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Found 12 results

  1. Just about to make a new start on my first fictious Irish layout after more than 20 years of North American modelling. Wish me luck I will need it
  2. Apologies if this sort of post isn't allowed on the forum, but I would like to share this. The last few days/weeks I've seen here and on facebook, people mentioning that they are unsure of how the likes of Murphy Models will be gauging interest for how many units to make for upcoming runs, with people expressing concern about maybe missing out because of limited numbers being made again. I can understand that back in the 90s etc, it would have been difficult to gauge interest in irish railway models, but in todays social media age I believe it would be easier than ever. I understand that MM and IRM for example have their own facebook pages, as do other manufacturers, and they can maybe use these to get an idea of interest, however I would personally like to add a bit more 'science' to it. To that end, I have created a facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Irish-Railway-Model-Enthusiasts-104105321748403 The aims of the page are the following: 1 - To reach as many irish railway modellers as possible, so that companies can use these numbers as a gauge of interest. (not the number of likes on the page, but participation in polls etc run by the page, as this allows for a more accurate guesstimate of interest) 2 - To raise the profile of Irish prototypes in other parts of the world, that can be reached on social media, which would further drive demand. This will show companies that its not just a handful of lads on a wee island in the atlantic that want these models, but that potential is there for a larger market. It will be particularly important to get momentum going in the UK and the US given their already large model railway markets. 3 - To be completely neutral. The page would aim to work with companies to gather information for releases by running polls etc and gauging interest, however the page would not accept sponsorships or advertising from any company. There will be no favouritism or hate thrown towards any model railway manufacturer, the aim is to raise awareness and raise ideas etc, not to do reviews on existing products. We would also like the page to become a 'two way street' in the sense that as well as companies being able to gauge interest, people can pitch ideas to the manufacturers (the method by which this will be done is yet to be decided, but I was thinking perhaps something like monthly polls where folks can add their own suggestions and vote, and the winner of each poll vote can be presented as an official 'suggestion' to the various manufacturers.) 4 - To push the case for more RTR Irish models, in under-represented areas (such as steam, or NIR for example). Don't get me wrong, kit builds are great and this forum showcases that well, there are tonnes of talented people making awesome kits, however, the reality is that most model railway folks are not at that level, and more RTR models on the market will be extremely important for getting people involved in the hobby who may not have the skills to make brass kits yet, everyone starts somewhere afterall. 5 - To build on point 4, to brainstorm and suggest ways for accurate entry level models to be made. (No I am not talking about Hornby doing their orange hymeks or anything like that lol), I am talking about, for example, a railroad level locomotive that is representative of a real Irish prototype. This step is super important for getting the next generation involved. It may also be a way for certain manufacturers to dip their toe into the Irish market and see what happens. At the moment, the page is very sparse as I have only just set it up, but if we can get interest going and get it growing, then in my view it would be a great way to show companies that there IS in fact more of a market for it than they realise. My nightmare would be for MM for example to underestimate interest and only produce very small numbers of the announced stock, only for it to be hoarded and flogged on Ebay in a few years time for extortionate prices. Would it not be better for everyone involved to have accurate expressions of interest so that supply can meet demand? This of course relies on community support and engagement, so if anyone here is interest please feel free to give the page a like and to share it with people who will be interested. Also if anyone has suggestions or ideas for the page please let me know. I know model railway manufacturers work months and years ahead, so it is unlikely that this push will see any immediate results because most companies are probably already working on their 2022 and 2023 products, but we can use this time to build momentum and get involved. So what do you think? (PS - I would also like to say in case it is brought up, this page is in no way designed to be 'competition' to any other group on facebook, or to these IRM forums. Unlike these groups and forum, it is designed to be as neutral as possible and as public as possible, because I hope to raise awareness and ideas rather than building a group or community as exists on this forum and various facebook groups. The groups and the forums are fantastic, but very different to what I am envisioning with this public page. )
