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Just stunning! Is it static gras' date=' or how did you build it up! Is the overgrown siding still usable?[/quote']


No Stephen-it's not static grass....its from the Noch range,

The siding is useable-I plan to use it for the loading of the timber trains and the HOBS train.

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A project I have been working on over the last few week has finally been finished, I decided to scratch build a model of the Irish rail inspection car 722 using photos I took of the real vehicle

A consignment of RAWIE buffer stops arrived at the Tara junction permanent way depot  from China via the UK courtesy of IRM and Accurascale here are a few photos of their arrival and one being unloade

With the welcome increase in container liner business traffic, the Lakeview freight yard welcomed its extra liner train last night, consisting of BELL & B&I lines containers, Here we see

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Morning gents,

A loco swap took place earlier-7071 was due an exam so it was removed from the timber train and replaced by orange liveried 077,

077 is seen here after arrival from the MPD with 0117071 heading for the MPD.




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Good evening gentlemen,

After an enjoyable exhibition at Blackrock at the weekend-and pints in very good company afterwards,it was time to head back to the junction...

I couldn't resist purchasing sound fitted MM 161SA as it was the first (of all) the 141/181 class locomotives I had had a cab ride on over the Ballina branch,

After fitting all the brake pipes etc-and having given the loco a slight weathering ,it was time to give it a test run,

I'm delighted with the quality of the sound and all its features,

Here we see the loco heading for the fuelling point-and joining 071 locos 084,087 and 088,

On the far road we see ex works loco 080 in the new IR livery.




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0117076 is stabled for the night on the up station siding at Tara junction with the Sperry wagon and weedspray train,

Arrow liveried 2601+2602 await the road into the MPD from the up loop road.




The yard inspector oversees proceedings and is using his Massey Ferguson 135 for transport.


(Thanks Andy)

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That really looks amazing. Love the weed grown siding on the left.


I remember when the 26's first appeared like that, some in the railway called them "Fanta cans". Soon they were to be repainted as "Lilt cans"!


Today, of course, they're "diet 7-up", while NIR's railcars are red bull cans.......

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The driver of 161SA notches off power while passing through Tara Jctn Station with a mixed rake of Park royal and Cravens coaches which are forming a relief special following 086SA on a Mk3 Super train set.


Looks so authentic. 161 sounds great.

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Some early morning activity at Tara Jctn,

073 has arrived from Waterford with an empty timber train and is awaiting 0117078 to depart from the up siding with the HOBS train,

29001 has arrived at the new branch platform and will shortly depart back along the newly relaid branch line to Lakeview station,

In the other direction 175 has charge of the branch set comprising of the two Park Royal and one Cravens coach and BR van.





In the foreground 0117080 and 0117076 await their next turn of duty.

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