design puts all the control features available from the Select at the operator's fingertips. From the smooth operation of the rotary control to the large LCD display, the Select is the ideal way to enter the digital world of model railways.
  13. This is the R2179 LMS 4-6-2 Coronation Classs Locomotive '6228 Duchess of Ruthland' This is the 2001 R2179 Hornby model of the LMS London Midland Scottish region Coronation Class 4-6-2 steam locomotive Duchess of Gloucester. It is finished in the LMS crimson livery with gold lettering......Looking from €75 -95 Reasonable offers only please thankyou for your time
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