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Glengarriff + my former Irish models/layouts

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I had my Flu jab this morning bright and early 8am and also as a result of a BOGOF managed to have a needle in both arms (free Pneumonia offer) So I gave up work on the cattle bank fencing and cleaned the track so I could try out one or two trains.

A couple of Sligo & Donegal layout locos make their appearance, not many people remember that the S&DJR acquired several ex GNRI  & SLNCR locos in the 1957 closures. From the SLNC in debt settlement and from CIE , ex GNRI locos not required on the dismemberment of the company. This was to cover the expected increase in traffic to Co Donegal via Sligo on closure of the Irish North Western etc.



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Got sidetracked today, competition on the way - not long now hopefully. While I think on something for the 1990's - 2005  for IRM to consider! We need  Guinness Fork Lift Trucks with the keg cage

Today I've started on the last area to be developed, the Guinness Compound.    

Today I decided to run the layout, I think over the last 12 months I have only run one train so whilst waiting for the glue to set on the latest tree-bashing I gave the fertilisers a run and one train

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Work continues on the 'dereliction-ing'  of the cattle loading bank. I need to get the shrubbery and small trees planted.



2020-11-11 Glengarriff (9).JPG

2020-11-10 Glengarriff DSC06711.JPG

As regards the Sligo and Donegal Junction, the wood has been acquired and the building site cleared. The actual size of the base boards established and detailed work

on the track plan underway. Here are a few views of the proposed layout with a revised scheme which uses the Glengarriff fiidle yard and with a few alterations to the off scene trackage it should be possible to run Sligo fiddle yard , - S&DJR station - hidden loops - Glengarriff - Glengarriff fiddle yard giving a running route of some 60 feet without any point changing.

The actual location is envisaged as being at the crossing of the Drowes River at a place now known as Four Masters bridge south of Bundoran. In the past it appears to have been called Mullanaleek Bridge and the site of a Corn Mill and Kiln. Mullanaleek for Bundoran could well be the layouts eventual title.





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Over the last few days I have constructed the baseboards for the Sligo & Donegal Junction. All that is holding up construction is some wire and tube for the points as this has to be included at the same time as track laying. Sourcing a couple of  points took some time as there is a great shortage at the moment due to an upturn in layout construction during lockdown.

The original detailed track plan and wiring diagram appears to have been eaten by one of the dogs so I am sketching it out on the boards and working out running/shunting moves etc whilst waiting for the wire & tube which has "allow 28 days for delivery" on the advertising. Well parceling up 5 yards of 2mm tube and wire and then squeezing it into a large envelope and then finding a courier or perhaps Royal Mail with a delivery slot to send it can be quite daunting. I struck it lucky with the pack of 10mm track pins and the 2 rolls of cork underlay from 2 different dealers who  both managed to get them to me next day. 

2020-11-21 S&DJR baseboards (1).JPG

2020-11-21 S&DJR baseboards (2).JPG

2020-11-21 S&DJR baseboards (3).JPG

2020-11-21 S&DJR baseboards (4).JPG

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The last few days have been tense and traumatic  as Madame and one's youngest daughter who still resides with her husband here, have decided that its time the Christmas decorations went up and the house generally tidied/ dusted etc. I thought COVID meant that Christmas was cancelled but no its all systems go and when was I going to do my bit. 

Well they can't complain I have and here are the photos to prove it. Glengarriff has been spruced up and the piles of plastic bits tools, brushes paint pots etc tidied away. In addition the new layout is coming on. I can't really lay any track until the viaduct is constructed as I am planning on open topped girder spans with the rails supported on longitudinal beams laid on stone piers.


2020-11-26 Glengarriff (2).JPG

2020-11-26 S&DJR + Glengarriff.JPG

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