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Heuston North

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2 hours ago, Rob said:


Very impressive Rob. Some really nice detailing added, with station signage and lighting etc. Love this shot looking towards the container yard and shed. Great stuff. 

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Where should I start.

I've never seen a scene with so much detail and realism.

I love the platform details, it's got everything, the kids at the vending machine, the signals look great.

The platform edging lines really look so neat.

now all we need is the trains.

Take a bow.

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What attention to detail, this layout just looks so realistic, both sets of photos with and without rolling stock really draw your attention to  the care and thought that has gone into this project. Very well done Rob, it's class looking.

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That's stunning Rob. Looks totally brilliant, love the details, it really captures the essence of Heuston right down to platforms, track well, fencing, signage, service gear, sheds, people microscenes, and the lighting makes it feel like the inside of Heuston. Love it. Enjoy.

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On 27/6/2021 at 4:25 PM, Rob said:

Some photos of layout named after a combination of my local, Heuston Station (for the passenger stock) & North Wall (for the freight).

Era is loosely based around 2005 - 2008 when you could still see Cravens, Mark 3's, 141 & 181 in operation, along side 071 and 201 class locos.

I took the photos after l removed the stock to clean the rails- rare to have nothing on it!

I don't have the expertise of most on here on the modelling front. l owe a huge amount to so many guys here who helped along the way.

It was kinda the dream even getting to this point and there is a long way to go but here's where l am today.



















That is one of the most outstanding pieces of modelling I've seen in a long time! Superb work indeed!

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