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Some photos of this evenings operations sees


Enterprise DVT-9001,Arrow railcar 2601 and Mk3 P/P control car 6101 operate rush hour services at the Junction

The Enterprise was being pushed by 227 while 220 was pushing the Mk3 set.









Later on during the evening,086sa developed brake trouble while hauling the Supertrain Mk3s around the layout so it was removed and replaced by 081sa

Here we see 086sa getting new brake blocks while sister locos 085 and 077-(which was working the autoballaster train) also await attention with 176+177 and 234 await their next turn on the new wheel lathe.








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Thanks UP6936,


Another useful addition to the layout arrived today in the shape of the newly released Oxford reach stacker-a beautiful model,

Here are a selection of photos of the reach stacker in action at my small container depot.





















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Have to say that is one impressive layout.


Love the photos and the detail. Where's the best place to get the ballast wagons and the tamper?


First of all your welcome to the site StrettyBoy,

Seamus Graham in Portlaoise,The Model shop in Belfast and Marks models all do the ballast wagons,

The tamper was bought off Gareth in the model shop in Belfast.

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Evening lads,


After giving excellent service on the layout it was time for the Enterprise to get its first bogie and brake overhaul-(wheel cleaning)..

Here we see the set being led by DVT 9001 down the wash road-under the watchful eye of the depot supervisor Andy









9001 getting a brush wash,


The set was replaced by a seven piece Mk3 set hauled by 078,

In this photo we see 088 heading for the fuelling point after being the coaching stock pilot over the last few days,with the Mk3 set at full pelt on the mainline





Later on 081SA was sent down from the shed to couple up to the Supertrain Mk2s which haven't been out road for a while-this set has now replaced the Galway liveried Mk2









The shunter pulls out the buffers on 5209 and is about to couple up 081.






081 hauls the Mk2 set slowly out of the siding under the supervision of the shunter.

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