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barrow street

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Really love the old Boston sidings and the Inspection car. You really captured the look of the place and surrounding area. Almost surreal, really amazing work.

And the Trinity College new Bioscience building still a construction site. I actually worked in fitting out some of those floors haha.

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From an architectural point of view, the capture of the buildings is stonking good. The trackwork even could pass for 21mm. I'm only looking at this on mobile, but I'm goddamened looking forward to seeing it on the big screen when I get home. This is epic good, and deserves a spread in a magazine. 

Love the fart box too! 😆 


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Love the photo of the blocks of flats. Such a Dublin design that you can't but identify where it is set. For me, this is the best Irish layout I've seen to date.

The modelling is absolutely sublime.

Be interested in finding out how long this took to build, considering its large size.

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1 hour ago, popeye said:

OMG beautiful buildings and great realism. the best urban railway I've ever seen. :trains:

Thanks to all for your great comments. Heading to bangor NDMRS show tommorow one of the best shows



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Warb, I am speechless. How has this one remained secret!

Your layout is among the top masterpieces I've ever seen. An urban setting is rarely done with convincing scenery. Everything about that - the setting, proportions, atmosphere and accuracy is absolutely top class.

Well done! Maybe more about your locos and stock?

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