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lima 201 new motors

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Hi from ebay I have just got a Hornby class 59 -in DBS colours for around £40 . It was a cheap punt to see if the family likeness between the 59 and 201 worked - well chassis of the new motored 59 - really an ex lima product looks to be a good source. The weight retainer moulding is identically fixed and the new one has a mount for a DCC chip . The trailing bogie  mount  is slightly different and will require the 201 chassis to be drilled out to take a plastic spring fitting vice the brass pin and retaining clip. 

The motor end will require transplanting the motor bogie mount but that is a simple cut and glue job. 

The basic lighting in the lima 201 can be easily upgraded and wires soldered to PCB mount.  

Downside is while bogies have finer wheels and better details the bogie step in wrong place and will need carving off.  Sadly the differences in underframe details prevent a quick swap - that would have been too much to ask !   I will try to sort some pictures before starting and then show work done.   Just posting this to promote idea.


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Well pics to wet appetite having read comments, I retrieved a MM version and see what fun needs doing , along with an SSM upgrade etch and potential for name plates from Railtec being advertised yesterday I hope to over come initial reservations.    

Last pic I guess is "on the ramp" at the works!  Body popped on 219, I think that the boxy tanks can be upgraded with saw and plasticard , traction weight could go higher up along with a slug of liquid lead in the tank spaces.  Generally the body holds up well against MM version but faces worthy of a work provided paints match, unless I go for 216 in blue..    


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