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Irish Vans

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Yes, but the 4mm scale 'Harrassed Workers' and 'Assorted Protesters with Placards' packs are sold separately....


During the worst of the 1995 fiasco, Yorkshire Water workers were refusing to drive marked vehicles or even to wear identifying uniforms....



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I have been offered a supply of Irish outline vans

Early 70's style


Bedford CA

Escort Mk 1 Estate

CIE & P&T liveries


Should have Irish reg, some will have detailed interiors, driver, clutter on the dashboard, weathering etc


Possibly personalised reg plates if required

Would there be an interest?

High roofed Transits in IE or IR might also be available if there was a demand

Answers on a postcard..............


Dave, do you have any photos of what these looked like and are they available from time to time? CIE & especially PT of interest


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Hi all,




With this Oxford BT van being available, I've updated the P&T pack so that you can make this...




I've also added in tiny diamonds so you can do the Renault 4 and upgraded the older P-T gold logo with shadowing and a VW logo so you can make the 60's P&T green van.

For the 95% of us who weren't here for that one:



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