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Murphy Models 121

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WT CLASS 2-6-4T No. 4

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3 hours ago, leslie10646 said:

Very nice, David.

I received a loco by courier today, after paying £105 VAT on it. You can all start guessing!

I'll post photos shortly, when I've got into the armour-plating it was surrounded by; then spraying the place with disinfectant

That box .....1877038206_NZBox1.thumb.jpg.367a4833526c8ce7dc3c9199e7e14767.jpgYep, that's my "Workbench"!

Now go to Layouts - Portadown Jct - this thread is for Paddy's eagerly awaited little diesel - just too late for my 74th birthday......

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For anyone who has seen the samples first hand. Can anyone confirm if PM managed to model the LED lights on 134 the opposite way from 124. 134 has the red LEDs on the outside of the whites instead of the usual white outside the reds.

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Interesting observation, I had not noticed that, although the original (single) red marker was on the outside of the white, and the reds seem to be mostly on the outside (when fitted in the usual position instead of auxiliaries) during the square incandescent PP era.

There are photos of 124 with red square incandescents on the outside and vice versa  in different photos at that time. I suppose it didn't as long as the wiring on the prototype was correct!

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8 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

Just to whet the appetite, we dont want the "A's" taking over 
Might stick some more up tomorrow







Ambassador you are spoiling us :) 



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I've a question about the 645 engine in the 121s. From the limited research I can do all I can see is that 121,126-129 got 645 engines in the mid to late 80s. 121 only had it for about a year before that engine wen to 154 and 121 went back to its 567 engine.

So gone by that just 2 locos being released would be correct in the 645 sound chip?


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The see thru grills are just one of big details but there are many small ones like the cut out footstep which was one of the many small modification's carried out on these locomotives during the service life on the railway system this shows a great attention to detail on these locos .


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41 minutes ago, WRENNEIRE said:
3 hours ago, Ballinacraig said:

Will there be a weathered version in any of the liveries?

Unfortunately not man, 

That's a relief. I suspect many folks might prefer to do their own weathering, and to the extent they prefer. Factory weathering is usually rather poor and bland.

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