  3. Hi Folks I am attaching a few photos of the layout used to run my Irish stock. The layout is modular and comprises 15 separate modules ranging from singles to triples and includes corner modules. The basic single module is 308mm in length (from left to right), 300mm in width (from front to back) and 70mm in height (from bottom to top). The other modules are multiples of this except for the corner modules which are 365mm square. The fiddle yard (not shown in these photos) is triple in length but about 380 in width, more about this in other posts. Some of the backscenes have been improved and some others have been changed. The photos also some some of the stock that I have. The modules do not represent any particular place or time period but give a flavour of the types of things that can be seen in the Irish country side. The stock is a very eclectic mix because they are a mix of conversions and scratch building from what was available and what was easiest to do. I will post further photos later. MikeO
  4. A modern image layout,11' 0" x 5' 0" based on a terminus upper level descending to a continuous loop lower level. Fully signalled, electric points, and landscaped!! Dave Linfield built the baseboards, track and wiring. Ritchie Matthews and myself completed all the landscaping over a 2 year period! Still working on it!!!Hope you enjoy it! Sean Hogan 20200719_162501.mp4
  5. I would like to make an N gauge version of a Lyons Tea Wagon but I am having difficulty getting information on some of the dimensions. In the resources section of this forum there is some in information and two photographs but no size is given for the length and height. The width is stated as 8ft 6ins and the wagon seems to be on a 20ft flat wagon. In one of the photographs, showing a broadside view, the body of the wagon, or should that be container, does not seem to the same length as the wagon. It may be about 12ins to 18ins shorter at each end than the flat wagon. If that is the case it would be about 16ft or 17ft long. At the North Down Show at the weekend I was told that in terms of length it would be similar to a normal sized container and would fit on to a normal sized open wagon. Again suggesting a 16ft to 17ft length. Would anyone know if the Lyons Tea Wagon was a wagon specifically built for Lyons or was it a standard container? In either case what is the height and length? If anyone has an 00 scale versions could they measure it and let me know the size? I can then convert that to N scale dimensions. I did come across a British version which is a standard sized container but is a totally different design to the one shown in this forum. was there a distinct Irish version? Any help would be much appreciated. Mike0
  6. In April I bought a copy the IRRS booklet Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Carriage Diagrams Part 5 Non Passenger Stock. The booklet contains drawings of a number of GNR 4, 6 and bogie wagons. I saw a bogie parcel wagon in Desmond Coakham's book and thought that it would make a god model. However the book did not have any dimensions so I was delighted to get the IRRS booklet which had all the information I needed. In may I started to make a P1 parcel van mainly from plastic sheeting but enhanced with card and some brass tube. The only part I did not make was the bogies these are N gauge society kits. The following photos show roughly the progress in making the wagon. The chassis is made from mounting board. The bogies are attached by means of a small piece of brass tube glued into the mounting board. the board id raised above the wheels of the bogie by a washer which also provides a little weight. This view shows the side, the other side is the same. I put some generic boxes inside as I had glazed the windows but nothing can be seen inside when the roof is on As can be seen the windows are too small in this scale to see anything. For the louvres I tried scoring the plastic but with little success The roof made from card has been added together with details on the doors and chassis This view show one end, the other being the same The final stage was the painting and lettering. the following photos show the completed wagon. The lettering and numbering were done on the computer. I have given the wagon a worn look. MikeO
