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Fintona sur les Alpes

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An impressionist continental European micro layout (HO, 48 x 5 inches)

Single railcar arrives at the platform across the second set of points, passing wagons unloading along the loop.

Station and goods shed in a single range, weird looking hut, strange lamppost, puzzling signalling...



Based on Fintona, which had a surprisingly continental trackplan...





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Superb concept.

Perfect for a place (e.g. small apartment) where a full-size layout is impractical, but could also allow for large scale modelling in a reasonably sized room - you could do a thing like that in Gauge 1 - think of the scenic detail possibilities on that!

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Fintona = "Fionntamhnach", meaning 'bright clearing'.....

"Fintona-sur-la-Mer" might, in French, be roughly "zone lumineuse près de la mer"! 

There's a station nameboard to rival "Llanfairpwgyllwllygghhwghwghgwhyywjhgwhjhwllwklwjhyyyyllllwwwwywywywywywhjgsfdcugywtfb$mdxbcjkghwsejhgrfkljasxcjkhqlwkjsilliogogogochgochgoch".

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