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Found 2 results

  1. its so trains, i had to share this poster, I believe the 1881 coal miners strikes inspired the pennsylvania coal strikes, which in part lead to the establishment of the Trade Union movement of America and else where, especial;ly as so many Irish from Castlecomer ended up working in pennsylvania before the coal strikes. I did a google search for 'castlecomer mine and quarry union.pdf' nice page, includes great photo of mine with rail track. indeed it looks much like my layout today, now thta i am rewiring the power blocks into occupancy block and installing current dectors and more. the poster is from a 1912 coal strike, as it seems there were many strikes.
  2. Meltdown for some of you: feb 27th, 1st auction Irish Railwayana https://www.purcellauctioneers.ie/catalogue/BA501BE682202D4D9EFC077548FA7C58/81B29AB6FA187A02A829C1899B734425/february-sale-to-include-a-collection-of-irish-railwayana-j/?action=1&searchCategory=B7551CF49F6B74466AC8733B133778C1 2nd auction Specialist Auction of Irish Railwayana Literature & Ephemera, hundreds of items 13th Mar 2019 from 12pm https://www.purcellauctioneers.ie/catalogue/BA501BE682202D4D9EFC077548FA7C58/81B29AB6FA187A02A829C1899B734425/february-sale-to-include-a-collection-of-irish-railwayana-j/ just in-case this is not allowed here, you can move it to calendar. (as yet, i have no business or any other interest in this, although i may bid) including thousands of rail tickets, scrap albums, photos, books, books on locos, travel brouchers, many hand drawn station plans, Southern Ireland and republic Northern Station Diagrams Two Diagrams of Athy and Wolfhill Colliery Rail Lines, c.38 x 15in Plans of the Several Lines of Railways in Ireland, Laid Out Under The Direction of the Commissioners 1837. Very Large oblong folio by Charles Vignoles & John MacNeill. The work is in two parts. Consisting of Part 1 Through the South and South Western Districts of Ireland by Charles Vignoles a Vast and Extensive File Relating to the Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway c.1930's, Dividend Warrants, Correspondence, Invoices etc. etc. - 7boxes, Great Southern & Western Railway - Diagram of Gradients and Curves - oblong folio Dublin United Tramway Company - Plans and Sections of Junctions and Extensions, 1889, large folio and includes 7 illustrated plans on and on and on it goes......................
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