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Well now that's 'just amazing'! someone is very interested in his/her job!,

or he cant spell,

or do Irish,

or colour blind- they even got the soldier course wrong.


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My first trip beyond 5km (to give them time to put the outside world back in place) involved passing the two bridges to the southwest of the station. The first seemed well able to resist being st

A few from my visit last week.

It's always possible that it could be the result of unofficial action, there are no screws in the cover and it looks as though it wouldn't be too hard to lift up. It's certainly less of an issue

Posted Images

Hi Borithe

Ah there you go, alien technology- it is a message in the hggle-de-biddly (alien spelling) paving on the platform

Look out for sparks from the top of that, you know they used them for transmitting electricity and having telephone conversations with Orion!!

Dam aliens leaving messages all over the place

Hay! I wonder did they build trains?


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It is of interest (to me, anyway) that the sunrise on my birthday (next Wednesday, if you're asking, still time to send something) is due to be exactly in line with the tracks at Ballybrophy.


It is possible that I am the Messiah..?

The railway was laid out using the same technology as Newgrange, that much seems obvious.

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Ah aliens did play trains then,....

Michael Tsarian wrote a book about his theory on Newgrange;- the mound was a landing pad for the space ship that landed there and seeded earth civilisation from there many moons ago! It always puzzled me- who built the mound before the space ship landed?

Oh hail the Messiah

Let me see if I can whip out an early birthday card.......


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The parking issue has reached critical levels there now - something may have to be done...


A new sign has appeared on the fifth lamppost from the Dublin end of the Branch Platform.



The access ramp on the northbound platform has notes about only being used on Mk 4s. Too wide for the branch trains?



But the similar-looking one for the southbound trains does not.



Whilst I was there, 222 pulled a southbound train through at a fair speed - there were no leaves on the platform when it had gone.



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last of the summer Whiners

between ya all, ye should write a comedy, youd have thousands new train geeks, on the site , following yar every move.

what a side splitting post, oulfellas standing at a deserted station, nothing to do with yourselves, watching pigeons and aliens

but ye break me shxyxt laughing .

its far better than ' last of the summer Whiners.  love and best wishes, to ye all.

thank dog..its in Laois,  for only here would we understand...

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The recent inspection has revealed few alterations of any interest.

The car-parking on a Saturday is only at about 40% of the weekday numbers - and the netting around the water tower has suffered from the weather a bit, although the structure itself doesn't seem to be significantly worse than it was a few years ago.



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  • 4 weeks later...

The only major recent development is the unauthorised installation of a beehive in the roof space.



The Hanging Gardens are starting to emerge again for this season.



There was some activity whilst I was there.




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A visit today revealed little new of note.

I thought these ridge tiles were new-looking, but they seem to have been there for a while.



These nudge marks have appeared on the new buffers.



219 powered through whilst I was there.




Views of the tracks through the heat haze.




A scale drawing from 2009.



The bees in the roof and other parts of the roof gardens are flourishing.



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Today's inspection tour revealed little worthy of note.

A spare track connector is available, if you've lost one.



4005 swept through.




It's still litter-free/windswept.



A a couple of fairly vertical track shots.




They must have a really good track rubber.



This bridge, a couple of miles away to the southwest, is in really good condition, considering it was presumably built in the late 1840s.



Little evidence of any recent masonry repairs being necessary.

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4 hours ago, PorkyP said:

I prefer the station foot bridge that was there before the aliens arrived with their plastic version..😉

It certainly did fit in better, but access to the island platform for the doddery was a little problematical at times.


Wit a Cork-bound Mk 4 set stopped there, you couldn't cross the track, except via the footbridge, if you could manage the stairs.

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27 minutes ago, PorkyP said:

The old bridge a lot better for taking photies of the trains too..!.😉

These can still be got - collapses down to look a bit like a spirit level or snooker cue case...

Image result for draper folding small step ladder

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2 hours ago, PorkyP said:

Jaysus, I can just see meself falling off one of those..😁

That's just the basic trestle there.

You'll also need a steel toed shoes, harness, high visibility vest, ground anchors for the trestle for use on grass, spirit level, hilti-gun/masonry bolts, anemometer, uplink to Met Eireann, lightning rod and insulators, reflective cones, warning signs for passengers and the public, use certification, permit, wheelbarrow, and a back support for yourself should get your started. If you're serious you'll ensure you have spares for everything.

PS Don't forget to pack your camera😁  

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Today's inspection tour revealed little new to report.

These nice road/rail vehicles were parked up.



The branch sleepers are looking quite Olde Worlde.



219 pushed through whilst I was there.




The bees are still on duty.



Some of the details are quite ecclesiastical - or ecumenical.


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A brief inspection today revealed little of note.

The gates were closed on the 'sneak' entrances, so I approached via the Waiting Room.


Some tarting-up has occurred on the footbridge, improved visibility of the step edges for the dark evenings and mornings, etc.



Though, the lifts seemed to be unavailable.



The odd local was still finding the bridge useful, however.



If you should have any accidental splashes of yellow paint on some slate-roofed models, then this may be useful as evidence in your defence.



The derelict building off the loop was cleared a few years back, but is filling up again.


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Today's inspection tour revealed few alterations.

The polite notice at the end of Platform 2 has been renewed.



And one has also appeared at the end of Platform 1, too.



The 'new' bridge is starting to look older than the 'old' bridge ever did...



Some more interesting masonry textures.


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Very little to report from today's inspection.


The footbridge lighting has been renovated.



It was wet and windy, it being a day in 2020 with a vowel in it...




It was noted there there were a few cars parking in the 'ballast yard', possibly semi-officially, but parking is becoming a real issue there now, I would have been hard put to find a place to leave the car for more than the few minutes that I was there.

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Posted (edited)

A quick check revealed that the station was just inside my 5km radius, so a brief inspection was carried out, revealing little of note.


The parking situation has eased considerably, of course. Just four passenger vehicles parked (one is just out of sight in the car park corner), rather than a full car park and both sides of the access road.



This substantial wall where the old cattle dock was is slowly disappearing.



If you have any old rail left, you could improvise a crash barrier with it.



The bees are carrying on as though nothing has happened.



This has appeared on the ticket machine, for anybody modelling this very specific period in the future...

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