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Glover's workbench

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I'm sure some of you know that Leslie McAlister of Provincial Wagons has named his home Pettigo Fair. Leslie, wagons will be delivered in time for the Fair!


Hi Glover,

Well, the tears are flowing down my cheeks, seeing "my" wagons arriving "at home" -

and not just because of the frustration of my broken arm.

I may have told the story behind the House Name......

When No.85 the GLOVER Compound was being trialled thirty years ago, I dragged my twelve year-old son, William, over to Belfast for the run to Dublin (we stayed in the North with Galteemore's Mum and Dad).

Anyway, the IRRS Archive was open especially for the occasion and I took him up to The Holy of Holies where the bound sets of weekly notices are kept. We got down the 1946 volume, but nothing of interest was happening on the 10th June.

I sent him to put the 1946 set back and to fetch the 1939 set, as his Mother was born on 20 July of that year. Against the day before was an instruction to send extra cattle wagons to Pettigo for the Fair. Now, we were just about to move into our new home and after that, there could only be one name! The other family connection was that my late father was a young constable at GARRISON on Lough Melvin and could have been at the Fair that day.

Put your handkerchiefs away now!

Lovely cattle special on a very fine railway - very well done. We must organise a photo-shoot with my steam locos - my AL or PP would look nice, or even the 00 Works U Class?



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6 hours ago, Glover said:

It’s been a long time, over a year, since I updated these notes. I don’t want to go all maudlin but it might just help others to deal with the issues which have affected me.

My sincerest thanks to all,


Dear Glover. All I can do is wish you care. So sorry to hear. Loved seeing your creative and superb atmospheric modelling. The photos above of the cattle wagon are testament to a wonderful artistic creativity. Sublime scenes filmed in 1950s nostalgia gold. Will pray for you and your loved ones. Take care.  Noel


6 hours ago, Glover said:

I managed to make it to the exhibition in Blackrock last October and bought 5 Provincial Wagons CIE cattle wagons.

With these plus three GNR wagons plus some others, including a rework of the old Mainline LMS wagons, I can now assemble a ten wagon cattle special.

I’m sure some of you know that Leslie McAlister of Provincial Wagons has named his home Pettigo Fair. Leslie, wagons will be delivered in time for the Fair!

Others have done a better job than me on these lovely little wagons but I can only offer the excuse that my energy levels are, and have been somewhat depleted .

One thing I am lucky with is reasonably generous curves; circa 27 inches.

That has allowed me to close up the gap somewhat between wagons.

Some photos to finish.




And maybe a few more snaps.


These are absolutely stunning scenes. Alive with realism and atmosphere. The cattle wagons turned out absolutely superb and the layout is a perfect home.

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That cattle wagon special looks the business and fits perfectly into the layout.  Master modelling of Leslie's kits and I'm sure many will be studying them in detail when assembling their own.

Thanks for creating Glover's workbench and for sharing so much modelling.  Informative, entertaining and high standards for the rest of us to aspire to.

Will keep you in our thoughts.




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I have just read Glovers thread from start to finish. The modelling is so good as all the likes and praise show but what shines through for me is his sense of humour, a willingness to take a joke at himself, a warm and friendly man. I never met him, I wish I had.  Always Glover, Rest in Peace.

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Thank you Leslie for lets us all know, I really liked his style of modelling, I hope that it can be kept as a collection in one form or other for others to enjoy his modelling.

After reading his Blog? I went and brough all the Railway modellers he used to build his Coaches with, I think I may very well have this winters modelling programme sorted.



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