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1 hour ago, Midland Man said:


do you have any pics of Moate station. I know it can be a big ask but with no IRRS it is hard to get pic apart from my own collection from books 

Nothing among these, unfortunately.

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Another of the move of the Fintona Tram. Here, it has reached Omagh. The loco left it there and another one hitched up and took it onwards.

Albert Quay terminus in Cork too. Perfect modelling subject for a small city-type terminus.



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15 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

Time we went back to the narra gauge. 

This shows just how busy the County Donegal could be. 

Had the border never appeared, it’s likely we might still have Derry - Strabane at least, maybe Donegal.....

First, an absolutely chaotic Letterkenny in the early 1940s.

Secondly, a not-quite-so-busy Victoria Road (Derry). Shunting is in progress, and I understand that it was a hot sunny day (whaaat?). I think the date is either 1944 or 1947.




Interesting photo of Victoria Road station. On the left you can see track lifted recently looking towards the remains of the signal cabin. Station was rationalised about 1942 and cabin replaced by a ground frame. Cabin demolished by 1948 and with less goods traffic after WW2 would suggest 1947?

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