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New book-Irish railways line by line

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Hi all,

There is a new book on irish railways about to be published by my good friend Jim Edgar,

It is the first in a series of books on Irish railways covering the period from the early 1970s to the mid 2000s,

The cost is £11.50 with £4.00 P&P and can be purchased directly from his website at www.markle.co.uk,

Also the RPSI have some for sale on their website,

I would highly recommend the book as a valuable resource for modellers of that iconic period,with some rare photos of long gone locations,locomotives and traffic.


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53 minutes ago, DiveController said:

Noel, is there a series of these intended on different lines and if so which ones and over the same time period?

Yes DC,

Jim does have plans for books on other lines-e.g the south and south west and east and south east in due course-and yes all covering the same time period. 
if you like the 1970s to the early to mid 2000s then this one is I deal for you. 


56 minutes ago, jhb171achill said:

Looks good! Nice pic of the Loughrea train on the cover........

And 97 more colour photos between the front and rear covers….!!!

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7 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

There's one about to appear from my end of things, relating to the Tipperary area (should be out before the end of October), and another after that which is in progress..........

I'm not the only one who spent the lockdown at a keyboard, it seems!  😉


Well Done John and the lockdown led me to start writing articles and working on Disused Stations website etc. Whilst a series of chats at the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre (DRHC) and the discovery of many unpublished photos of the other railway in County Donegal has resulted in my first railway book. This will be published in early October by the DRHC. With all profits raised going towards mainly the Drumboe fund, from this book "The Lough Swilly Remembered". Details to order will soon be posted here and on the DRHC website. Special thanks to Ernie in particular.

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