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I also use this method for producing decals. However, if I have a lot to do, I lay them out on a Word document to fill an A4 sheet, save it, copy the file to a memory stick, and  go to my local print shop with a sheet of decal paper for Laser printers, and get them to print the sheet. I take my own paper as the decal paper used by print shops may not be suitable for models with raised detail and complex curves, as I found out once. The advantage with laser printed decals is that they do not run when immersed in water. An A4 sheet of decals is also relatively cheap to get printed.  

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1 hour ago, RobertRoche said:

Home Printed Decals

I print a lot of decals at home. I use Microsoft Word and AutoCAD to reproduce the art.

Software Options

The decals are printed on Mr Decal Paper (sourced on eBay) using a home inkjet printer set to the highest resolution. Most decals print well, but some are just too small to print on most home machines.

Mr. Decal Paper

Once the ink has dried, I give the decals several coats of spray varnish. It is important to give enough coverage so that the decals won't run when exposed to water.

Once ready, any of the usual methods and products for applying decals can be used. 

End Result


That’s impressive and really useful information 

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3 hours ago, murphaph said:

They are the business. When and where were these used on the network?

Thanks! These wagons were put together for the 2005 beet season - which unfortunately was the last season. The trains ran Wellingtonbridge - Waterford - Limerick Junction - Mallow.

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