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Found 7 results

  1. I'm currently compiling a list of Irish Coaching Stock for use in any article I'm planning to right and while I've had no real issues with the Mk2d stock I've found a few discrepancies with certain Mk3 vehicles that I'm hoping someone can clear up for me. For reference I'm looking for the state of the following vehicles in about 2004: 7107 - was this an Open Composite seating 36F/36S or an Open Standard seating 64? 7147 - was this an Open Standard seating 72, 66 or 64 plus a wheelchair space? 7157 - was this an Open First seating 64 or an Open Standard seating 64? Additionally I'm curious as to how the two Executive Mk3s were used. I believe they were used in specials and so-called "Executive" trains but I assume they were also used in normal service trains? If so what services were they typically used in and as which type of vehicle, I've seen reference to 7162 being used as a dining car, is this when used in Executive trains or in lieu of a CityGold vehicle or something? Finally I've got a vague idea of how the seats were generally formed but if someone could let me know if the following is broadly correct: Dublin-Cork CityGold services: Typically Generator Van-CityGold-Buffet-5/6 Standards Other Dublin-Cork: Typically Generator Van-Composite-Buffet-4/5 Standards Dublin-Galway/Waterford/Tralee/some Limerick services: Typically Generator Van-Composite-Buffet-4/5 Standards Dublin-Westport: Typically Generator Van-Standard-Buffet-3 Standards Thanks in advance for any answers or clarifications anyone can give. Regards, Ben
  2. Seen a copy of June 1985 come up for sale. Picture of an 071 with brand-new Mk3s, would I be right in assuming there's a feature on them in the issue? Grateful for any confirmation provided. Regards, Ben :)
  3. I saw this photo of 7140 branded as a First in a Flickr gallery a while ago, and I'm wondering if it's my eyes or do the seats not line up with the windows? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tramfan/14647733553/
  4. I found this photo somewhere a while back and saved it. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found it and I wondered if anyone could identify the location: Regards, Ben.
  5. I'm looking for any IE MK3s (i don't care if they are resprays)or MK2ds (orange roof only).
  6. Hi all, Have been working away at an attic room / Layout & baseboards for quite some time. As of last weekend (Sat 4th Jan 2014) the final section of baseboard was slotted into place. This allowed the first loop of track to be laid and trains to be run. It's been a slow burning project for sure. There have been plenty times I wondered would it ever get somewhere. But thankfully it has and I'd like to say to anyone working on their own layouts... there's nothing quiet so satisfying as running the first train. In my case the first train to be run was No.201 'River Shannon' pulling a rake of Mk3s. Seeing it thunder around the single loop of Hornby set-track (plenty wobbly and un-nailed!!!) was a great feeling. Making all those hours spent ferrying building materials up and down the attic ladder at the weekends so worthwhile. Firstly, the name... Why Lyttelton? For two reasons; I like the play on words Lyttelton (little-town). And also as a reminder of time spent working on the South Island of New Zealand. Lyttelton is the chief port and rail head for the South Island. I'd regularly pass coal trains heading there whilst travelling State Highway 73 enroute to Christchurch. Kiwi names aside... It'll be mostly Irish stock being run, with the odd Eurostar or NZR coal train thrown in It will eventaully be DCC, for now its the good old Bachmann DC controller and Set-track. Room size is 4 x 3meters (12' x 10') approx. It was originally just open attic space, underutilised and full of the usual household junk. I took the time to insulate and draft proof it where possible. To keep costs down I undertook the majority of the work myself, framing, insulating, plaster boarding etc... However I draw the line at modifying the roof trusses and electrical work. These were left to the professionals. Baseboards are constructed of 16mm MDF framework with 10mm tops. All mounted on height adjustable feet. They are of my own design. I wanted something completely modular that I could take with me if I ever moved house. Plus, the baseboards had to clear the 'W' roof trusses that every 80's bungalow seems to have. The boards had to have removable sections at two points, the window (mounted on 'flush mounts'), and the entrance door (mounted on a hinge). I wanted to incorporate a difference in height form the rails in regards to the landscape. I wanted to avoid the 'flat earth' look of some model railways. Therefore one of the middle sections of baseboard is mounted lower, thus giving plenty room for a wide stretch of river and a future home for a pair of Kibri viaducts I'm working on. A river being the lowest point, well below the height of the rails. Ballast, hills etc.... can be added in layers giving a depth and rolling lanscape look. At this point in time I have no finalised 'track-plan’; it’s still a work in progress. After all the hard graft it's just nice to watch the trains go by. Cheers Tom
  7. Hi all, here's my attempt at creating a rake of Mk3 coaches to go along with my Murphy Models 201. The coaching stock consists of new type Hornby Mk3s plus a couple of older Hornby/Lima coaches for the Retaurant and EGV. The EGV is a SSM kit and the very first item i built, in retrospect I probably wouldnt have started with the trickiest item! All in all it was a fairly enoyable learning curve. Will probably give them a light bit of weathering in future, take the 'box fresh' look off and add a bit of realism. I have had plenty inspiration from what I've seen on the site so far and know the standards are very high. I do hope to contribute a bit more in future. But first I have to go build a layout to run them on, that's the next project Cheers, Tom
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