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a side view of a class 2700 DMU? just one carriage would suffice. I have looked on the internet but can only find front or three-quarter views. The reason for asking is that in my post on the Connolly Station thread, following lamenting about not being able to find any of the donor stock need for the conversions mentioned by Driver301, I have managed to get an N Gauge Class 158 2 car DMU to convert to a Class 2700 DMU. However the doors are in the wrong place and some of the windows need to be changed/repositioned. This may be possible through painting but I would like to see what the spacing is. The three-quarter view photos show roughly where changes are needed but the side view, if available, would allow a more accurate positioning and spacing to be achieved. MikeO
  8. Following on from the advice I received on the forum a few weeks ago about liveries, I have completed a Y8 van. I had intended the initial effort to have computer generated sides and then to move on to a plastic version. However, I was revising some other wagons and and found 2 8 plank wagons that I still had to convert. I thought that one could become the Y8 as the Y8 is just over 15ft over body in length, just the same size as the 8 plank wagon. Attached are a series of photos showing the sequence of conversion The first photo shows an 8 plank wagon (not) the one converted but the same type. I had to raise the sides and one end as they were lower than the second end. One end had 2 vertical bracing strips which needed to be lengthened The other end had one central bracing strip so this was removed and two new ones added Next on each side the existing door needed to be framed and vertical bracing (plastic strip) as well as 2 small doors (plastic planking sheet) added. The roof was made from card as were the plain curved portions on each end, supporting the roof. The wagon was then painted in crimson with a little light brown added. the numbers and lettering were computer generated. I am not sure that colouring for the lettering and the numbers is correct as it does not show up very well. The other side is the same. The black line below the roof represents double roofing. This is one end, the other is the same. I thought it was too bright so I applied a wash of "Sepia" to the sides and ends and a black wash to the roof. As per the advice the chassis was painted black for this wagon only. MikeO
  9. Hi all, My name is Tony and I'm new here. This summer I'm hoping to build a new small(ish) portable layout which I can take model railway shows. Here is the track plan. I am trying to think of a new name for another halt, which doesn't involve cack, Bally, or donaghNIRwherebetteroffbefore1996 as my friend came up with Slive Cack with is irish for mount s**t and my other friend who hates translink came up with donaghNIRwherebetteroffbefore1996, and I basically want a name with out Bally. The layout is based on Translink NI Railways from late 1990s to present day. Please note: ballynawood & meganthreu can take a full 6 car set. There will also be a fictional railway company called tonys transport who shares locomotives with Translink NI Railways and IÉ such as 206 & 222 etc on the layout. Frist tonys transport coach: Wish me luck! Tony.
  10. Hiya all, After our club layout is finished later this year I'm embarking on my Irish N Scale layout, so if anyone has anything that may suit, either finished or part done projects, give me a shout. Dave
  11. I have a 201 co-co class loco 220 "River Blackwater", in original box never run,in absolutely perfect condition.I only bought it last month! I would sell it for €140.00 (bearing in mind they have an RRP of €164.99), please let me know if anyone is interested! Kind Regards, Darragh
  12. Hello everyone! I'm getting into newer model trains now which means i want to sell off my vintage collection for cheap to raise the money quickly All of this is located in Kilkenny. You can contact me here: 0861962380. E370 FOR THE LOT. WILL SELL SEPERATELY Here's the list of models I'm selling: Restaurant Car - W9572 (20euro seperate) Triang R23 (E8 Sep.) 2 Misc Jouef Carriages (E20 for both) British Railways - E15770 (E12 SEP.) Transcontinental Express 3606 (Rare) (E30 sep.) (Reserved) 2 x Intercity Carriage M12004 (Note: One carriage is missing a front axle hence price) (E15 each SEP.) (Reserved)Intercity Carriage W40301 (E15 SEP.) (Reserved) SNCF Carriage - Not marked (E10 sep.) SFN Carriage - CC7607 (E10 SEP.) (Reserved)3 x CIE Train Carriages. Highly collectible. (Note: One carriage is missing front axle hence very cheap price.) (E200 sep.) Also included in the E370 are 10 unique scenery items (all worn but usable), Model freight inc. 17 attachable freight items with hitches with brands such as Shell, Carlsberg, Lyon's Tea etc. Also included are 10 small shipping crates as well as the track below: Track: About 100 unique pieces of track for any collector who wants to maintain their own tracks, included as track pieces are 7 switches for model trains. That's it all, all for E370 The pictures can be seen here: http://www.donedeal.ie/for-sale/hobbies/3612866 I didn't want to spam this site with them Contact me if you have any questions.
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