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Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

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Hi all

Just a quick update showing recent vehicle additions and using up left over bits and pieces of plastic parts and card to make up part of depot stores and signals workshops and stores. Also a quick peek at some new signals and gantries I’m constructing using plastic card, left over ratio parts and some scale model scenery walkways, with all working signals. Just have a little more work to do on some parts, then fit and connect to control panel,

Thanks for looking in TDR

new b.jpg

new a.jpg

new c.jpg

new d.jpg

new e.jpg

new f.jpg

new g.jpg

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4 minutes ago, ttc0169 said:

Always a joy to see this layout develop,the scissors crossover really adds flexibility to the operation of the MPD.  

Well done Raymond. 

Thanks Noel, the crossover was made by Patrick Nichols in England from peco points, a real superb piece of work, professionally put together into one piece



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Hi All

Some more progress on the layout, ballasting completed, track weathered, signals connected and working, spent an hour our two cleaning track today after the weathering stick passed over, so NIR 112 was put on cleaning duties and assigned to the CMX withfull tank of fluid, whilst an old Q kit Hunslet body on an Athearn F7A Chassis has been on trials having been converted to DCC, very pleased with the results.

Regards TDR


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