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Some test runs done today, front bogie kept derailing so it was replaced with something a bit heavier. Seemed to do the trick Thanks for looking 

Hi lads,  thanks for the replies  Popeye, tis indeed a pretty big job, especially compared to something like 309, that I didn't do much work on. Nonetheless I hope the end product will be decent

Decided to have a go at 553's very tall funnel. The funnel in the kit represented the J26 class in their original form rather than their GSR/CIE form. First thing was cutting the funnel with an a

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Wee update.

Frames added, dome modified and buffer beam fixed.





On 10/11/2019 at 7:10 PM, Galteemore said:

Yes, here’s that pic of 409. Shenanigans is right...the unusual numbering font, apparent right hand running, and deflectors made me think I was looking at a French loco at first! 


she looks very foreign with the smoke deflectors anyway, somewhat bizarre what the GSR was doing at the time. 

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In this month's Continental Modeller, there is an article doing a cut and shut with a Britannia to create a freelance South African Pacific. All about character and this model has plenty and even if it is freelance, it really looks the part.

 The large scale WW1 trench layout also features.

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