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Evening Lads,


A busy few days with me finishing the M class buses and renumbering two of my 071s-(077 and 083)

I also have two more pocket wagons in the paint shop today and will be added to my set of CPWs over the next few days,

Then yesterday a good friend rang me and asked me if I would be interested in buying some of his model railway collection,

After a long visit I came away happy with this boxed Lima set of Mk3s and a Piko timber wagon ,





Of course they had to get a trial run around behind 083





The plan is now to have my two executive coaches added to make a six piece set,





As the real 077 is nearing the end of its major overhaul and should be repainted shortly-I decided to get ahead of IE and have 077 in ex works condition out on a CPW liner trial





From left-082,077,071 and 083.






An aerial view,


My friend still has for sale a boxed Lima 201-no'201 also 207-in mint boxed condition and also a boxed Lima "Galway"livery three coach Mk2 set,PM me if anyone is interested as he is not a member of this forum.

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tt, am so impressed by the pic on your layout of the railcar set that i ordered 2! a 2 car set and a single car unit in the same livery. both will have the gangways removed and wont have the working couplings.....happy days![ATTACH=CONFIG]4090[/ATTACH]


As Stephen said-You will love them,David does an excellent job on them,you won't be sorry:-bd

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083 hauled a failed 082 this morning from Ballina to Inchicore-seen here at Castlerea













Back on Tara Junction,my own 082 failed this morning-so it was left to 083 to haul the loco back to the running shed for attention













Hope you like.....

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Thanks Rob-much appreciated:tumbsup:


No worries :)


I do like that stretch of track on your layout, it always looks busy without being too cluttered.


Having got a pair of pairs of autoballasters myself, I appreciate seeing a longer rake of them 'out on the line'.


Thanks for doing the vids!




ps I'm not even going to go anywhere near my 'bogie timber wagon envy' problem either! <drool> =))

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