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While going through old photos(quality not great) i found  photos of the original greystones layout when  i started. If the baseboards look familiar the now have barrow street on them which were built in 1989/90 and still have not given any problems.This was before murphy models/IRM ect and all was scratched built.If i find any more photos  i will post them.

























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That layout was a fabulous representation of Greystones. Really captures the essence of the place very accurately. Impressive Irish rolling stock for 1990s, very resourceful. 

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Great to see photos of the layout, which at the time was groundbreaking at the time in modelling an Irish station and its environment to a reasonably uniform standard in near to scale length. 

The layout was a great example by what was achieved by determined modelers when few suitable kits or rtr models were available.

Around the same time another group of MRSI members were batch building 201 Class diesels to a high standard in plasticard on Athearn SD45 Chassis.

One of the records set was researching, building and completing a 2750 Class railcar in a far faster time than it took IE to get the prototype cars into service after their arrival at Inchacore.

The surprising thing is that despite a high level of exposure at exhibitions and the BRM article, very few people on this news group appear to have seen or were aware of the existence of the  layout.

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Great to see more photos of Greystones, the scratch built locos and stock used on the layout was an improvement of many of the kits that were available at the time.

The Cork exhibition brings back memories, interesting to see some familiar faces!   The late Frank Davis and I connected and exhibited our EM gauge layouts together at the Cork exhibition.

Frank had a nicely detailed Western Region end to end layout, I was in to British outline industrial modelling at the time with a small semi-self contained quarry layout based on the Iain Rice "Bankfoot" plan. Although designed and built in isolation our two layouts connected together and operated together without a hitch apart from one or other of us marshaling a mineral train that was too long for the fiddle yard or run round at the other end.

The joint operation turned out to be such a success that Frank exhibited Wentworth and Bankfoot together at Warley after I moved to New Zealand

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Found a old photo of a previous layout parkway depot exhibited in the RDS 1988.If anybody has old photos of exhibitions over the years can they please copy and post




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