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Should I Switch From 00 to N?

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Hello everybody, a thought thats been dwelling on my mind for the past few months is a switch in gauges from 00 to N gauge. Im 17 and i have a 10×10 shed which took me 3 summer jobs to get and ive alot invested in 00 gauge, irish trains, british trains, aload of buildings, and enough track to cover ever inch of the shed, so ALOT of money was put into it. For ages i could never 'fill out' the shed with my buildings co-ensiding with all the stations, yards and sidings i wanted. I basically couldnt acheive what i wanted because my space was limited. So either a really clever track plan or a switch to N gauge are my choices. Just wanted to know is the switch easy and feasibile and any other starting point, regets and information to pit my mind at ease

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Welcome!!    Each to their own but if you have already invested in a lot of OO gauge trains, buildings and tracks, it might make sense to have a go at building something basic within your confines with what you have-  as you have it.

You can always do a rough plan and see how you go with it and it might be what you want.  If not, then at least you have lost nothing by trying.

10 x 10 is more space than a lot of people have!

Deffo go for it and post some photos!!

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